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WTN Archives: December, 1993

Wednesday, December 1

1. China and Nepal Sign Commercial Road Traffic Agreement
2. `Progress' Enriches, Endangers Nepal's Sherpas; Trekking, Tourism Bring Development - But Threaten a Culture

Wednesday, December 1 (2)

1. Tibetan Official Tells Chongqing Students of Continuing Separatist Activities in Tibet
2. Dutch Parliamentarians' Mission to Tibet
3. Petition to the Secretary General United Nations Commission on the Status of Women
4. Development Drive Launched in Qinghai Tibetan Prefecture
5. Tibet Abolishes Administrative Fees as Part of Anticorruption Plan
6. China's Li Ruihuan Discusses Tibetan Issue in Nepal
7. Book Review: Between Freedom and Subsistence: China and Human Rights

Thursday, December 2

1. Tibet Is Near: The Sacred Music and Dance of Ganden Jangtse
2. Coming Home to Tibet
3. A Quick Tour of Lhasa

Thursday, December 2 (2)

1. Tibet Is Near: The Sacred Music and Dance of Ganden Jangtse
2. Coming Home to Tibet
3. A Quick Tour of Lhasa

Thursday, December 2 (3)

1. US Businessmen Discuss Renewal of MFN Trade Status with Chinese Officials
2. Tibet Daily Announces Ban on "Paid Journalism"
3. Tibet Cadre Urges Propaganda to Create "Beautiful Image of Tibet" Abroad

Saturday, December 4

1. Arrests from Cave Temple - Lhasa

Saturday, December 4 (2)

1. Dalai Lama Says China has Deployed Nuclear Weapons in Tibet
2. Dalai Lama Demands Tibet's Restoration as Sino-Indian Buffer

Sunday, December 5

1. New York Times Interview with the Dalai Lama

Sunday, December 5 (2)

1. Press Release for Gendun Rinchen Campaign
2. Report on a Research Institute in Tibet

Monday, December 6

1. New Rome Mayor A Tibet Supporter
2. Hong Kong Vunerable to Likely U.S. Trade Sanctions Against China

Tuesday, December 7

1. Testimony from the World Uranium Hearing; Evidence on Nuclear Activity in Tibet Presented by EcoTibet
2. Letter: Information on "Miss Tibet" Beauty Pageant Requested

Tuesday, December 7 (2)

1. His Holiness The Dalai Lama's Message on World Human Rights Day
2. Protest of Chinese Theme Park Scheduled for Dec. 19, Opening Day
3. ICT's Concluding APEC Report
4. Event: CBC TV Program on Life in Ladakh
5. Event: Veillee Silencieuse a Paris pour la Liberation des Prisonniers Politiques en Chine et au Tibet [Silent March and Vigil Opposite Chinese Embassy in Paris]

Tuesday, December 7 (3)


Wednesday, December 8

1. Reminder: Friday is Human Rights Day
2. Reporter Unable to Control Emotion Faced with Tibetan Mao "Craze"
3. Tibet Official Defines State Security
4. Dalai Lama Wants Tibet as Buffer State; Alleges China Dumping Nuclear Waste
5. Study Finds Evidence of Continental Collision in Tibet
6. Richard Gere Kommt zum Tibetanischen Filmfestival [Richard Gere to Attend Tibet Film Festival in Germany]
7. Letter: Correction on CTC TV's Program on Ladakh

Friday, December 10

1. Special Tibet Hearing in UK Parliament
2. World Human Rights Day - Gendun Rinchen Vigils

Friday, December 10 (2)

1. Event: AFL-CIO, ICT "Toycott" Demonstration
2. Theoretical Study in Tibet; Splittist Activities "On the Rise"
3. Telecommunications Developments in Tibet
4. China's Largest Solar Power Station Goes into Operation in Tibet
5. Tibet Reports Good Harvest
6. The Private Sector in China's Autonomous Regions

Friday, December 10 (3)

1. World Parliamentarians Convention on Tibet

Saturday, December 11

1. Shattuck Says Human Rights Progress in China Still Lacking for MFN
2. Event (Ottawa): Slide Presentation on Tibet and Three Gorges

Saturday, December 11 (2)

1. Gendun Rinchen: 110 Sign Petition to UN from Tibet
2. Candlelight Vigil for Gendun Rinchen in Tokyo
3. Correction: San Francisco Gendun Rinchen Vigil Organized by International Lawyers for Tibet

Saturday, December 11 (3)

1. China Returns Remains of U.S. W.W. II Pilots Found in Tibet
2. Letter: Bodhisattva Mao??

Sunday, December 12

1. Notes from the Alaska Tibet Committee
2. More Than 100 Tibetans, Including Communist Party Members, Sign Petition

Sunday, December 12 (2)

1. Candle light vigil hel in Ottawa for Gendun Rinchen

Monday, December 13

1. Demonstrations Reported in Lhasa
2. Demonstration in Vancouver, B.C.
3. U.S. Human Rights Official: China Making Progress

Monday, December 13 (2)

1. Jiang "Faces Challenge of Civil War after Deng"
2. U.S. Senator Says Chinese Military Buildup Threat to Asian Peace
3. Tibet Justice Department's "10 Prohibitions" Against Corruption

Wednesday, December 15

1. Letter: Bodhisattva Mao??
2. News from Dharamsala

Wednesday, December 15 (2)

1. All India Women's Conference passed resolution on Tibet
2. Tibetan delegation attends regional preparatory meeting in of NOGs in Manila for International Women's Conference -1995
3. Tibetan Festival in New Delhi

Thursday, December 16

1. Dalai Lama Hopes to Visit Tibet in 1994
2. Letter: Reply to 'Bodhisattva Mao?' and 'Mao Craze'

Thursday, December 16 (2)

1. New Editor Joins CTN News Editorial Board
2. Tibet TV Reports Progress in Economic Work
3. Event (Ottawa): Slide Presentation on Tibet and Three Gorges (Update)

Friday, December 17

1. Correction on Associated Press' Report of December 15 dateline New Delhi on Dalai Lama hopes to visit Tibet i 1994.
2. A Tibet Desk established at Rights Foundation in Warsaw

Friday, December 17 (2)

1. Tibetan Dictionary Project

Saturday, December 18

1. China Revises Qinghai Dam Burst Death Toll

Sunday, December 19

1. Splendid China Opens; Tibetan Monks Protest

Tuesday, December 21

1. Is China ready for life after Deng?

Tuesday, December 21 (2)

1. U.S.-Chinese team obtains deep-Earth profile in Tibet

Wednesday, December 22

1. China to Introduce Eugenics Law
2. Face of a Tibetan Prisoner Accuses Chinese Occupiers of His Country
3. Plea for Dissidents' Freedom

Wednesday, December 22 (2)

1. The United Nations Conference on Women
3. CINEMA'S TOLERANT TITAN: Bernardo Bertolucci

Wednesday, December 22 (3)

1. The Torturer's theme park: SPLENDID CHINA? Florida's latest tourist attraction is a galling fantasy version of China,

Thursday, December 23

3. China Plans to Restrict 'Inferior' Births;
4. Mongolia, Thurman and Gengis Khan Exhibition

Thursday, December 23 (2)


Friday, December 24

1. Park's Tibetan Display Draws Buddhist Protest; Miniature Palace Creates Huge Controversy
2. Compulsory Education to be Introduced in Tibet in 1994
3. This Year's Airlift of Troops to Tibet, Xinjiang Completed
4. Tibetans Enjoy "Privilege" of Tax Concessions
5. Mao Mania Alive and Well
6. Religion and War; Group Recommends Government Cede Control of Monasteries to Tibetans
7. Letter: Mongolia, Thurman and Gengis Khan Exhibition

Saturday, December 25

1. Traditional Tibetan Rugs
2. Letter: Disturbing Stories of Eugenics in China and Tibet

Monday, December 27

1. U.S. to Review Ties with Beijing Ahead of MFN Ruling

Monday, December 27 (2)

1. The Politics Of Being A Panda

Monday, December 27 (3)

1. Letter: Gathering Information on Mongolia and Inner Mongolia

Wednesday, December 29

1. Letter from ICT, Washington, D.C.

Thursday, December 30

1. Tibetan Bulletin November - December 93

Friday, December 31

1. 1994 North American Regional TSG Meetings
2. Letter from Denise Lassaw Paljor
3. Death of Venerable Lobsang Thinley

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