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WTN Archives: September, 1993

Wednesday, September 1

1. Little Hope of Finding More Survivors in Qinghai Dam Disaster
2. Dam Disaster Raises Questions Over Mega-Project on Yangtse River
3. Dam Bursts in Qinghai Province, "Great Losses in Life and Property"
4. Tibetan Official Tells US Senators That Tibetans "Enjoy Full Human Rights"

Wednesday, September 1 (2)

1. Dalai Lama Hints He Opposed to Beijing Olympic Bid
2. A Daughter in Exile Appeals on Behalf of Her Arrested Father

Wednesday, September 1 (3)

1. Beijing Launches Propanganda Blitz Over Panchen Lama
2. Religion Leaders Sign Statement on Global Ethics
3. Record Seizure of Tiger Bones; Tibetan Refugee and Indian Arrested
4. Appeal: Please Consider Helping Tibetan Refugees

Friday, September 3

1. UN Admits Erring on Qinghai Death Count
2. India and China to set up Border Watchdog Body

Friday, September 3 (2)

1. Where is Gendun Rinchen? (Op Ed. The New York Times)

Saturday, September 4

1. Statement by His Holiness the Dalai Lama on Tibet-China Relations
2. Text of Letters from Dalai Lama to Chinese Leadership
3. Dalai Lama Calls for Harmony Among Faiths Amid Tensions at Parliament of the World's Religions

Sunday, September 5

1. Jiang Moves to Control China's Press

Monday, September 6

1. Dalai Lama Opposes Beijing Bid for Olympics
2. China Still Needs Time to Find 11th Panchen Lama
3. Dalai Lama Asks Religious Leaders to Practice Tolerance
4. Torrential Rains Maroon Travelers Near Tibetan Border in Uttar Pradesh
5. Hardships Continue for China's Rural Poor

Wednesday, September 8

1. China, India Sign Accord To Ease Border Dispute; Other Agreements Seen Boosting Trade
2. India, China to Cut Border Troops Despite Fears
3. Senior Officials Inspect Ongoing Renovation of the Potala Palace
4. Death of Senior Communist Party Official for Tibet
5. Chinese Chain Letter Catches Top Local Leaders

Thursday, September 9

1. HUMAN RIGHTS: Meeting decides China's 'final solution' for Tibet

Thursday, September 9 (2)


Friday, September 10

1. UN Human Rights Subcommission Concludes 45th Session; Adopts Over 40 Resolutions But Rejects Tibet Resolution
2. National Geographic Story on Sherpa Mingma

Friday, September 10 (2)

1. Crowds Welcome Dalai Lama in St. Louis
2. `Mental Peace' Is First, Dalai Lama Tells Crowd
3. Panchen Lama Memorial Inaugurated in Xigaze
4. Li Peng Holds Talks With Indian Prime Minister
5. India's Prime Minister Signs "Landmark" Border Agreement
6. Government Investing US$ 155 Million on Qinghai-Tibet Highway
7. Resumption of Trade Via Himachal Pradesh Border Post
8. Letter: Dalai Lama Not "Hereditary" Spiritual Leader

Friday, September 10 (3)

1. Indian Foreign Secretary Expresses Concern Over Missiles for Pakistan

Sunday, September 12

1. India and China Sign Pact to Ease Himalayan Dispute: Talks Bring Prospect of Fewer Troops on Mountain Frontier
2. Search Is On for the 'Soul Boy'

Monday, September 13

1. Yoghurt Festival Attracts Crowds, and Dissent
2. Nobel Peace Laureate Due for Burma Appeal

Tuesday, September 14

1. China's Most Famous Dissident Was Ex-Red Guard
2. China Releases Best-known Political Prisoner

Wednesday, September 15

1. Freed Chinese Dissident Fails to Show Up on Schedule; Early Release Appears Linked to Beijing's Olympic Bid

Wednesday, September 15 (2)

1. China Goes for Maximum Olympic Effect with Wei Release
2. Tibet Plans to Increase Tourism by 57 Times by 2000

Wednesday, September 15 (3)

1. Urgent Action: "No Olympics for China" Fax Campaign
2. Ganden Jangtse Canadian Tour

Thursday, September 16

1. Freed Chinese Dissident Still Held; Officials Making Sure Wei Will Not Speak Out And Spoil Olympic Hopes

Thursday, September 16 (2)

1. Xinhua Cites U.S. Academics on Family Planning in Tibet
2. Sino-Indian Agreement to Begin Implementation "Within Eight Weeks" According Indian Prime Minister Rao
3. Tibet to Receive "Huge" State Investment in Capital Construction
4. State Council Calls for Proper Handling of Dam Disaster Victims
5. Chinese Foreign Ministry on Talks with Dalai Lama and Vatican's Interference in Taiwan Issue
6. Letter: Burma Newsletter?

Thursday, September 16 (3)


Saturday, September 18

1. European Parliament Opposes Beijing's Bid for 2000 Olympics
2. ICT Collects 9697 Signatures for Olympics Petition
3. CTC-Toronto Supports International Movement Opposing Beijing Olympic Bid
4. Tibetan Minister of Education Visits D.C.

Saturday, September 18 (2)

1. Chinese Official Threatens Atlanta Pullout

Saturday, September 18 (3)

1. China's Olympic Delegation Left for Monte Carlo; Dissident Wei Jingsheng Reportedly in Support of Olympic Bid
2. China Frees Another Political Prisoner, Wu Xuecan, Three Months Early

Saturday, September 18 (4)

1. Chinese Olympic Boycott Threat is Denied
2. Torture is Not an Olympic Sport
3. The Dalai Lama of Tibet Weighs Exile and Oppression But Carries A Light Heart

Sunday, September 19

1. - Monks Sentenced to up 8 Years for June 1992 Protest - (TIN)

Sunday, September 19 (2)

1. Tibetans Prevented from Protesting at Monte Carlo
2. Tibetans Protest China's Olympic Bid in New Delhi
3. CBC's The Inside Track Inviting Comment on China's Olympic Bid
4. No Gold Medals for Murder; It Would Be Grotesque to Hand China the Propaganda Gift of the Olympic Games in 2000
5. Floods Kill Nearly 260 in Northern Uttar Pradesh
6. Bhutanese Princess Arrested in Rhino Horn Trade
7. Letter: Tapes of Dalai Lama's Teachings in Arizona Available

Monday, September 20

1. More Details On Ban on Monte Carlo Protest

Monday, September 20 (2)

1. China's Olympic Countdown Endgame Opens

Tuesday, September 21

1. Tibetans Threatened with Deportation for Wearing T-Shirts
2. IOC Refused Tibetan Petition; Chinese Force Petition in Tibet
3. Chinese Behind Threat to Deport Tibetans?
4. Chinese Anxiously Await Awarding of 2000 Olympics
5. "No Olympics for China Day" in Australia -- From the Press
6. Nepali Royal Couple on State Visit to China
7. Letter: Burma Network Information

Tuesday, September 21 (2)

1. Third Request for Discussion on Proposal to Create a Usenet Newsgroup on Tibet: soc.culture.tibet (moderated)

Tuesday, September 21 (3)

1. Tibetans Not Allowed to Present Olympics Petition to the IOC
2. Freed Chinese Says He Has No Regrets; After 14 Years in Jail, Dissident Vows to Press Fight for Democracy
3. China Delays Trials of Dissidents Until After IOC Decision
4. Tibetans Run to Stop Award of Olympics to China
5. Letter: Chinese Scheme to Divert Arun River in Tibet?

Wednesday, September 22

1. Tibetans Detained for Displaying Tibetan National Flag
2. Protestors PreventerhFrom Delivering Petitions to IOC Members
3. Tibetan Protest in Kashmir Over China's Bid to Host 2000 Olympics
4. Amnesty to Test China's Olympic Bid Pledge
5. Beijing Tightens Security on Eve of Olympic Decision
6. China Changes Tack in its Bid to be the Site of 2000 Olympics
7. China Doesn't Deserve the Olympics
8. On My Mind: The Olympic Decision
9. His Holiness the Dalai Lama on a First Visit to Africa

Wednesday, September 22 (2)

1. European Parliament Calls for Release of Prisoners, Opposes Olympics for China

Wednesday, September 22 (3)


Thursday, September 23

1. No Olympics for China -- A Responsible Decision

Thursday, September 23 (2)

1. Great news!!! Beijing lost!!

Thursday, September 23 (3)

1. Press Release from the Australia Tibet Council
2. IOC To Vote On 2000 Games

Friday, September 24

1. Olympic Vote Totals; Beijing Led Through First Three Ballots
2. Olympic Loss Leaves China Seething

Friday, September 24 (2)

1. Over 400 Political Prisoners in Tibet: Up by 30%
2. Tibet Jailing More Political Prisoners
3. Beijing's Bitter Sorrow: For a Moment, China's Capital Thought It Had Won

Friday, September 24 (3)

1. Photographs Reveal China's Nuclear Plans
2. Little Joy in Beijing as Sydney Gets Event

Friday, September 24 (4)

1. Dalai Lama Says Beijing Defeat is Right Signal to Chinese Leadership
2. Tibetans Ecstatic Over Beijing Loss
3. Communist Regime Loses Face, But Stands By Open-Door Policy

Friday, September 24 (5)

1. Separatist Activities in Tibet Intensify; "Resolute and Pre-emptive Strikes" Recommended in Work Report

Sunday, September 26

1. Tibetan Sand Mandala Exhibition
2. Reminder: Ganden Jangtse Monks Tour (in Progress)

Monday, September 27

1. Tibet Conference Starting Today in Washington, DC
2. Beijing Officials Blame Bid Failure on Western Critics, Vow to Continue Hardline Political Policies
3. Riot at Gansu Chemical Factory

Wednesday, September 29

1. Tibetans Celebrate Beijing's Defeat Over 2000 Olympics
2. CIA Lifting Veil on Cold War Secrets; Details of Tibetan Operations Will Be Released
3. China Executes at Least 70 Before National Day

Wednesday, September 29 (2)

1. China Says Tourists to Tibet Increase

Thursday, September 30

1. European Parlimentarians Nominate Tibetan for Human-Rights Prize

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