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Dharamsala releases video appeal about plight of Tibetans

August 31, 2009

August 29, 2009

Dharamsala, Aug 29 (ANI) -- In an attempt to bring plight of the
Tibetans to the notice of the international community, the Tibetan
Centre for Human Rights and Democracy (TCHRD) in Dharamsala has
released a video appeal from a Tibetan highlighting the lack of human
rights and the sufferings inside Tibet.

Kalsang Tsultrim, also known by the pseudonym of Gyitsang Takmig, is
a monk of the Gyitsang Gaden Choekorling Monastery in Sangchu County.
He has taken the risk of recording a detailed account of Tibetan
history since the leader Dalai Lama's flight to India in 1959.

The hour long footage has been widely distributed in many Tibetan
areas in Gansu, Qinghai and Sichuan Province.

Kalsang Thamcheo, who delivered the video testimony to the TCHRD said
the main purpose is to make outside world aware of the ground
realties in Tibet.

'It was passed on by someone inside Tibet and trusted me with the
work of disseminating it to the outside world for a better coverage.
The main reason behind releasing this CD is that there are lot of
violation of human rights taking place in Tibet. So, through this
video CD it's an attempt to tell the entire world the actual
happenings inside Tibet under the Chinese occupation and how the
Tibetan people are undergoing a massive, a hardship under the
rootless regime of Communist Party in Tibet,' said Thamcheo.

The video also speaks about the recent farmers boycott in Tibet, the
self-immolation bid by Lobsang Tashi alias Tapey of the Kirti
Monastery, of a suicide by a monk of the Ragya Monastery, arbitrary
arrests, detention of thousands of Tibetans after the 2008 March
protests in Tibet.

It also appeals to the United Nations and other international farmers
that they have a moral obligation to speak on behalf of the Tibetan
people inside Tibet who are living in constant fear and under severe

'People are actually deprived of actual information so through this
video specially targeting the illiterate and uneducated Tibetan
people, he is communicating with those people in rural areas and the
nomadic areas, communicating actual ground realties,' said Tenzin
Norgey, spokesperson of TCHRD.

Kalsang Tsultrim's video testimony also touches on the many recent
events in Tibet and the Chinese Government's policies which allegedly
led to the displacement of a large number of Tibetans nomads in the
name of development, and thereby completely altering their nomadic
way of life, extraction of Tibet's natural resources, destruction of
fragile environment, economic marginalization and social exclusion of
Tibetans, lack of freedom. (ANI)
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