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"Canada can, within a positive friendly atmosphere, ask the Chinese government to resolve the Tibetan situation."

Dalai Lama says US wants serious engagement on Tibet

December 3, 2009

Dharamsala, Nov 29 (ANI): Tibetan spiritual leader, the Dalai Lama, has
said U.S. President Barack Obama wants serious engagement on Tibet.

Addressing the ongoing session of the Indian Federation of Working
Journalists here on Saturday, Dalai Lama said without any time frame, he
was sure that winds of change would sweep China.

?China have to go along with the world trends?no matter how powerful the
China is, it have to go with this way and that is democracy, freedom,
rule of law, independent judiciary and freedom of news is very
important, things will change definitely, how soon no one knows,? said
the Dalai Lama.

The Dalai Lama said the US president probably did not meet him before
his China visit because of diplomatic reasons.

?President Obama himself wants to do something for Tibet and it is
sure?so he want to get more serious engagements about Tibet so if he
meet me before his China visit then the Chinese government have to take
some punitive action against him like it does in the case of French
President and German Chancellor,? he said.

Obama had called for a resumption of dialogue between the Dalai Lama?s
envoys and China to resolve the Tibet crisis during his just-concluded
visit to Beijing.

The Tibetan government-in-exile said last week it was willing to talk to
China following Obama?s comments. (ANI)
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