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Taiwan Democrat Party invites His Holiness the Dalai Lama to visit Taiwan

August 9, 2009

Ms Keary Huan, Taipei correspondent
The Tibet Post International
August 7, 2009

Mrs. Tian Qiu Jin issued a press release on 6
August, stating that she, on behalf of Taiwan in
the pre-12 environmental groups, has extended a
face-to-face invitation to His Holiness the Dalai
Lama to come to Taiwan. His Holiness the Dalai
Lama said that Tibetan-Taiwanese relations have
become increasingly sensitive after this year's
talks between the Koumintang (KMT) and Communist
Party of China (CPC)-but nevertheless, he is always willing to visit Taiwan.

Mrs. Tian Qiu Jin said that if the Dalai Lama
should wish to visit China, she would be willing
to accompany His Holiness.  The leader stated
that he is pleased to be invited to visit Taiwan
if the opportunity arises. But whether

he visits Taiwan or not, he recognizes that both
he and the people of Taiwan are concerned with the Earth's environment.

At a press conference, His Holiness the Dalai
Lama repeated that he is willing to go to Taiwan
at any time, but he also stated that, "the
Taiwanese government had doubts about my visit."
He said, "If there is no inconvenience to
Taiwanese government, I have to visit Taiwan to
do a good job of fully prepared."

His Holiness the Dalai Lama mentioned in a
Tibetan-Chinese translation that he has
previously visited Taiwan and met with Ma
Ying-jeou, Taipei's mayor at the time. However,
the closeness between the ruling KMT government
and the Chinese Communists has changed the
situation. His Holiness stated, "On the one hand,
this relationship is beneficial to the
improvement of Taiwan and China. On the other
hand, it has also created new fear of
unnecessary....conditions, such as if the Taiwan
government have some worries about my visit. " He
emphasized, "If there is no inconvenience to
Taiwanese government, I have to visit Taiwan to
do a good job of being fully prepared."

On the topic of Beijing's position, he said he
had high hopes when the Tibetan
government-in-exile and the Chinese Communists
resumed contact in 2002, but "My hopes are now becoming smaller and smaller."

He stated with a laugh, "Taiwan and Tibet are in
a very harsh position under the Chinese teacher's
pointer, but these two students can still
interact sometimes." He said that China is now,
with "eyes closed", doing a bad thing.

Dalai Lama said that he visits Taiwan for two
purposes: first of all, because there are many
Buddhists in Taiwan, so he has a responsibility
to preach to his followers in Taiwan; secondly,
Taiwan is a Chinese society, so if cannot go to
mainland China, contacts and exchanges between
Taiwan and the Chinese are very important.

He also mentioned in English, laughing, that
because some of the people of Taiwan (Taiwanese)
do not think they are the people of China
(Chinese), he agreed substitute "Chinese" for "the people of China".

News report was edited by Ms Amy Elmgren and
Yangjam, The Tibet Post International.
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