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Dharamsala Condemns Tibet Sentences, Urges China for Magnanimity

May 30, 2010

The Central Tibetan Administration is deeply concerned that the
Chinese government has once again handed down a death sentence to
one Tibetan and lengthy prison terms to five other Tibetans.

According to China's state media, the Lhasa Intermediate People's
Court has sentenced Sonam Tsering, aged 23, a native of Rachap
Township, Payul County in Kardze, to a two-year suspended death
sentence for his alleged role in ?rioting? during the Tibetan
people's peaceful demonstration in 2008 against five decades of
Chinese repression in Tibet.  Five more Tibetans -  Tashi Choedon,
Kelyon, Yeshi Tsomo, Tayang, Tsewang Gyurmey - have been given
lenthy jail terms ranging from 3 to 7 years for harbouring Sonam

We strongly condemn the harsh sentences arbitrarily meted out to
Sonam Tsering without truely conducting an open and fair trial.

The recent verdict is against the spirit of China's first national
human rights action plan (2009-2010) which stipulates that ?every
precaution shall be taken in meting out a death sentence and
judicial procedures for death sentences will be stringently
implemented?. The rights action plan also affirms that ?the state
takes effective steps to guarantee the lawful, timely and impartial
trial of all cases, and ensures clear facts, sufficient evidence
and legitimate trial procedures."

Moreover, it is totally against the claims of ?China's tremendous
achievements in the promotion and protection of human rights?
during the UN Human Rights Council's periodic review of China's
human rights record last year. The head of the Chinese delegation
to the UN, Mr. Li Baodong, had also said since the founding of New
China in 1949, ? a fundamental social and political system for the
promotion and protection of human rights has been established."

We are deeply concerned that despite these pledges, since March
2008 seven Tibetans were given death sentences out of which four
Tibetans were executed on 20 October 2009.

The Central Tibetan Administration once again appeals to the
Chinese goverment and the international community, especially the
UN Human Rights Council to give due consideration on the
deteriorating human rights situation in Tibet.

The Central Tibetan Administration reiterates its longstanding
appeal that China should release forthwith all prisoners of
conscience and accept an international body to investigate the
conditions in Tibet.

Kalon Kesang Y Takla
Department of Information & International Relations
28 May 2010
(Contact: 98050 24973)
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