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A slice of Shangri-La

February 20, 2008

With an outstanding selection of traditional Tibetan cuisine and a
Lhasa-inspired floor show, Ganglamedo makes quite an impression.

As you head to your table you'll likely notice the painstaking
attention to detail applied to the classic Tibetan/Art Deco interior
design. Even the menu serves a functionally aesthetic purpose.
Amazingly, much of the intricate artwork adorning the walls was
created on-site by the restaurant staff.

If you've brought your appetite be sure to order up the Dinner in a
Felt Tent (RMB168), a two-person serving of roasted yak meat that is
sure to content even the most rapacious of carnivores, and complement
that with an order of Weiselinka (RMB36), a delectable
asparagus/Tibetan root combo dish. Don't forget to make the time to
enjoy the songs of Tibet performed live on the second floor stage
(shows generally begin daily at 8 pm).

With the great atmosphere and no-rush attitude of the staff, you'll
probably be tempted to lounge for a moment after dinner and sample one
of Tibetan beers (RMB25) available. If you're interested in a little
taste of the "Roof of the World" without having to leave Beijing, give
Ganglamedo a try.

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