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Hotline: Tibetan freedom: Help around Corner

February 7, 2008

By Michael Marotta
Boston Herald
Wednesday, February 6, 2008

It’s been a decade since the Tibetan Freedom Concerts found Beastie
Boys, Beck, Bjork and many more raising awareness of the Chinese
government’s repressive - some would say genocidal - treatment of its
Tibetan citizens. With the Summer Olympics in Beijing quickly
approaching, smaller shows continue to shine light on Chinese injustice.

On Friday, Ad Frank, Aloud and Rick Berlin play the Middle East Corner
(480 Massachusetts Ave., Cambridge) to raise money and awareness for
Students For a Free Tibet. The monthly series is organized by local
activist Rick Roth, who put together 14 benefit shows in 2004 in support
of the Drapchi 14, a group of Tibetan nuns who had their prison stay
extended when they were caught recording and secretly releasing protest

“Rick was able to hit a chord with the Boston music scene because the
nuns were essentially being punished for singing,” said Frank. “Now he’s
trying to keep the momentum going.”

Frank performed for Roth a few years ago, and was eager to jump onboard

“My own introduction to the Tibetan plight came when I got the Clash’s
‘Sandinista’ album in 1980,” he said, citing the song “Washington
Bullets,” in which Joe Strummer sings, “If you find the Dalai Lama in
the hills of Tibet, ask him how many monks did the Chinese get.”

The song changed Frank’s own views on songwriting.

“One of the reasons I don’t write political songs is that I thought by
the time your record comes out the song is no longer relevant,” he said.
“The Clash have been broken up for 20 years, Joe Strummer is dead, and
Tibet is still occupied. How wrong I was.”

For information about Friday’s show, go to For Tibetan
humanitarian awareness information, go to

Church is free, prayer is optional

Free shows are always a good excuse to get off the couch.
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