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Exclusion of report from UN scrutiny body disappoints Tibetan rights group

August 9, 2009

August 7, 2009

Dharamsala, August 7 -- The Tibetan Centre for
Human Rights and Democracy expressed its
disappointment at the exclusion of its
‘alternative report’ from the 75th session of the
United Nations Committee on the elimination of
Racial Discrimination (CERD). The Tibetan NGO
based here blamed the Secretariat of the CERD
staffed by the Office of the High Commissioner
for Human Rights (OHCHR) for “the selective
censorship” of alternative reports submitted by non governmental organisations.

The CERD today examines the 10th, 11th, 12th and
13th state report of the People's Republic of
China (PRC). The TCHRD had sent its report in
June 2009 but was not posted on its web site by
the CERD which demanded that the Tibetan NGO
remove the phrases "China's occupation of Tibet,"
which occurs six times in the report, and
“cultural genocide” in the concluding paragraph.

"The Secretariat's directive is unacceptable to
the TCHRD as it deems that not only would it be a
tremendous factual error but also acceptance of
indirect diktats of the PRC. It is universally
accepted that Tibet is a land under foreign
occupation and it is also a universally accepted
truth that discrimination is inherent in
colonized land,” the TCHRD said in a statement today.

The TCHRD's report says that the Tibetans, on the
basis of the racial distinction as a people, are
denied civil and political Rights, environment
and resource exploitation and that they are
subjected to forced evictions and discrimination
in education, and the survival of the Tibetan nomadic lifestyles threatened.

Interestingly the CERD Secretariat has published
a report by Research Centre for Ethnic Issues in
China, a disguised NGO of the Chinese government, on the its official web page.

The TCHRD called the directive by the CERD
Secretariat as a "regression of rights of the
civil society groups including the TCHRD.”

While hoping that CERD experts will examine
China’s state report with competence and
authority the Tibetan NGO maintains that “Tibet
is a land under foreign occupation and hence
would not be able to comply with the directive" of CERD Secretariat.

TCHRD was earlier barred from the United Nations
Review Conference on Racism (DRC) held in Geneva,
Switzerland, from 20 -24 April 2009 despite its
accreditation to the World Conference Against
Racism (WCR) in Durban in 2001 when the General
Assembly voted the Centre's accreditation to the World Conference.
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