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Taipei Tibet Office organizes a prayer ceremony for Typhoon victims and those who lost their lives

August 18, 2009

Ms Keary Huan, Taipei correspondent
The Tibet Post International
August 15, 2009

Taipei -- After seven days of natural disasters "Typhoon" hit Taiwan
that causing many lives, the Tibet Office "Tibet Religious Foundation
of His Holiness the Dalai Lama" in Taipei this morning has organized
a special prayer ceremony for the victims of Typhoon, those who lost
their lives and those who still missing. The ceremony led by Tibetan
monks including former abbot of Sera Jay monastery. Many Taiwanese
Buddhist followers and all staff members of The Tibet Religious
Foundation have attended the ceremony.

"The Tibet Religious Foundation of His Holiness the Dalai Lama based
in Taipei has called Tibetans and Taiwanese Buddhist followers in
Taiwan to hold a prayer ceremony for the Taiwanese who lost their
lives in tragedy of natural disaster including Typhoon, and
landslides," Keary Huan, Taipei correspondent for The Tibet Post (TPI) said.

"We are deeply saddened to learn the very tragedy of situations from
the media, Taiwanese friends and even their relatives after the
natural disaster Typhoon hit Taiwan, particularly villages in
southern Taiwan, causing lives of so many people. The reports told
the real stories of tragedy, as fear, and pain in their hearts.
Taiwan people not only suffered wind and rain mercilessly destroyed,
also face a great hit, even the number of livestock faced the flood
of terror and loss of life in the disaster, and we can not bear to
share the pain," Mr. Sodor, the secretary of the Tibet Office in
Taipei told TPI.

"Typhoon has mainly hit southern Taiwan, causing many lives as many
were buried under mud and rocks. Particularly Liouguei Township, and
Shiao Lin village Kaohsiung County covered with what rescuers say may
be five stories of mud. The news has been officially confirmed that
398 people were buried alive," said Keary.

"After six days of anxious waiting by families, they have borrowed
four-wheel vehicles to the front of breaking bridge that was the only
way back to their village. As when they seen their dilapidated homes,
their only expectation; deaths of their loved ones, can not help
themselves but at-least can cry even fainting. Shiao Lin village,
today confirmed that 400 villagers were buried alive after the "first
seven day" passed, they decided to hold a prayer ceremony in front of
Chiahsien village offices where their loved ones were buried," she continued.

The residents said more people than usual in the village when the
storm hit last weekend because Saturday was Taiwanese Father's day.
So many people on that day returned to their home villages to
celebrate the occasion with families.

People in Shiao Lin are also scene at the disaster yesterday, Chinese
and Siraya (Taiwan native) have performed traditional way for the
tragedy deaths of their loved ones and presented scent, betel nuts
and cigarettes, hoping their loved ones can rest in peace at an early date.

"The questions after the natural disaster are; where should the
villagers go, what is their next steps and how will they live?" No
one knows the answer. Shiao Lin now completely buried by muds and
rocks, The 137 people have took an initiative to contact with the
central government, finally more than 200 villagers from Shiao Lin
have been moved to a safe place and total of 571 people from Shiao
Lin are now safe."

Since last week, over 116 people died under the disasters, 59
missing, 45 injured, thousands stranded, and 398 buried.
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