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'Education Digging with Brain, Not Doing Much with Mind'

December 19, 2009

Lucknow, Outlook

Nobel laureate and Tibetan spiritual leader Dalai Lama today said that
science must find ways and means to bring compassion, love and
conviction, which is very important for a healthy body, mind, family and

"Modern education is only digging with brain and not doing much with the
mind. Some efforts should be made to promote moral ethics. Way must be
found to bring compassion and love," Dalai Lama said while addressing
the annual conference of Neurological Society of India here at Sanjay
Gandhi Post Graduate Institute of Medical Sciences.

"Motivation plays a crucial role to bring happy life, global humanity,
sense of passion," he said adding it was wrong to seek peace from machines.

"If I go out and shout that I want to buy peace of mind, people will
laugh. If I ask you (doctors) to give peace of mind through surgery, it
will sound silly," he said.

The Tibetan spiritual leader said that destructive emotions like fear,
hatred, were counter forces to love, compassion, trust and forgiveness.

"Of late, there has been a positive sign in science. Earlier,
spirituality was not involved in science, but now it has began to feel
and realise that the state of mind is very crucial," he said adding some
scientists have expressed that destructive emotions were eating immune

The Nobel laureate said that there are lot of things in the inner space
(mind), which had not been explored.

"There are mysterious things in the skull," he said.

On meditation, he said, "Scientists in the US carried out an experiment
on super meditation and they found big difference. After the experiment,
they found that minds of participants became calmer and sharper."

Stating that he considered himself to be a messenger of India in the
world, Dalai Lama said, "Tibetans consider India to be its guru, but the
chela (follower) relation with its guru is less."

He said that today message of ahimsa and religious harmony was being
spread worldwide, which had been the genesis of Indian culture.

"Spiritual leaders should come out and meet people, and be realistic as
India's rich traditions are relevant to the modern world," he said.
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