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Sino-India accord could pave way for the freedom of Tibet : Dalai Lama

December 24, 2009

Posted On: 17-Dec-2009

Lucknow: Tibetan spritual leader Dalai Lama today said harmonious
relations among India, Tibet and China could pave the way for the
freedom of Tibet.

Participating in a seminar on neuro-experts at the SGPGIM here, he
showed the shawl he was wearing saying it was made in China and has a
Tibetan peace message inscribed on it.

''This shawl is a symbol of India, Tibet and China harmony and it could
pave way for freedom of Tibet,'' he said.

Taking a break from his concerns with Tibetan freedom struggle, the
Dalai Lama spoke of ''Darwinian reality''. He said he had read about
Darwin due to his interest in the subject and pointed out that even in
Buddhist monasteries they were introducing subjects like psychology and

Asked whether science was a killer of religion, he said that science has
not destroyed anything, it was the users of science who had brought in
all the ills in the world.

''Lord Buddha was himself a scientist in the way he taught about the way
of bringing the mind under control for leading a healthy life. Mind is
formless and beyond matters, yet it controls everything,'' he added.

The Tibetan leader, who is in political exile in India, said he is
'chela' (disciple) of Indian religious gurus.

In reply to questions by neurosphysicians, he said he wanted spiritual
leaders in this country to come out of mere ritualistic religion, mix
with the masses and work on social harmony.

Replying to a doctor's question the Dalai Lama said if the scientists
through their research prove that there is no ''Atma'' (soul), the
Buddhists will acknowledge it.

''Please try it, you will need more and more of scientific research as
there are many layers of mind. If it is proved that there is no soul in
human body we will accept it,'' he said.

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