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"On my part, I remain committed to the process of dialogue. It is my firm belief that dialogue and a willingness to look with honesty and clarity at the reality of Tibet can lead us to a viable solution."
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WTN Archives: May, 1993

Saturday, May 1

1. Changes to Dalai Lama's North American Tour in June
2. Correction: Worst Snowstorms in a *Hundred* Years Hit Qinghai
3. Reports of Occasional CTN News Delivery Problems

Saturday, May 1 (2)

1. Worst Snowstorms in Thirty Years Hit Qinghai

Sunday, May 2

1. Dalai Lama Says Tibet Suffering Cultural Genocide
2. Dalai Lama Visits Monticello
3. Dalai Lama's Address to the National Press Club Available

Sunday, May 2 (2)

1. Optimism Spreads Among Tibetan Exiles -- Many Believe The World is Focusing on Their Cause

Monday, May 3

1. U.S. Jeans Maker Levi's to Withdraw from China

Tuesday, May 4

1. Dalai Lama Urges the World to Save Tibet
2. Hailstorm Kills 31 in Sichuan
3. China, India to Hold Crucial Talks to Ease Tension

Tuesday, May 4 (2)

1. Dalai Lama's Visit to Seattle Rescheduled
2. Wall Street Journal Supports MFN for China
3. Boeing Sees Orders at Risk
4. Dalai Lama Urges the World to Save Tibet
5. Hailstorm Kills 31 in Sichuan
6. China, India to Hold Crucial Talks to Ease Tension

Wednesday, May 5

1. Canadian Parliamentary Committee to Hold Tibet Hearing
2. Dalai Lama Asks for Trade Pressure Against China

Thursday, May 6

1. Tibet's Dalai Lama May Visit Taiwan, Brother Says
2. Comments re "Wall Street Journal Supports MFN for China" and "Boeing Sees Orders at Risk"

Friday, May 7

1. Clinton May Impose Sanctions If Reports of Missile Sales are True
2. Announcement: CTN Index Now Available

Friday, May 7 (2)

1. China Breaking Missle Pledge, U.S. Aides Say
2. China Steps Up Spending to Keep U.S. Trade Status; June Deadline Looms for Extension of Privileges
3. Five Japanese Climbers Believed Killed in China

Saturday, May 8

1. Government's Obsession with Secrecy Often Trips Up Its Own Goals
2. More Than 10,000 Troops May be Stationed in Hong Kong after 1997
3. U.S. Trade Sanctions Possible if China Sold Missiles to Pakistan
4. PLA Troops Billeted in Hong Kong After 1997 Will Be Segregated

Saturday, May 8 (2)

1. High Level EC Delegation to Visit Lhasa May 17th-22nd
2. All Eyes on Samaranch

Saturday, May 8 (3)

1. Fierce Storm Kills 43 in Gansu Province
2. Conditioning China's Most Favored Nation Trading Status

Saturday, May 8 (4)

1. A Short history of Tibet

Sunday, May 9

1. Hitler's Tibet Connection?
2. China Getting Political Mileage Out of the Karmapa Story

Monday, May 10


Monday, May 10 (2)

1. Lord Visit Key to Defining U.S.-China Relationship
2. Re: Hitler's Tibet Connection?
3. Hitler and the Occult

Tuesday, May 11

1. China Shrugs Off Decision by Levi Strauss to Take Business Elsewhere
2. High Level China Trade Mission to Visit Canada
3. Hello Dalai
4. Death Toll in China Sandstorm Rises to 47

Wednesday, May 12

1. Appeal: China as MFN

Wednesday, May 12 (2)

1. Dalai Lama presence at rights meet will anger China

Wednesday, May 12 (3)

1. After Decades of Exile, Dalai Lama Still Advocates Compassion
2. Winston Lord Meets With Top Chinese Officials

Thursday, May 13

1. China Daily: Trade Friction with U.S. to Increase
2. Samaranch: No One Country is Leading the 2000 Summer Games Bid

Thursday, May 13 (2)

1. Clinton Aid Makes Few Gains in China

Thursday, May 13 (3)

1. Comments "Land of Secrets: Truth is a rare commodity in China."
2. China, U.S. Fail to Reach Accord on MFN Status Talks

Thursday, May 13 (4)

1. China Slams Britain, U.S. for Dalai Lama Visits
2. The Radiant Way
3. Li Peng Reported to Have Suffered Heart Attack
4. Chinese Protest Leader Tells of Prison Torture

Thursday, May 13 (5)

1. Over 300 Political Prisoners in TAR

Thursday, May 13 (6)

1. Canadian Government Defends Tibet Position at Parliamentary Hearing; Witnesses Charge Canada is Undermining Tibetan Struggle

Friday, May 14

1. Pelosi Confident of Clinton's Support on MFN Bill

Saturday, May 15

1. U.S. Firms Worry China May Lose MFN Status

Monday, May 17

1. Fourteenth Dalai Lama Starts Visit to Poland
2. Dalai Lama Asks Poles to Back Tibet's Independence
3. Protestors Greet Chinese Vice-Premier in Vancouver
4. Don't Rely on China's Record, Samaranch Warns
5. Kalmyk President and Dalai Lama Devotee to Run Country Like a Corporation
6. Blockbuster to be Filmed Partly in Tibet
7. Pope Beatifies Swiss Priest Persecuted in Tibet

Tuesday, May 18

1. China Attacks British Press for Tibet Editorial
2. Dalai Lama Meets With Lech Welesa
3. Dalai Lama Calls Poland Model for Peace
4. Nepal Arrests Fleeing Tibetans
5. Toronto Tibetans and Tibet Supporters to Protest Visit of Zhu Rongji
6. Don't Just Hand Games to China
7. China Says Trade Status Not a 'Gift'
8. EC Delegates to Visit Tibet

Tuesday, May 18 (2)

1. URGENT ACTION: Help Secure Release of Detained Tibetans

Wednesday, May 19

1. China Summons U.K. Envoy Over Dalai Lama Talks
2. U.S. Offers to Broker a Settlement of Kashmir Dispute
3. Re: Pope Beatifies Swiss Priest Persecuted in Tibet
4. Report From the Australia Tibet Council - New South Wales Branch

Thursday, May 20

1. Report Says Tibetans Arrested Before EC Visit
2. Taiwan President Invites Visit by Tibet's Dalai Lama
3. Toronto Tibet Supporters Protest Visit of China's Vice-Premier
4. Letter Delivered to Trade Minister Wilson During Zhu Rongji's Visit
5. China Wants Canada to Increase Exports; Vice-Premier Cites Strengths

Friday, May 21

1. A Rare High: Aiding Tibetans Two Miles Up Vitalizes Memphian
2. New Press Restrictions in China
3. Ice Cores From Tibet Suggests Last 50 Years Warmest in 10,000
4. China Set to Release More Dissidents

Friday, May 21 (2)

1. Diplomats Urged to Abandon Visit

Friday, May 21 (3)

1. Buddhism in Practice by H. H. the Dalai Lama

Saturday, May 22

1. Chinese Vice-Premier Hides From Demonstrators in Montreal

Saturday, May 22 (2)

1. EC Suspends Programme; Chinese Admit 3 Arrests and Arrests Continue
2. Dissident To Be Freed In China; Beijing Seen Acting To Boost Its Image

Saturday, May 22 (3)


Saturday, May 22 (4)

1. EC Tour "Modified" Not Suspended, Say Diplomats
2. Human Rights Delegation Suspends Meetings With Chinese Officials in Tibet
3. Woman Admits to Slight Panic on Conquering Everest

Sunday, May 23

1. Tibetan Groups in India Protest Lhasa Arrests
2. Fortieth Anniversary of Everest Climb
3. Gorbachev Opens Green Cross; Dalai Lama Among Leaders Involved

Sunday, May 23 (2)

1. EC Envoys Concerned About Tibet Human Rights

Monday, May 24


Monday, May 24 (2)

1. Lhasa Protests: Further Details
2. Violent Anti-Chinese Protest Reported in Tibet
3. Riot Reported in Tibet, Police Fire Tear Gas

Monday, May 24 (3)

1. Major Demonstrations in Lhasa
2. Western Diplomats Protest Jailing of Tibetan Dissidents
3. Signature Campaign for Joint NGO Declaration on Tibet

Monday, May 24 (4)

1. Tibetan Refugees Receive Warm Welcome
2. Asian Dragons Reluctant to Champion Human Rights

Tuesday, May 25

1. U.S. Expresses Concern Over Tibet Violence
2. Death Toll in Army Range Explosion Near China Border Rises to 18
3. Update on Second Day of Protests: Teargas, Injury
4. Tibetans Stage Their Biggest Protest Since '89 Against Chinese Rule
5. "Compassion in Exile" to be Screened on PBS

Tuesday, May 25 (2)

1. Police Break Up Second Day of Protests in Tibet
2. China Shows It Will Not Tolerate Lhasa Protests
3. China Denies Mass Tibet Arrests Last Week
4. China Clamps Down on Lhasa After Big Tibet Protest
5. China Says Police Injured in Tibet Protest
6. China Human Rights Record At a Glance
7. HK Stocks Hit Record on Signs of Clinton Softness
8. Business Lobbying Hard for Unconditional MFN

Tuesday, May 25 (3)


Wednesday, May 26

1. Thousands of Police Patrolling Tibetan Capital
2. Tibet Tension Eases After Firm Action From China
3. France Concerned About Tension in Tibet

Wednesday, May 26 (2)

1. Tibetans Try Third Day of Protest, City Reported Quiet
2. Lhasa Subdued as China Keeps Pressure on Tibet
3. Protests in New Delhi Thwarted
4. Letter Confirms Plan to Contact EC Diplomats
5. China Finds Flowers Amid Tibetan Turmoil
6. China Represses Second Day of Tibetan Protests; Travelers Tell of Tear-Gassing; Analysts Says Protests Put Pressure on Clinton and Congress
7. Clinton, Congress Near Unified Approach to China
8. CTN HH Dalai Lama's Statement

Thursday, May 27

1. China Says Tibet Crackdown Justified, Rejects Foreign Concern
2. China's Propaganda Machine in Action?
3. China Says Tibet Trouble No Link to MFN
4. Tibetans and Tibet Supporters Protest Zhu Rongji's Toronto Visit
5. Canada's Policy on China an Exercise in Hypocrisy
6. Demonstrations planned in the West to show solidarity with the Tibetans in Tibet.

Friday, May 28

1. China Calls Clinton Trade Conditions Unacceptable

Friday, May 28 (2)


Friday, May 28 (3)

1. Tibetans Ask Clinton to Cancel China Trade Status
2. President to Extend China's Favored Trade Status
3. Human Rights: Trading Tibet
4. Ottawa-Beijing Link
5. Canada Pushing Telecom Industry to Export to China

Saturday, May 29

1. Nine Arrests in Lhasa; MFN Conditions
2. China Makes Arrests After New Tibet Protests
3. Increased Religious Repression in China
4. Patten Welcomes Clinton's China Trade Move
5. China Protests MFN Decision, Issues Warning; Analysts Think Beijing Not Troubled by Move
6. U.S. Gives China Renewal Of Favored Status in Trade; Clinton Issues Warning on Human Rights, Arms Control
7. Boeing "Encouraged" on China Trade Status
8. India Opposes Third-party Peace Mediation on Kashmir Dispute
9. Dalai Lama Bashing?

Saturday, May 29 (2)

1. Associated Press' Report on Friday's Arrests
2. China, India to Discuss Major Steps to Ease Border Tensions

Sunday, May 30

1. No More Bull in the China Shop; Why Clinton Has Made the Right Move on Trading With Beijing
2. MFN Conditions May Not Be Effective
3. China Arms Conglomerate Seeks Overseas Investment

Monday, May 31

1. Dalai Lama Praises Clinton's Decision on MFN
2. Chinese Tighten Grip on Rebellious Lhasa
3. The Prisoner That Won't Stay Silent
4. China on the Defensive Over Tibet; Beijing's Rising Sensitivity to International Pressure)

Monday, May 31 (2)

1. China Foreign Minister Claims No Arrests, Injuries in Tibet
2. The New China Debate
3. China Executes Two for Selling Giant Panda Skins

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