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Tibetan leading organisations launch uprising movement

February 20, 2008
19 February 2008

DHARAMSALA:  Five leading Tibetan organizations announced today the
launch of the "Tibetan People's Uprising Movement", a new coordinated
Tibetan resistance effort in the lead up to the 2008 Beijing Olympics.
Exiled Tibetans led by five organizations have announced a plan to
take a major protest march from India to Tibet demanding China for the
peaceful resolution of Tibet issue .

The groups announced that hundreds of Tibetans would depart from
Dharmsala, the home of the Dalai Lama and the Tibetan
Government-in-Exile, on March 10, this year  the day Tibetans would be
observing the anniversary of the uprising against Chinese rule, with
the hope to walk to Lhasa, Tibet's capital.The long-distance protest
march is part of a series of global protest actions Tibetans and their
support groups are planning to disrupt the symbolic relay of the
Olympic torch as it is carried through 20 cities on five
continents."China is hoping to showcase itself as a global leader and
forever silence any challenges to its rule in Tibet," Tsewang Rigzin,
president of the Tibetan Youth Congress, and others told reporters at
a press conference in Lower T C V in Mcleodganj near Dharmshala on the
concluding day of three day workshop on Tibet.

Tsewang urged Tibetans around the world to take to the street and take
actions wherever China takes the torch, but called on Tibetans to
refrain from using violent means."The march to Tibet is an initiative
by exiled Tibetans to strengthen Tibetan resistance by taking the
struggle home,"  Tsewang said. The group members, however, refrained
from divulging further details on the march, including the route they
planned to take.China has ruled Tibet since Communist troops
forcefully invaded the region in 1950. China's illegal occupation of
the once peaceful cultural nation subsequently resulted in the death
of an estimated 1.2 million Tibetans and destruction of thousands of
monasteries. Besides, China is accused of carrying on unabated gross
violation of Human rights in Tibet, other ethnic regions and China at
large. With the world's attention drawn on China as it prepares to
host the 2008 Games in China, Tibetans have long vowed not to miss the
moment to press for their cause.And Tibetans are not alone in their

There are other endless lists of international activists and human
rights campaigners desperately pushing China for a better change and
expose their wrongdoings.
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