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Underdog India sees cooperation with China as better option

August 15, 2009

Tibetan Review
Aug13, 2009

India’s navy chief has admitted that his country
had neither the "capability nor the intention" to
match China’s military strength but that the
communist rule country will be one of India’s
primary challenges in the years ahead. The Indian
Express Aug 11 cited the Chairman of Chiefs of
Staff Committee and Navy chief, Admiral Sureesh
Mehta, a saying Aug 11 that “common sense
dictates” that India needs to cooperate with China rather than confront it.

"In military terms, both conventional and
non-conventional, we neither have the capability
nor the intention to match China, force for
force. These are indeed sobering thoughts and
therefore our strategy to deal with China would
need to be in consonance with these realities,”
Mehta was quoted as saying, delivering an address
on National Security Challenges organized by the National Maritime Foundation.

He considered it foolhardy to compare India and
China as equals ... Whether in terms of GDP,
defence spending or any other economic, social or
development parameter, because "the gap between
the two is just too wide to bridge and getting wider by the day."

He has warned, however, that coping with China
will be one of India’s primary challenges in the
years ahead, nothing that the country was in the
process of consolidating its "comprehensive
national power" and was creating "formidable
military capabilities" while the boundary issues
between the countries could lead to mistrust.

"Once that is done, China is likely to be more
assertive on its claims, especially in its
immediate neighbourhood. Our ‘trust deficit’ with
China can never be liquidated unless our boundary
problems are resolved," the Navy Chief was quoted as saying.
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