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WTN Archives: March, 1993

Tuesday, March 2

1. Dalai Lama To Preside Over Transcultural Psychiatric Meeting on Healing
2. ICT Targets China's Most Favoured Nation Trading Status
3. Congressional Letter to President Clinton on MFN
4. Clinton Speaks on Hong Kong Reform Plan and MFN for China
5. Human Rights Records May Be Obstacles to China's Olympic Bid
6. Official Report Warns of Unrest in 1993
7. Taiwan's New Premier to Continue with "One China" Policy
8. China's Influence in Burma Causes Fear in Southeast Asia
9. Economic News in Brief (5 Items)

Wednesday, March 3

1. Laughing Lama's Manual tops Madonna's Best-Seller
2. A Powerful Tool For Writers - FREENET (Yes, Its free!)

Thursday, March 4

1. Looks Count in Beijing
2. Police Say Petra Kelly Killed by Lover in Death Pact
3. U.S. and China at Odds Over MFN

Thursday, March 4 (2)

1. Clark to Make China Visit
2. Human Rights Group: Gov't "Smile Offensive" Hides Repression
3. Students hold out little hope SLORC will change its spots

Saturday, March 6

1. China Defends Record Before Human Rights Commission in Geneva
2. Security Forces Quash Destabilizing Elements in Beijing Before IOC Visit
3. Bo Yibo Defends Deng's Line on Beijing Massacre
4. China Hints at Bypassing U.S. in GATT Talks

Sunday, March 7


Monday, March 8

1. The Arming of Asia (1) -- Chinese Emperors Said "Tremble and Obey!"

Monday, March 8 (2)

1. Gaden Shartse Monks Perform at the Smithsonian
2. Needed Then, Needed Now
3. Buddhists end four years' seclusion in Scotland
4. TIBET-L Tibet Interest List

Wednesday, March 10

1. Demonstrations Resume in Lhasa
2. Police Preempt a Demonstration in Katmandu
3. Tibetans Arrested During Anti-Chinese Protest
4. Dalai Lama pledges to renounce politics if Tibet regains freedom
5. Dalai Lama Welcomes Tibet Development
6. March 10th Events - Canada
7. History Leading Up to March 10, 1959

Thursday, March 11

1. Request For Tibet News in French
2. Some Thoughts After March 10
3. China Attacks Dalai Lama, Snubs Peace Appeal
4. China and the Olympics: Through the Dust, A Glimpse of Gold

Friday, March 12

2. Tibetans and Supporters Arrested During Protests in New York
3. Call For Action to Stop Beijing's Olympic Bid

Saturday, March 13

1. Dalai Lama's Talk Appeal Rejected as Undermining Unity
2. Wang Zhen Dies at Age 85
3. Chris Patten Defies China on Political Reform
4. United States Spells out MFN Renewal Conditions
5. China Exults over U.N. Non-action on Human Rights

Sunday, March 14

1. Three More Demonstrations in Lhasa
2. China Escapes UN Criticism By Narrow Margin

Monday, March 15

1. March 10th in Chicago

Tuesday, March 16

1. China Uses Procedural Device to Fend Off Human Rights Criticism at the UN

Tuesday, March 16 (2)


Thursday, March 18


Thursday, March 18 (2)

1. URGENT ACTION - MFN , USA *** for our American Subscribers

Friday, March 19

1. Toronto Tibetans and Supporters Strongly Oppose City Council Resolution to Renew Twinning with Chongqing, China
2. His Holiness the Dalai Lama to Visit U.K. in May 1993
3. Tibet Week at Oxford
4. Urgent Action: No Summer Olympics in Beijing
5. Dalai Lama to Visit Buddhist Centres in Scotland
6. U.S. Senator Presented With Tibetan Chuba at Conference on Foreign Aid

Sunday, March 21

1. Major earthquake hits Tibet
2. Strong Earthquake Hits China's Tibet
3. Quake Hits Nepal, No Report of Damage
4. China envoy warns U.S. on losses if relations plunge

Monday, March 22

1. TAR Officials Say Dalai Lama Welcome But Must Give Up Independence
2. China Rules Out Dalai Lama Talks
3. USGS National Earthquake Information Center

Tuesday, March 23

1. CTN News Service Restored

Tuesday, March 23 (2)

1. Quake Causes Death in Ngamring, Tibet
2. Tibetan Chants Are Latest Waco Weapon
3. Sonic Assault at Waco

Thursday, March 25

1. Tibet Week Vigil at the University of Toronto
2. Toronto-Chongqing Twinning Resolution Passed Despite Protests
3. Urgent Appeal: Tenzin Samphel
4. US Tibet Committee Protest Use of Tibetan Chants To "Annoy" Koresh

Thursday, March 25 (2)

1. Bon Monks Tour Quebec

Friday, March 26

1. Taiwan Welcomes Visit By Tibet's Dalai Lama
2. Fifteen Year Old Girl Among Lhasa Arrests
3. Clark's China Visit 'Step' Toward New Ties

Saturday, March 27

1. Clark Discovers Hard-line Truth
2. Quake in Tibet Killed Two, Injured Three

Monday, March 29

1. Party Consolidates Hold on China
2. Li Peng Expected to be Re-elected China's Premier

Tuesday, March 30

1. Chinese Premier Re-elected in Humiliating Fashion

Tuesday, March 30 (2)

1. Richard Gere Mentions Tibet at Oscar Ceremony
2. Richard Gere Assails Deng Xiaoping at Political Oscars
3. India Says Development and Democracy Indivisible
4. World Bank Gives Loans to China

Wednesday, March 31

1. Tibet Records Highest Population Increase
2. Zhu Rongji Selected as First Vice Premier
3. Asian Nations Open Human Rights Conference
4. Profiles of New Vice Premiers Qian Qichen and Li Lanqing

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