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Tibet returnee Newars mark Lhosar festival

February 13, 2008

The Rising Nepal

KATHMANDU, Feb. 10: The Welfare Service Society formed by Nepalese of
the Newar community who had returned from Tibet after its take over by
China organised a prayer and worship at the society's office at
Chhagdol, Swoyambhu on the occasion of Lhosar and the 2135th New Year,
the Year of the Rat, according to the Tibetan calendar.

The prayer was led by Guru Dhuktop Rinpoche. According to Dawa
Shrestha, president of the society, people from various walks of life,
including social worker, businessperson, intellectuals and other
senior persons of the organisation, participated in the workshop.

The society was formed by Nepalese, especially of the Newar community,
who had gone to Tibet for business and had remained there as permanent
resident, under the protection of the Nepalese government, but had
returned to the country of their ancestors after Tibet became the
special autonomous region of China. There are about 400 members in the
society. The worship that started Sunday will last for three days.

The committee has Roshan Shrestha, Finjo Ratna Tuladhar, Lhonsa
Chhumbe, Chhewang Chhimi as vice president, secretary, treasurer and
joint secretary.

Likewise, Himal Ratna Shakya, Tenjing Chhumbe, Ibrahim Muslim and
Babukaji Tuladhar are the executive members.
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