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'China has no plans to build dam over Brahmaputra in Tibet'

May 30, 2010

27 May 2010, 0339 hrs IST,ET Bureau

NEW DELHI: China has no plans to build a huge dam over Brahmaputra in
Tibet and is sensitive to Indian concerns on the matter, according to a
senior academician of a Chinese state-run think tank.

A report in The Guardian had maintained that experts were lobbying the
Chinese government to construct a massive dam on the Brahmaputra. ?China
has no plans to build such a huge dam on the Brahmaputra,? Ma Jiali, who
is attached to state-run Institute of Contemporary International
Relations, told a news agency.

This is in sync with China's assurance to India that the dam it is
building on the Tsang Po ? the name by which the Brahmaputra is known in
China ? for generating power would not affect the flow of Brahmaputra.

But the report in The Guardian maintained that one proposal was for a 38
billion watt hydropower dam at the great bend of the Yarlung Tsangpo.
?Research had been carried out on the project, but no plan has been
drawn up,? the report said.

The senior academician, however, said Chinese military officials and
hydrologists in the past had initiated such ideas but Beijing understood
the negative impact it would create on its relations with India and

The assurance on the Brahmaputra was given by Beijing during external
affairs minister SM Krishna's visit to Beijing. The external affairs
minister told Parliament that he was assured by the Chinese side that
there would be no water storage at the dam and it would not in any way
impact downstream areas.

Foreign secretary Nirupama Rao had also said that the Chinese side had
assured India that it is not a storage dam for irrigation purposes.
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