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China shifts Tibetan tribes

August 25, 2009

Australia Network News
August 24, 2009

Nearly 50,000 nomadic Tibetan tribespeople have
been placed in settled communities to protect the
region's fragile ecology from their animal herds.

China's Xinhua news agency says the nomadic
families were settled over the past four years.

The Chinese policy has been criticised by
pro-Tibet groups as a "destructive blow" to the
Buddhist region's ancient culture.

Xinhua says the nomads were relocated from a
region on the Tibetan plateau that is the source
of three major Asian rivers - the Yellow, the Yangtze and the Mekong.

The settlement policy was reportedly aimed at
protecting the region from overgrazing by the nomads' livestock.

Exiled Tibetan activists say the policy destroys
the nomadic and environmentally sustainable
pastoral culture of Tibetan cattle and sheep herders.
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