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4 Tibetans killed in Lhasa protests identified

August 19, 2009

August 18, 2009

Dharamsala, August 18 -- The local authorities of Nyemo County in
Lhasa Municipality confirmed the identities of three Tibetans killed
in "the Chinese government's violent crackdown on peaceful Tibetan
protesters on 14 March 2008," the exile Tibetan government's website said.

The authorities revealed the identities of the three Tibetans
following an inquiry by a couple looking for their sons.

The three Tibetans from Nyemo County killed on March 14 firing were
Gyaltsen, 28, from Yakde village; Phuntsok Tsering, 20, from Yakde
Lude and Mingyur, 20, from Yakde Khangsar. The three depended on
petty jobs in Lhasa for livelihood.

"Many Tibetans were killed on 14 March 2008 when the Chinese security
forces indiscriminately fired at peaceful Tibetan protesters. Many of
those arrested continue to receive arbitrary and harsh prison terms.
A large number of youths from neighboring counties, who were working
in Lhasa, have simply disappeared following the security clamp down,"
said the website.

Another Tibetan named Shayshay was shot dead in the Chinese crackdown
on protestors in March last year, according to the website. The
46-year-old Tibetan from Bathang County is survived by his wife and
four children. He was on a pilgrimage to Lhasa with his mother and
wife. An armored vehicle, the website said, had shot him as he
marched along with other protesters from Ramoche temple towards the
post office.

The exile Tibetan government puts the death toll of last year's
unrest in Tibet at about 220. According to it, 1294 Tibetans have
been "seriously injured," 5,600 arrested, 290 sentenced and more than
a thousand missing as of January 2009.
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