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Reveal the Mysterious Veil of Tibetan Cuisine

July 27, 2010

By TraNews Reporter Shao, Yu-Min
CRWE News Wire
July 26, 2010

TAICHUNG, TAIWAN (TraNews) -- At the mention of
Tibet, most people will instantly think of and
breathtaking natural scenery and Tibetan
architecture that contains Oriental and India
influences. If you want to experience the charm
of Tibetan cuisine, there is actually one place
hidden in Fengchia Night Market.

Little Tibet is a Tibetan cuisine-inspired
restaurant run by the Tibetan owner Kevin and his
cousins. Kevin has lived in Taiwan for nearly
twenty years and he can speak fluent Tibetan,
Indian, Mandarin and English, so customers don’t
even need to worry about the language barrier.

Little Tibet is characterized by its eye-catching
ethnic façade and décor with flags in five
different colors hanging on the ceiling,
representing sky, cloud, air, earth and water.
Little Tibet specializes in a wide assortment of authentic Tibetan cuisine.

Kevin mentioned that Tibetan cuisine has several
characteristics. Since the most important crop is
barley, dough made of barley flour called tsampa
is the staple food of Tibet. Meat dishes are
primarily based on beef and mutton and most
Tibetans drink many cups of yak butter tea each
day to keep themselves warm. If you want to get a
taste of Tibetan cuisine, Little Tibet certainly
is an ideal dining place worth checking out!

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