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China's Xinjiang govt denies unrest trials date

August 26, 2009

August 25, 2009

BEIJING -- The government in northwest China's
Xinjiang region on Tuesday denied a report in the
state media that more than 200 people would be
put on trial this week over recent deadly ethnic unrest in the area.

On Monday, the state-run China Daily reported on
its front page that the People's Intermediate
Court in the regional capital Urumqi was
preparing for the trials amid tight security.

"At present, there is no scheduled date for the
trial," Li Hua, an official at the Xinjiang government media office, told AFP.

"I don't know how China Daily got that
information, but it's not true. We will announce
it to the media when there is a trial."

At least 197 people died in Urumqi in early July
as members of the largely Muslim Uighur minority
clashed with Han Chinese in the worst ethnic
unrest to hit the country in decades.

Li also denied that the number of defendants
exceeded 200, a figure provided Monday in the
China Daily report. Previous official statements
put the number of people formally arrested at 83.

"We haven't received any official notice on a
change in the number of the suspects. So
currently, the number of suspects is still 83," he said.

In its report on Monday, the China Daily
described stepped-up security in the area around
the courthouse and quoted locals as saying they
would closely follow the trials, which would be mostly open to the public.
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