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Taiwan Root Medical Corp team provides medical services for exile Tibetans

August 4, 2009

Tibet Post
August 2, 2009

Taipei -- A delegation of 36 Taiwanese doctors,
nurses, and interns from the Taiwan Root Medical
Peace Corps paid a visit to Dharamshala for one
week, during which they provided medical services
to hundreds of exiled Tibetans and met the
Tibetan spiritual leader, His Holiness the Dalai Lama.

Liu Qi Qun, the head of the group, said, "The
week-long activities concluded yesterday. After a
12 hour bus ride from Dharamshala, we arrived in
New Delhi this morning (2 August). This
afternoon, we were invited by Weng Wen Qi, the
Republic of China’s ambassador in India, for
dinner at his official residence in honor of our
work and to enjoy a rich diet after a long absence."

The Taiwanese medical team paid their 2009 visit
to Dharamsala during the monsoon season, and in
this hostile climate many residents hesitated to
come out to the clinic. However, Liu suggests
that the lower turnout could also signify an
increase in Tibetans’ good health. He states
that, "According to the statistical records, the
clinic accepted 2, 690. This is much lower in
previous years…and shows that the health status
of Tibetans has improved a lot over the years."

Liu quoted senior officials of the Tibetan
government-in-exile, as saying that when the
medical team arrived in Dharamshala last week,
the Dalai Lama was all set to depart for Europe,
but set aside time for the Taiwan Root Medical
Corps when he heard of their arrival. His
Holiness greeted the doctors in a special meeting
and thanked them for their medical contributions to the Tibetan refugees.

Dr. Liu explains that the medical delegation
consisted of doctors from six specialties, five
dentists, three nurses, an examiner, pharmacists,
and interns. He said that by observing,
diagnosing, and meeting the needs of the
impoverished residents of rural India, the
Medical core made a rare contribution to this
community, and they felt that it was a uniquely rewarding experience.

The Taiwan Root Medical Corps first visited
Dharamshala in 2000, and since then the group has
carried out routine clinic services in India
every year, to help alleviate the lack of medical
resources and health knowledge afflicting Tibetan
communities in India. Over the years, they have
arranged medical services and health education to
key Tibetan areas including Dharamshala, the
northern part of Sikkim, and the northeastern region of Darjeeling.

The medical team will fly from New Delhi as
non-stop to Taipei this afternoon, but they plan
to return to India next year. "Taiwan Root
Medical Corp will follow their plan to visit
other Indian areas in need of medical assistance and activities," stated Liu.
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