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Kasur Jetsun Pema in Tokyo

July 10, 2009

Liaison Office of His Holiness the Dalai Lama for Japan & East Asia
organized the visit of Kasur Jetsun Pema in Japan. The main purpose of the
visit was to meet and to thank the Japanese sponsors and supporters and to
apprise them of the education development effort in exile.

Kasur Jetsun Pema reached Tokyo on 1st July 2009, she was received at the
airport by Mr. Lhakpa Tshoko, Representative of Liaison Office of His
Holiness the Dalai Lama for Japan & East Asia and Mr. Lungtok, Deputy
Secretary of the office.

On 4th Tibetan Education Support Foundation headed by Mr. Hiroyuki Sukeyasu
hosted a luncheon reception for Kasur Jetsun Pema at Southern Tower Hotel.
Around sixty members and sponsors attend the event. Mr. Sukeyasu welcomed
the Kasur and apprised her of the activities of the group and sponsorship
program. Kasur Jetsun Pema thanked the Foundation for their sincere and
continued support in educating the Tibetan children in exile and informed
them about the education system under Central Tibetan Administration in

Later she made a brief appearance before the Free Tibet Concert organized by
Earth Garden at Yoyogi Park, where many Japanese and Tibetan youngsters had
gathered. In the evening, Kasur attended the 74th Birth Anniversary of His
Holiness the Dalai Lama at Hotel Okura as the Chief guest. See here for

The following day, she attended a reception by KIKU, a Japanese public
sponsorship network headed by Mr. Kubo Takahashi supporting children in
Tibetan Children Village in India. Some Tibetan also attended the reception.
Ex-TCVians welcomed the Kasur with a song "Ama Jetsun Pema" from Pemtse's
hit chart.

In the evening, she gave talk on "Human Value & Education" at Tokyo Olympic
center organized by KIKU. Some two hundred plus people attended the talk.
She gave brief introduction on the education system in Tibetan school in
India, particularly in TCV. She said education system should be able to meet
the challenges of the modern world, develop human resources, promote
democratic values and inculcate universal responsibility in the children.

She said, "Purpose of education is to raise good human being. Values may
differ, but important thing is it should be a child development centered
education. Learning from book to pass exam should be discouraged. Children
should be encouraged to communicate and ask question to develop analytical
mind. Even Lord Buddha has said that his teaching should be tested before
practicing like any goldsmith would test the purity of gold."

During the question and answer session, when asked how the teachers should
earn respect from the children, she said the best way to earn the respect of
the children is to respect them first. A lady asked if TCV School has bully
problem, she said the school does have, but in a very limited way and that
the teachers and foster parents were under strict instruction to check this
problem. To a question about teaching the feeling of gratefulness to
children, Kasur said that instead of telling the children to feel grateful
about something, they should be raised in such a way that they feel the
gratefulness themselves. The talk and the question and answer series were
received greatly by the audiences.

The next day Kasur left for Hiroshima where she visited the Memorial Hall
and prayed for the victim of atomic disaster and world peace. Later in the
evening, Tibet Support Groups and sponsors in Hiroshima and neighboring
areas gathered to greet Kasur Jetsun Pema and hear her talk. Representative
Lhakpa Tshoko briefed the gathering about the critical situation in Tibet
and how the Chinese policies have adversely affected the education
opportunities in Tibet. Around 400 hundred supporters and sponsors gathered
at the reception. Kasur thanked the gathering for their concern and
continued support. She explained about the education system and the progress
in exile community. The people expressed their happiness to be able to meet
Kasur and hear her report on education situation in exile.

Kasur Jetsun Pema visited Ishikawa ken the next day. She met the Madam Baba,
a long time supporter and Representative of Busshokai sponsorship group.
Kasur interacted with the Busshokai members and other supporters in the

Kasur Jetsun Pema will visit Saitam prefecture at the invitation of Mrs.
Muraki, wife of late Dr. Muraki Seimei of Moro. Kasur is scheduled to meet
other supporters and the Tibetan community in the area.
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