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Nepal adopts tough measures against Tibetans

March 7, 2010

Kosh R. Koirala Reporting from Nepal
Asian Tribune (Sweden)
March 5, 2010

Kathmandu, Mar. 5 ( -- Bowing
down to the mounting pressure from China, Nepali
authorities have adopted a policy to send
Tibetans illegally entering into Nepali territory
back to their homes from border point itself.

Authorities would so far hand over such Tibetans
to UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) in Kathmandu.

Right activists have expressed worry over the new
policy, fearing that this could make such
Tibetans face severe punishment back home.

Officials said Department of Immigration (DoI)
recently wrote to local administration in
northern bordering districts adjoining China to
keep strict vigil to Tibetans illegally entering
into Nepali territory. The DoI has also asked
local authorities to send those illegally
sneaking into Nepal back home from the border
point itself or hand them over to Chinese authorities.

The decision comes in the wake of increasing
number of Tibetans illegally sneaking into Nepali
territory with the objective to reach to
Dharmashala, India, where their spiritual leader
Dalai Lama has been taking shelter for decades.

Chinese officials in Kathmandu had recently
lodged their displeasure with Nepali authorities
over handling of Tibetans illegally entered into
Nepal. China fears that exiled leaders could
brainwash the Tibetans to create instability in
the Tibetan Autonomous Region similar to the one made in Lhasa in 2008.

Nepali authorities under pressures from various
western countries would so far hand over the
illegally entered Tibetans to the UNHCR office in
Kathmandu. Tibetans admitted to this scribe that
the UNHCR officials would assist them to reach to their exiled leader in India.
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