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"We Tibetans are looking for a legitimate and meaningful autonomy, an arrangement that would enable Tibetans to live within the framework of the People’s Republic of China."
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WTN Archives: October, 1993

Friday, October 1

1. Clinton, China's Leader To Meet in November; Seattle Talks to Focus on Rights, Arms, Trade; Question of Tibet Will Be Raised

Friday, October 1 (2)

1. Experts Worried About Threats to Tibet's Environment
2. U.S. Warns Beijing as Problems Grow; Christopher Says China Risks Losing Trade Status Over Weapons and Rights

Saturday, October 2

1. Recently Released Chinese Dissident Wei Jingsheng Unrepentant; Wrote Letter to Deng Last Year Criticizing China's Handling of Tibet

Saturday, October 2 (2)

1. New Radio, TV Centre Under Construction in Tibet
2. Hong Kong Paper Criticizes U.S. Senate Tibet Bill; Repeats Standard Beijing Account of China-Tibet Relations and of Slaughter of "Slaves"

Saturday, October 2 (3)

1. Canadian Federal Elections

Sunday, October 3

1. Dalai Lama Sees Israeli-PLO Pact An Example for Tibet, U.N. Mediation Not Wanted
2. China's Nuclear Question Mark; If the People's Republic Breaks Up, Who Controls the Weapons?

Tuesday, October 5

1. China's Embrace Grows Tighter; Beijing is Moving to Assert Economic and Political Domination in Advance of its Takeover of Hong Kong
2. Jails Fuel China's Secret Economy; Size of Chinese System of Slave Labour Placed at 20 Million Prisoners

Friday, October 8

1. First Call For Votes on Proposal to Create Two Usenet Newsgroups on Tibet

Friday, October 8 (2)

1. Tibetan Nationalists Arrested
2. New Television News Programme for Tibet

Saturday, October 9

1. China Reports Ethnic Unrest in Far West Qinghai
2. China Warns of "Sudden Incidents" in Tibet
3. Tibet Military Telecommunications Centre Opens
4. Tibet Economic Strength "Greatly Enhanced"
5. Serious Consumption Imbalances in China, Tibet
6. China Opens More Passes with Nepal for Expected "Surge" of Tibet Tourism
7. Financial Hardship Forces Tibetan Monks to Tour
8. Royal Ontario Museum Becomes Sacred Site for Compassionate Mandala

Sunday, October 10

1. Trek to Tibetan Community in Nepal

Monday, October 11

1. Tibetan Cultural Centre Proposed
2. Clinton to Meet Jiang in Effort to Heal Rift; U.S. Assistant Secretary of State for Human Rights to Visit Tibet
3. Former Party Secretary of Tibet is New Head of Political School
4. Exhibition of Photographs of Tibet in Hong Kong
5. Oliver Stone in Kathmandu for "Spiritual Stimulation," or Was it Tibet?

Tuesday, October 12

1. U.S. Human Rights Envoy in China; Travels to Tibet on Tuesday
2. Chinese Newspaper Warns of Foreign Spies, Domestic Unrest
3. Gendun Rinchen Candlelight Vigil
4. Canadian Firms to Invest in Chinese Projects
5. Nortel in China Ventures

Wednesday, October 13

1. Letter: Canadian Election and Tibet; University Group; Destabilizing China

Wednesday, October 13 (2)

1. Shattuck Warns Chinese on Human Rights
2. Water Channel Completed at Yanghu Hydropower Station in Tibet
3. Tibetan Government Invites Domestic and Foreign Investors
4. Founder of New Magazine Taught English in Tibetan Monastery

Wednesday, October 13 (3)

1. Seismic Data on Nuclear Blast in Xinjiang
2. Letter: Organizing Gendun Rinchen Vigil in Ottawa
3. Westcoast Energy Announces Power Project in China

Wednesday, October 13 (4)

1. Israel Sells China Arms, C.I.A. Says
2. U.S., Praising Chinese Talks, is Wary on Rights Progress

Thursday, October 14

1. Pro-Tibet Demonstration to be Largest in North America
2. U.S. Warns China to Improve Human Rights as Dialogue Resumes
3. Top Treasure of Potala Palace Returned
4. Land Speculation in China to be Controlled; Tibet Apparently Immune from Speculation

Thursday, October 14 (2)

1. Dharamsala Clarifies Recent HHDL Statement
2. Case Profile of a Tibetan Detained in Chinese Prison in Tibet
3. Urgent Action Appeal Cases
4. Conditions in Maldrogungkar, Tibet: Testimony of a Former Monk
5. Background Information on the Recent Collapse of Chabcha Dam in Amdo
6. Letter: Source of Number of Inmates in China's Prison System?

Saturday, October 16

1. Dalai Lama to be Enshrined in London Wax Museum
2. China Admits Serious Unrest Among Muslims in Qinghai
3. China Tells U.S. to be Fair on Human Rights
4. China Calls on U.S. Human Rights Envoy Not to Politicize Issue
5. Twenty-three Executed in China
6. Book Review: Determination: Tibetan Women and the Struggle for Tibet
7. Event: Flamenco Benefit for Tibetan Groups
8. Event: "A Kid from Tibet" (Movie)

Saturday, October 16 (2)

1. Eleven Leaders Accept an Invite; Clinton Plans to Meet Them at the End of Asia-Pacific Economic Conference
2. Tibet Government Invites Domestic and Foreign Investors
3. Telecommunications Service Developments in Autonomous Regions
4. Tibet Leaders Emphasize "Anit-Splittist Struggle" at Radio, TV Conference

Saturday, October 16 (3)

1. China Beefs Up Troops in Qinghai to Suppress Ethnic Attacks

Sunday, October 17

1. Qinghai Moslem Leader Warns Against Misuse of Mosques
2. Heli-Skier in Search of the Yeti
3. Leonard Cohen to Narrate NFB Documentary Based on Tibetan Book of the Dead
4. Event: "Unmask the Past, Antique Masks of Tibet and the Himalayas"

Thursday, October 21

1. China Calls for Schools to Battle Dalai Lama Ideas

Friday, October 22

1. Official Says Taiwan Would "Welcome" Dalai Lama Visit
2. Air Force Major Contractor of Bangda Airport in Tibet

Saturday, October 23

1. Dalai Lama Seeks Mideast-Style Deal for Tibet

Monday, October 25

1. TIBETANS IN EXILE FIGHT TO KEEP CULTURE, LANGUAGE ALIVE. Fund set up to help refugees adapt to living, working away from their homeland.

Tuesday, October 26

1. Strong Earthquake Rocks Qinghai
2. Dalai Lama Says Chinese Outnumber Tibetans in Tibet
3. Dalai Lama in France for Three Weeks
4. Dalai Lama Calls for Reform of United Nations
5. Indian Minister Accuses U.S. of Acting as World Policeman in Address to Indo-Tibetan Border Force

Wednesday, October 27

1. Beijing Not Doing Enough for MFN, Says U.S. Envoy Shattuck; Meeting With Tibetan Political Prisoner "Severely Controlled"
2. China Encouraging Terrorism Against India Says Dalai Lama's Representative
3. Dalai Lama Says India's Attitude Towards Tibet "Overcautious"
4. Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation Demonstration Update
5. Review: A Narrative of Spiritual Voyeurism: Religious Byways Examined

Wednesday, October 27 (2)

1. Powerful Earthquake Strikes Qinghai
2. Olizane: Une Voix Pour le Tibet

Wednesday, October 27 (3)

1. Jurists Urged to Speak Up for Hong Kong, Tibet
2. Chinese Engineers Warn of Possible Dam Breaks in Qinghai
3. The Reincarnation of Khensur Rinpoche

Monday, October 27 (4)


Thursday, October 28

1. Tibet's Foreign Trade Valued at 34m U.S. Dollars in First Half
2. China's Trade Up 17.7% in First Nine Months; Imports Up in All Regions Except Tibet

Friday, October 29

1. Troops Quell Largest Uprising in China Since 1989
2. Center May Reclaim Power in China; Beijing Plans to Shift Tax Revenue From Provinces to Capital
3. Foreign Minister to Lead Chinese Delegation to Seattle
4. China Says Summit Could Help Existing Sino-U.S. Differences

Friday, October 29 (2)

1. China Must Provide Information about Prisoners, says European Parliament -

Friday, October 29 (3)

1. Usenet Newsgroup Vote Results: s.c.t Fails, t.p.t Passes
2. Haig Chastises U.S. China Policy for Raising Human Rights Issue
3. India Protests U.S. Official's Statement on Kashmir Accession

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