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Tibetan schoolboy arrested for anti China protest

July 28, 2009

Phayul [Sunday, July 26, 2009 10:57]

Dharamsala, July 26 ? Chinese police in Chamdo have arrested an 18
year-old Tibetan schoolboy for opposing Chinese rule and expressing
loyalty to the Dalai Lama, according to the Radio Free Asia.

Lobsang Nyandak, a student of Guru Gewa School, left the school compound
with a friend on Sunday June 28, 2009. The two headed towards the town
and strolled around the market for some time. Around evening Lobsang
stayed back and sent his friend back to school.

Lobsang had planned to carry out a protest demonstration that day. A
white cloth draped around his body read, ?Tibetan independence, Long
live Dalai Lama, China out of Tibet?. Another cloth that he carried in
his hands was painted with the colors of the Tibetan national flag. He
ran towards the Tothokhang market (spelled as pronounced) of Chamdo and
shouted slogans like ?Tibet is independent?, ?Tsampa eating Tibetans,
wake up?. He then walked towards the Chamdo police office and was arrested.

Six students of Guru Gewa school arrived at the police office and
demanded his release and threatened to go on protest if he was not
released. The police warned them not to protest and said investigation
into Lobsang?s case would be done. More students from the school tried
to leave for the police office but the school principal stopped them.

Lobsang is currently detained at the Chamdo prison. Chinese authorities
have tightened its control on Lobsang?s home town Tsawa Punda for fear
of repercussions there.
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