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"We Tibetans are looking for a legitimate and meaningful autonomy, an arrangement that would enable Tibetans to live within the framework of the People’s Republic of China."
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WTN Archives: June, 1993

Tuesday, June 1

1. Dalai Lama Threatens to Quit Independence Struggle
2. China Arrests at Least Three in New Tibet Protest

Tuesday, June 1 (2)

1. More Arrests in Lhasa: EC's "Deep Concern" for Gendun Rinchen
2. EC Urges China to Respect Human Rights in Tibet
3. A Comfortable Visit

Wednesday, June 2

1. Good News for Tibetans
2. Tibet Official Hits Dalai Lama "Lies"
3. China's Evil Reign in Tibet
4. His Holiness' Visit to Austria

Thursday, June 3

1. China Says EC Comments on Tibet "Inappropriate"
2. Beijing Repeats Offer of Talks with Dalai Lama
3. Nepali Police Catch 54 Tibetans
4. To Bring Change to China
5. The Dalai Lama's Visit to Seattle - June 28-29, 1993

Friday, June 4

1. Official Response to China's White Paper on Tibet
2. Satellite Fever in China
3. White House Announcement on Electronic Mail Access

Friday, June 4 (2)

1. Tibetan Monks to Build Refuge on Scottish Island
2. Sweden Calls on China to Declare Amnesty for Prisoners
3. Dalai Lama's Wisdom

Friday, June 4 (3)

1. China Arrests Six in New Tibet Protest
2. Dissident Groups List June 4 Detainees
3. Re: White House Announcement on Electronic Mail Access

Friday, June 4 (4)

1. Tibet: Proving Truth From Facts

Sunday, June 6

1. China's Boom Spurs Migration into Tibet

Sunday, June 6 (2)

1. "Human Rights not an Issue", Claims I. O. C. Chief

Monday, June 7


Monday, June 7 (2)

1. Press Release on the Dalai Lama's Visit to Vienna During the World Conference on Human Rights
2. Chinese Farmer Sells His Mother, Wife, and Daughter

Tuesday, June 8

1. China Said to Have Ninety Nuclear Warheads in Tibet
2. China 'Diluting' Tibet
3. The Chinese Gulags

Wednesday, June 9

1. Canada Warms Up to the Dalai Lama
2. Information Pack on the Beijing Olympic Bid
3. A Beijing Olympics awaits a free Tibet

Thursday, June 10

1. Information Request from TSG the Netherlands
2. Crackdown; 9 Arrests; Negotiations

Thursday, June 10 (2)

1. Dalai Lama's Address to NGO's Forum in Vienna Cancelled

Thursday, June 10 (3)

1. U.S. Congress to Hold Hearings on Beijing Olympics and on Tibet

Friday, June 11

1. Dalai Lama Barred From Vienna Human Rights Conference
2. Austria Summons Chinese Envoy Over Dalai Lama
3. Canadian MP and Vienna Delegation Member Informed About Cancellation

Friday, June 11 (2)

1. Special Edition on Vienna WCHR Conference
2. Dalai Lama Barred from UN; Austria Criticises China
3. Letter of Protest from the Office of Tibet, New York
4. Report from Australian Tibet Council
5. Dalai Lama Barred from Human Rights Meeting

Saturday, June 12

1. Dalai Lama Welcome in Vienna Despite China, Austrian President Says
2. Ex-President Carter Heckled at Vienna Rights Conference
3. Thousands of Peasants Riots in Sichuan

Saturday, June 12 (2)

1. NGOs Force About Face on Dalai Lama Decision

Sunday, June 13

1. Chinese NGO Exposed as Chinese Government Front

Sunday, June 13 (2)

1. Peasant Riots Shake China's Leaders

Sunday, June 13 (3)

1. Vienna Human Rights Conference Mired in Controversy
2. U.N. in Retreat Over Gag on Dalai Lama
3. Dalai Lama is Hot Potato at U.N. Human Rights Talks
4. Dalai Lama Saddened by U.N. Conference Row

Sunday, June 13 (4)

1. Comments on NGO's Reverse Decision

Monday, June 14

1. Nobel Laureates Boycott Start of Rights Conference
2. First Day at Human Rights Conference; Dalai Lama May Address After All
3. Li Peng Slams Western Rights Campaigners
4. Reminder: "Compassion in Exile" to Run on PBS

Tuesday, June 15

1. Dalai Lama Cheered at U.N. Rights Conference
2. Dalai Lama Scores Small Triumph Over China at Rights Conference
3. Despite Ban, Rights Abuses in Specific Countries Voiced at Conference
4. China Tells West to Back Off on Human Rights
5. U.N. Conference Uundecided on Rights Commissioner
6. Chinese Government Losing Support of Peasants
7. China Isolated by Major Powers at Rights Conference
8. Havel Criticises U.N. for Barring Dalai Lama
9. Austria Dismisses Chinese Protest Over Dalai Lama
10. China Criticises Dalai Lama's Presence at U.N. Meeting

Thursday, June 17

1. Party Newspaper Calls for Elimination of Tibetan 'Separatists'
2. China and Allies Bar Rights Activists From Key WCHR Committee

Thursday, June 17 (2)

1. Dalai Lama Engaged in Separatist Activities, Not in Human Rights
2. On the Nazi-Buddhist Monk Connection and Taxing Tibetans for the Olympics

Friday, June 18

1. Interview with Harrison & Melissa Ford: Transcript
2. Film Star Speaks Out as Tibetan Arrest Details Emerge

Friday, June 18 (2)

1. Winning Support of Youth Parties in the Netherlands
2. China's Democracy Movement: the "Black Hands of Beijing"

Friday, June 18 (3)

1. Nepal Police Kill Tibetan Escapee
3. Response to Fang Wang
4. Correction: Nazis and Monks
5. Request for Map of Pre-Communist Tibet
6. Tibet Victory at U.N.
7. Report from WCHR; Vigil for Tibet Planned in Vienna
8. Logging On to the World Conference on Human Rights
9. Open Letter to Fang Wang

Saturday, June 19

1. Update on Nepal Police Killing
2. Response: Nazis and Monks

Sunday, June 20

1. China's Peasants Hit Back; Rising Rural Unrest Alarms Beijing
2. Chinese Farmers Block Road, Collect Random Tolls
3. Uprising in Lhasa not a tax revolt

Monday, June 21

1. Senegalese Human Rights Leaders at Centre of WCHR Disputes
2. Everest Vista: Traffic, Trash; Even Corpses Litter Peak's Now-Worn Trails
3. China Struggles With Inflation, Peasant Unrest

Monday, June 21 (2)


Monday, June 21 (3)

1. Tibetans Protest at Olympics Committee Meeting
2. Chinese 'Cultural Genocide' Tears Historic Tibetan Capital Apart

Tuesday, June 22

1. Letter: More Response to Fang Wang
2. Letter: Tibet and Nazi Germany

Tuesday, June 22 (2)

1. Dalai Lama Given Royal Treatment; McDougall's Photo Session with Tibetan Leader Expected to Anger China

Tuesday, June 22 (3)

1. Sydney Bid Member Defends Beijing from US Attack; Tibetans Protest Outside IOC Headquarters
2. China Assails Local Officials for Policy Lapses
3. Letter: Misleading Associations with Nazi Germany
4. Letter: No Evidence Tibet Was Part of China
5. Request for information: Eastern Turkestan and Inner Mongolia

Wednesday, June 23

1. Actor Richard Gere Joins CSS and Human Rights Organizations to Call for the Release of Liu Gang and Others
2. China Eases Fee Burden On Restive Farmers; Action Follows Violent Protest by Peasants

Wednesday, June 23 (2)

1. Tibet Government Takes Hardline Stance on Dissent
2. Sino-Indian Talks to Focus on Major Steps to Ease Tensions

Wednesday, June 23 (3)

1. Dalai Lama Meets Prominent Canadians, Gets Front Page Coverage
2. 'Poignant Meeting'; Dalai Lama Gets Support from Ottawa

Friday, June 25

1. Israel Snubs Dalai Lama to Avoid Offending China
2. More News From the WCHR
3. The U.N.: Weak on Rights
4. China to Consider Australian Plea on Wool Market; Discussion on Tibet
5. Letter From Fang Wang

Saturday, June 26

1. Quebec Premier, Dalai Lama Discuss Cultural Survival
2. Tibet's Hope; Dalai Lama Pleads for International Help While China Keeps the Lid On
3. WCHR Adopts New Human Rights Document
4. One Lama's Plans for Reform

Sunday, June 27

1. India, China Cannot Reach Accord on Border-Force Cuts
2. Human Rights Declaration Highlights

Monday, June 28

1. City of Harmony: Dalai Lama Was Impressed by Tolerance in Montreal

Monday, June 28 (2)

1. Helping the Missing Tour Guide
2. Democracy -- Essence of Buddhism
3. Letter: Hayes' Fatuous Garbage

Wednesday, June 30

1. Hayes Responds: Charges of Misogyny in Tibetan Buddhism
2. Letter: Fang Wang, Open Up
3. Correction: Office of Tibet London and the EC Delegation
4. Letter: Information on East Turkestan
5. More Discussion on the Dalai Lama's Plans for Reform

Wednesday, June 30 (2)

1. China Objects to Tibetan Parliament in India
2. Dalai Lama Says a Free Tibet May Stabilize Asia
3. Dalai Lama says China More Severe Since Fall of Communism in Europe
4. China, India Agree to Greater Military Openess
5. Chinese Democracy Front Meeting With the Dalai Lama in Montreal

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