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12 tons of red sandalwood smuggled to Tibet with ‘police protection’

February 7, 2008, Nepal
Feb 6, 2008

Twelve tons of red sandalwood has illegally entered Khasa Bazaar, the
bordering Tibetan town, with police protection, according to the
state-owned Radio Nepal.

Quoting the locals residents of Sindhupalchowk district, Radio Nepal
said the police helped a container stuffed with 12 tons of red
sandalwood to cross Tatopani checkpoint.

There were no other details about the smuggling case. Police authorities
are yet to react to the news report.

Several cases of sandalwood smuggling had come into light in the recent
months with hundreds of tones of red sandalwood seized by the
Maoist-aligned Young Communist League (YCL). mk Feb 06 08
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