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"On my part, I remain committed to the process of dialogue. It is my firm belief that dialogue and a willingness to look with honesty and clarity at the reality of Tibet can lead us to a viable solution."
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WTN Archives: August, 1993

Tuesday, August 10

1. Tibetan Refugees Denied Nepali Citzenship
2. China Opens Secret Space Launch Sites to Tourism

Wednesday, August 11

1. Troops take over Tibet Village: Villagers Appeal to UN
2. 35 Political Arrests from the Chideshol Valley, Kyimshi, Sungrabling, Choekor Bup and Dunbu Choekor Lhokha Gongkar

Wednesday, August 11 (2)

1. Partial List of Tibetans believed arrested for political offences

Wednesday, August 11 (3)

1. China Asks Dalai Lama to Find Key Tibet Leader
2. Chinese Settlers Pose Threat to Tibetans, Dalai Lama Says
3. China Opens Secret Space Launch Sites to Tourism

Thursday, August 12

1. Update on Damchoe Pemo (replaces previous posting)

Thursday, August 12 (2)

1. Email Link to Tibetan Offices in Delhi and Dharamsala Gets Go Ahead
2. NGOs Raise Tibet at the UN Sub-Commission
3. Tibetan Villages Under Siege by Chinese Troops
4. Usenet Newsgroup Proposed on Tibetan Culture
5. U.S. Air Force Personnel Arrive in Kathmandu

Friday, August 13

1. Tibetans Would Accept Autonomy First: Dalai Lama

Friday, August 13 (2)

1. Dalai Lama Says Autonomy, Not Independence, is Goal
2. Dalai Lama Warns Against Sino-Indian Border Deal Excluding Tibetans

Sunday, August 15

1. China Confirms Growth Slowed Slightly in July; Continued Evidence of Unbalanced Growth Rates in Urban and Rural Areas

Monday, August 16

1. Lhasa: Beggars and Monks Cleared to "Beautify" City

Tuesday, August 17

1. Lofty Airport to Open Up Eastern Tibet
2. Russian Republic Becomes First Buddhist State in Europe
3. Amnesty International Urgent Action

Tuesday, August 17 (2)

1. Amnesty International Urgent Action

Tuesday, August 17 (3)

1. China: Amnesty International Fears Mass Arrests in Tibet as Military Surround Villages

Wednesday, August 18

1. U.S. Congressmen in Beijing Ask for Release of Prisoners; Included in List Are Two Tibetans
2. Second Request For Discussion On Usenet Newsgroup soc.culture.tibet

Thursday, August 19

1. Tibet Remains Stable Despite May Demonstrations: Lhasa Mayor
2. Shanghai Stock Exchange Accepts First Tibetan Member Company
3. Tibet's Economic Development Up, Industrial Volume Up 7.1%

Friday, August 20

1. An American Congressional Delegation in Tibet
2. One Thousand Tibetans Took Part in May Demonstrations
3. China Accused of Intolerable Pressure and Threats Against UN Human Rights Sub-Commission Members; UN Body Again Delays Action on Tibet
4. Tibet Day: A Festival of Himalayan Arts, Crafts and Food

Friday, August 20 (2)

1. India's Rao to Visit Bhutan, China, South Korea; Dalai Lama and Tibet May Figure in Discussions With Chinese

Saturday, August 21

1. Meet Conditions or Risk Favored Nation Status, U.S. Senator Tells China
2. China Trade Deficit With U.S. Seen Topping Japan
3. China Future Murky Over Deng
4. China's Flood Season Death Toll Hits 1,000

Monday, August 23

1. At Least Six Pro-Independence Activists Arrested in Tibet
2. At Least 90 Reported Injured in Yunnan, Close to Tibetan Areas
3. Chinese Official Claims Han Nationality "Has Never Surpassed 5%" of Tibetan Population
4. Tibet Party Conference on Economy and "The Struggle Against Separatism"
5. Lhasa Mayor on May Demonstrations and Economic Problems

Monday, August 23 (2)

1. Official Document Reveals Coercive Birth Control Policy in Tibet; Policy Covers Even Farmers and Nomads in Eastern Tibet

Monday, August 23 (3)

1. UN Rejects Tibet Resolution as Lhasa Protests Continue; China Accused of "Threats" in UN
2. Parliament of the World's Religions in Chicago; Dalai Lama Expected

Tuesday, August 24

1. Tibet Facing "Very Grim" Financial Situation
2. Tibet's Gyaincain Norbu Meets US Senator
3. China Responds to UN Committee "No Action" Motion on Tibet
4. China Vows No Letup in Fight Against Tibetan Independence

Tuesday, August 24 (2)

1. Dalai Lama Calls For Contacts With Chinese Envoy
2. Four Tibetan Nuns Arrested in Lhasa

Wednesday, August 25

1. Dalai Lama Continues to Advocate Tibetan Independence
2. China Says Tibet Independence Non-Negotiable

Thursday, August 26

1. Foreign Ministry says Dalai Lama "welcome" to return to China
2. China Warned On Missile Sales
3. U.S. Firms Weigh China Moves
4. Tibetan Human Rights Activist Proposed for Award

Tuesday, August 29


Monday, August 30

1. U.S. Senators in Tibet Told Allegations of Chinese Immigration a "Joke"

Monday, August 30 (2)

1. More Than 400 Feared Dead in China Dam Disaster
2. Muslims Protest Publication of Book in Gansu, Shaanxi and Ningxia; Chinese Authorities Try to Prevent Spread of News of Protests
3. Author Takes a Hatchet to the Greens' Dead Heroes
4. Panchen Lama Enshrined Four Years After Death

Monday, August 30 (3)

1. Dam Bursts, 200 Dead
2. Secret Meeting in China Decides on "Final Solution" for Tibet; Tibetans Appeal to UN for Intervention
3. Group Alleges Chinese "Final Solution" in Tibet
4. Visiting U.S. Senator Warns of Possible Anti-China Legislation
5. UN Human Rights Panel Silent on Abuses in Tibet
6. China Invites Dalai Lama to Return From Indian Exile
7. Foreign Ministry Says Dalai Lama Welcome to Return to China
8. Dalai Lama Rejects Chinese Invitation
9. Limited Sanctions Indicate U.S. Desire Not to Damage China Ties

Tuesday, August 31

1. Tibetan Bulletin: May-June 1993 (Cont'd)

Tuesday, August 31 (2)

1. Chinese Documentary on Tibetan Culture Out Soon
2. Thirty Thousand Attend Lhasa Ceremony
3. Tibet's Raidi Calls For Anti-Splittist Struggle "To Stabilize Situation"
4. Gyaincain Norbu Briefs Foreign Reporters on Tibet
5. Appeal For Monte Carlo Contacts

Tuesday, August 31 (3)

1. China Will Not Rule Out Use of Force Over Taiwan
2. Religious Unity Conference Produces Confrontations
3. Documentary on Dalai Lama to Air On Quebec Television

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