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Tibetan NGO in Copenhagen

December 12, 2009

December 9, 2009

China is using climate emergency to repress us
60 Tibetans arrested in recent days for demanding the release of a
Buddhist leader. Beijing: "The Dalai Lama continues to make slanderous
accusations against us."

Beijing (AsiaNews) - The Chinese government "wants to use the world's
concerns about the environment to justify the colonization of Tibet and
forced removal of huge numbers of nomadic herders from the area in which
they have lived for centuries." This is the accusation launched today by
the non-governmental Free Tibet, at the International Conference on
Climate Change being held in Copenhagen.

Meanwhile, the Beijing government has detained about 60 Tibetans from
Nyagchuka County for demanding the release of Tenzin Delek Rinpoche, a
well known figure in the local Buddhist sphere who has been held in
prison for years under charges of subversion.? Sentenced to life
imprisonment in 2005, he is believed responsible for bombings that
occurred in 2002 in Sichuan province. In any case, the prosecution never
presented evidence against him (see, 26/01/2005 Death
sentence commuted to life for Tibetan monk).

According to Free Tibet, "The Chinese government's policies in Tibet
continue to create one crisis after another. Expulsion of nomads, among
other things, has resulted in an increased local warming of the tundra,
the largest reserve of ice outside the two poles. These glaciers provide
water that flows into most rivers of Asia: long before the explosion of
global warming, their protection was highly placed on the agenda of the
non-governmental organizations dealing with environment.

According to Stephanie Brigden, director of Free Tibet, "China trumpeted
its commitment to fighting global warming, but actually uses it as an
excuse to violate human rights of thousands of Tibetan nomads. This
manner of action is potentially catastrophic: it is time for China to
take responsibility for his actions. "

To delegitimize Tibetan demands, Beijing continues for its part, the
campaign against the Dalai Lama. A Chinese government representative in
charge of dialogue between China and Tibet, yesterday accused the Dalai
Lama of having made "defamatory judgments" on the Chinese policy in
Tibet. The government in Beijing, said Zhu Weiqun, "knows that the Dalai
is not a religious leader, but an advocate of independence who must be
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