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India ripe for disintegration

August 24, 2009

Mohammad Jamil
Pakistan Observer
August 22, 2009

In June 2009, India started military operation
against insurgents in Lalgarh tribal region of
West Bengal. In eastern regions, Naxalites have
established their writ running large in hundreds
of villages. India has problems within and also
with its neighbouring countries ie China,
Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Nepal etc. Since
its leadership tries to destabilize other
countries of the region by supporting
insurgencies to extend its hegemony, other
countries may also retaliate to the detriment of
the so-called largest democracy of the world.

There is perception that India could implode and
disintegrate because it is more vulnerable to
separatist movements and insurgencies in 14 out
of 29 Indian states. Pakistan is also facing
extremism and terrorism, and unfortunately India
is supporting insurgents in Balochistan and
terrorists in FATA through its consulates in
Afghanistan. Anyhow Pakistan has successfully
demolished infrastructure and network of
terrorists in Swat and Malakand Division.
President Barack Obama’s envoy for Pakistan and
Afghanistan recently lauded successful military
operation in Swat and Malakand Division, which
seemed to have prompted Indian Prime Minister
Manmohan Singh to declare that he had credible
information about Pakistani militants groups’
planning for fresh attacks in India. Pakistan has
taken exception to the Prime Minister Manmohan
Singh’s remarks, and Foreign Office has rightly
demanded of Indian prime minister that if he had
any such information, he should pass it on to
Pakistan, which was agreed upon between both the
prime ministers at Sharm al-Sheikh. Secondly,
Indian PM perhaps tried to vent out his anger
because India was against the original plan of
Richard Holbrooke’s visit to India when he was in
Pakistan on 15th August on a four-day visit. NDTV
carried the report that “India’s foreign office
has told Holbrooke in very polite diplomatic
terms that he cannot walk in and out of India at
will. Holbrooke, senior Indian officials said,
had a habit of unilaterally deciding when he
wanted to come to India and then demanding to see
his top foreign policy interlocutors”.

A Chinese think tank and strategist suggested in
an article that China should break up the Indian
Union adding that China with a little help of
other countries could break up the Indian Union
into 20 to 30 nation-states like Europe. This
article of 8th August was reproduced in several
other strategic and military websites in China.
The original article did not mention the name of
the author and there was no disclaimer either.
The website itself- is the new
incarnation of the original website of Chinese
International Institute of Strategic studies - based in Beijing having semi
official relations with the authorities. However,
on 11th August an insertion was made and the
source of the article was cited - XinLang Bo ke.
It was suggested that China in its own interest
should join forces with different nationalities
like the Assamese, Tamils, and Kashmiris and
support the latter in establishing independent
nation-States of their own, out of India.

Website Rediff news carried excerpts of an
article captioned ‘If China takes a little
action, the so-called Great Indian Federation can
be broken up’ in which the author says that the
ULFA (United Liberation Front of Asom) in Assam
can be helped by China so that Assam realises its
national independence. The author was of the view
that for Bangladesh, the biggest threat is from
India, which has designs for a great Indian
Federation extending from Afghanistan to Myanmar.
India is also targeting China with support to
Vietnam’s efforts to occupy Nansha (Spratly)
group of islands in South China Sea; hence the
need for China’s consolidation of its alliance
with Bangladesh. The Chinese think tank suggested
that China could give political support to
Bangladesh enabling the latter to encourage
ethnic Bengalis in India to get rid of Indian
control and unite with Bangladesh as one Bengali
nation. It would be desirable, for the purpose of
weakening India’s expansion and threat aimed at forming a ‘unified South Asia’.

Earlier in April 2009, New Delhi had taken
exception to an article on a quasi-official
Chinese website, which claimed that the great
Indian federation was ripe for dismemberment if
Beijing tried just a little. Posted on April 8 on
the website (International Institute for
Strategic Studies), the article had detailed a
roadmap for breaking up India. “To split India,
China can bring into its fold countries like
Pakistan, Nepal and Bhutan, support ULFA in
attaining its goal for Assam’s independence, back
aspirations of Indian nationalities like Tamils
and Nagas, encourage Bangladesh to give a push to
the independence of West Bengal and lastly
recover the 90,000 sq km territory in southern
Tibet,” the write-up said. Historical evidence
suggested that India as a nation never really
existed in history. It was held together by
decadent Hinduism which encouraged caste system
and exploitation. India is trying to keep the
country united through brute force, and diverting
the people’s attention from internal
contradictions towards Pakistan. According to
report in People’s Daily, an authorised official
view, made it clear on August 11 that Arunachal
Pradesh was a part of Tibet Autonomous Region
(TAR), and is disputed territory, but occupied by India.

The report emphatically said that the Chinese
foreign ministry had made it quite clear that the
Chinese government and the people never accepted
the “illegal” McMahon line drawn by the British
imperialists. This was followed up by another
article in the People’s Daily of August 13
(English website edition) not only on the border
issue but also with respect to India’s strategic
behaviour. Written by the newspaper’s eminent
strategic expert Li Hongmei, the charges on the
border revert after some years to attacking
Jawaharlal Nehru and his alleged imperialist and
expansionist policy as the cause for the 1962
war. Nehru is accused of provoking the war with
backing of imperialists ie the British and the USA.

Of course India wants to put Pakistan on the
defensive so that it does not highlight the
Kashmir issue. There is credible evidence that
India has not only been training Baitullah
Mehsud’s thugs but also providing them funds to
launch terrorist attacks against sensitive
targets in Pakistan. According to Janes
Information Group, RAW and Mossad are cooperating
to infiltrate Pakistan to target important
religious and military personalities,
journalists, judges, lawyers and bureaucrats.

India is supporting Baloch insurgency, and
according to Talal Bugti, the RAW is training
almost three hundred Balochis in its camps in
Afghanistan. A number of weapons manufactured in
India have been captured on the information
provided by the terrorist arrested in Lahore who
confessed to be working for RAW in smuggling
Pakistani weapons to India, which can be shown to
the world after stage-managing a terrorist attack
and then implicate Pakistan. But this dangerous
game should end and India should resolve all the
disputes with its neighbours with a view to
securing permanent peace in the region.
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