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Glimpse at Dalai's new defence for being son of India

May 12, 2010

09:15, May 06, 2010
People's Daily
(People's Daily is an official publication and is considered as the
official voice of the Communist Party of China and the government of PRC)

The writer on March 31 published an article titled "Dalai Lama insists
on being son of India". In this article, the writer uncovered the truth
by analyzing three seasons that the Dalai Lama listed, hoping the Dalai
Lama could give more convincible reasons to support his remarks as "son
of India". However, the writer saw no new responses to this article from
the Dalai Lama himself, but a few of defensive answers from his
"government-in-exile". After publishing this article, a Mr. Chen from
oversea country saw a chance to show off by writing an article titled
"Dalai Lama claims himself son of India with religious feeling and
gratitude". That is to say, being "son of India" is reasonable, fair and
eligible remarks of the Dalai Lama, otherwise, even God forbid.

The Dalai clique regarded this article as a treasure, publishing it on
their website in bold everyday. To the writer's regret, very few dared
to echo or stand in his defense. At present, it is necessary for the
writer to make responses to this article since it has existed so as not
to let the Dalai Lama who would like to be son of foreign country, be

Mr. Chen pointed out the Dalai Lama's remarks may stand because the
Chinese character "??" (children) is quite different from "??" (son).
According to Mr.Chen, "children" is an emotional word usually used in
the spiritual realm while "son" has blood relationship. Given that, he
censured the writer for altering "children" into "son", which is not
only a bad tendency but also an ulterior political purpose. However,
Mr.Chen ignored a basic fact, or has no ability to figure the fact out.
The fact is that the Dalai Lama made the remarks in the face of Indian
media, so it is impossible for him to tell "children" from "son".
According to the Indian media, the exact words of the Dalai Lama are "I
am a son of India" and "I am the true son of India" , which can be
translated literally as "???????" and "??????????". Based on Dictionary
of Modern Chinese, the Chinese character "?" (zhi) is a structural word,
with a meaning "?", thereby, there is no difference between "????" and
"?????". The former is formal while the latter is oral. The "Historical
Records", a Chinese classical book on historical records and
linguistics, wrote on the first chapter-"????????" (The Yellow Emperor
is the son of Shaodian). It also reads "?????????????????" (The Emperor
Zhuan Xu was called Gaoyang, he was the grandson of the Yellow Emperor,
son of Changyi), "????????" (The son of Shaodian was called
Nvhua)......All above prove that "??" equals to "??". It seems that Mr.
Chen, after staying in a foreign country, neither made progress in
English level, nor the Chinese. I suggest that he should read the
"Historical Records" at first before making comments.
Mr.Chen said:" If the Dalai Lama is not qualified to bear the
responsibility of 'Tibet issue' merely for he claimed 'a son of India'",
then, "as the Marxist-Leninigts, the Chinese Communist Party is also not
qualified to make any comments in China." In fact, the writer has
answered this question on the article "Dalai Lama insists on being son
of India"--"Every valuable thought or culture of the mankind has been
shared since old ages by different countries and nations to varying
degrees, but nobody therefore deems that the origin country and the
beneficiary countries have a father-and-son relationship." The Chinese
Communist Party has been taking the Marxism-Leninism as the guiding
ideology since it was established, and every Party member is proud of
their motherland--China. No one becomes "son of a foreign country"
because they are Marxist-Leninigts. The Dalai Lama wasn't wrong if he is
just a Buddhism and Gandhism believer, but claiming "son of India", he
has no right to gossip about Tibet's affairs. How can we let a "son of
India" set a hand in China's affairs related to the interests of Tibetan
people. Since Mr.Chen agrees to the thought of the Dalai Lama, then he
also becomes a "son of the Dalai Lama" based on his and the Dalai Lama's
logic. Now that the Dalai Lama is the "son of India", so Mr.Chen is
undoubtedly the "grandson of India".

It is obvious that the spokesman of the "Government-in-Exile" has a
lower level even than the "grandson of India" as he claimed "Is that so
serious to call myself 'son of India? If you regard it so serious,
please solve the 'Tibet Issue' and let the Dalai Lama back home to be a
'son of China' in China." Not to mention the fact that does China care
for such a son or not, just in this spokesman's opinion, it isn't a
"serious" problem, but just a random thing to be anyone's son. For him,
everything is based upon the power of the counterpart. There is neither
any ethnic amour-propre nor self-respect for being a man.
Actually, the Dalai Lama has not only cooked up "Three Theories" for
being "son of India", but shown his decision from top to toe to the
whole world by his appearance of behavior. According to "Voice of Tibet"
and "Tibet Post", the Dalai Lama happily watched the Indian Cricket
Premier League on April 18 invited by Indian Himachal Cricket
Association. Cricket is one of the most popular sports games in India
and the Dalai Lama of course has to have fun with his "dad" since he
wants to be a "son of India".

Just when the writer comes to a conclusion to this article, another
piece of news from "Voice of Tibet": "the 14th Dalai Lama describes
himself as the 'son of India' and says ?to be honest, I am the son of
Himachal Pradesh; my residence locates in Kangra, so I can regard myself
'son of Kangra'; more clearly, I can say I am 'son of Dharamsala?." Here
comes four sons-and-fathers in different level. It appears that the
Dalai Lama is addicted to being a son and has no need to worry and care
about the doubt whether there was any "idea" or "culture". But wanting
to be a son is one thing and to realize the dream is another. When all
comes to all, it rests with the "father". So far, the writer hasn't read
any reports showing that India or Dharamsala expresses any willingness
to accept such a son, and the Dalai Lama has to keep on trying.

The writer really hopes to see new responses to this article from both
the Dalai Lama and his followers.

by: Yiduo, Source:China Tibet Information Center
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