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Returning Tibetan youths severely tortured

July 17, 2009

(, Jul16, 2009) Two Tibetan youths trying to return
home in Dechen Prefecture of Yunnan province after studying in India
have been severely tortured by Chinese police at the Shigatse detention
center over many days, reported Jul 15, citing the Chinese
language The two Tibetans were detained in Apr’09 after
entering from Nepal and beaten with electric batons, causing severe
damage to their abdomen and genitals.

Dagah and Tsultrim had initially tried to enter Tibet in Feb’09, but
were sent back to Nepal due to a government restriction on movement of
Tibetan youths across the border ahead of the Mar10 Tibetan uprising
anniversary. By the time they again entered Tibet in April, their travel
permit had expired for 15 days and they were detained and taken to the
Shigatse detention center where they were subjected to severe and
violent interrogations.

Dagah’s mother, who came looking for her son, was reported to have
fainted upon seeing the condition of her son. She bailed him out and
took him to a hospital in Yunnan’s capital Kunming. Doctors were
reported to fear that Dagah might have medical complications later in
his life despite his gradual recovery at the hospital.

Tsultrim’s parents were reported to have left for Shigatse to seek his

The Shigatse detention centre was reported to hold several more
Tibetans, caught either while trying to escape or while returning from
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