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"Canada can, within a positive friendly atmosphere, ask the Chinese government to resolve the Tibetan situation."
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WTN Archives: October, 1994

Saturday, October 1

1. Save Tibet Austria Office Opens
2. COMMENTARY: Returning U.S. Airmen May Work Against China

Monday, October 3

1. China Lauds 10-Year-Old Karmapa
2. Letter: Returned U.S. Airmen Story

Monday, October 3 (2)

1. 'Renmin Ribao' lauds Tibet patriotic educational campaign
2. Meteorology in Tibet
3. Radio Nepal reports earthquake in Tibet
4. "Living Buddha Garmaba" chants for Mao's soul in Beijing
5. Official claims Tibet enjoys "full freedom in religious belier'
6. Nepal to give transit facilities for Tibet's trade with India
7. Estonian MPs warn China about Tibet

Tuesday, October 4

1. Jiang Zemin meets incarnate Karmapa lama in Tianamnen Square
2. Celebrations in Tibet
3. Text of Chen Kuiyuan speech at Tibet plenum
4. Article blames "Dalai clique" for splittism
5. Tibet leadership appearances
6. Xinhua in Chinese reports Gyaincain Norbu interview on Regional Autonomy Law

Tuesday, October 4 (2)

1. Tibetan Illiteracy Blamed on Poor Education
2. China Halts Sole Flight from India in Plague Move; Denies Reports of Outbreak in Sichuan
3. Prime Minister Jean Chretien Will Find Fly in His Won Ton Soup
4. One of Beijing Zoo's Giant Panda Cubs Dies
5. Tibetan Views on Dying Makes Impact at International Conference
6. Dissident Says Inmates Abused
7. Letter: U.S. WWII Mission to Tibet Was Not Political
8. Letter: Name of Lake Needed

Saturday, October 8

2. Petition for Campaign to boycott Holiday Inn
3. China plans massive economic growth in Tibet
4. China Agrees to Reopen Talks with Red Cross on Access to Prisoners (AP)
5. Rights groups slams China's freedom claim (UPI)
6. Letter Re: US Airmen

Monday, October 10

1. Tibetan Women at Vienna Forum 94

Tuesday, October 11

1. Tibet public security regulations

Tuesday, October 11 (2)

1. Candle Light Vigil on Int'l Human Rights Day (ICLT)
2. Rights groups slams China's freedom claim (UPI)
3. The Dragon Within; As Millions of Underclass Migrants March Into the Cities, Will China's System Collapse?
4. On the front line in China's cashmere war (Reuter)
5. French Foreign Minister writes to Asie Paifique (WTN)

Wednesday, October 12

1. Where is Karma Gelek Phunkhang?
2. Urgent Appeal to Call Your Premier

Wednesday, October 12 (2)

1. Bolivian vice-president in Tibet
2. Nepal holds bilateral trade fair for Tibet enterprises
3. Dalai Lama's representative visiting Estonia
4. Deputy Secretary Guo Jinlong on maintaining unity, struggling against splittism
5. Tibet deputy secretary addresses nationality unity meeting
6. Tibet's party chief exhorts incarnate Lama
7. Karmapa feted on China tour

Wednesday, October 12 (3)

1. The legal trade-off in human rights

Wednesday, October 12 (4)

1. The legal trade-off in human rights

Thursday, October 13

1. Provisions against price gouging and exhorbitant profits

Thursday, October 13 (2)

2. Israel, China to develop $474 mln potash plant (Reuter)
3. China outlines poverty relief
4. Gute Zusammenarbeit deutscher und chinesischer Forscher

Thursday, October 13 (3)

1. UNITED STATES, CHINA AGREE TO CONTINUE HUMAN RIGHTS DIALOGUE (Shattuck achieves accord on six broad points) (500)
2. State Department Report, October 5 (USIA)

Sunday, October 16

1. Tibetan cadres ordered to call back their children from exile schools (DIIR)

Monday, October 17

1. 'Ming Pao' reports cadres sent out to confiscate pictures of Dalai Lama in Lhasa

Monday, October 17 (2)

1. No Freedom for Tibetans, Rights Group Slams China's Freedom Claim (UPI)
2. Sale of Dalai Lama Photos Banned (TIN)
3. Deng Xiaoping's Health (VOA)
4. U.S. Defence Secretary William Perry visits China (V.O.A.)

Monday, October 17 (3)

1. The Local Tibetan Initiative (DIIR)
2. Cadres Told to Bring Children Back from India (TR)
3. Parizeau targets Chinese delegates on visits to Quebec

Tuesday, October 18

1. Behind Chinese walls

Tuesday, October 18 (2)

1. How minority region people's congresses enforce law; Lhasa fights splittism
2. Tibet, Shandong leaders discuss economic development
3. State commodity inspection group arrives in Tibet
4. Karmapa tours southern China

Tuesday, October 18 (3)

1. Canadian Tibetans mobilize for Prime Ministers' visit to China
2. The Allied Committee of Eastern Turkestan, Inner Mongolia and Tibet meets in New York
4. A Tribute to Tibet unites cultures
5. US Defence Secretary Perry discusses human rights with his Chinese counterparts (V.O.A.)
6. Dalai Lama's Photos Banned (AP)
7. Denmark criticises Chinese human rights record (Reuter)
8. Behoerden beschlagnahmen Bilder des Dalai Lama in Lhasa (DPA)
9. China adding two reactors to Qinshan nuclear plant (Reuter)

Wednesday, October 19

1. Peking's final push to destroy a deity

Wednesday, October 19 (2)

1. Tibet leaders
2. Karmapa visits Sichuan
3. South Tibet economy expanding
4. Economic reform brings rewards to Tibet farmer
5. Tibet improves ecological environment

Wednesday, October 19 (3)

1. Urgent Appeal to Tibet Supporters in Canada

Wednesday, October 19 (4)

1. Letter: Canadian Family Travels to Tibet

Thursday, October 20

1. China Rebuffs Pentagon Chief on Rights
2. Einverleibung durch Umarmung: 250 Jahre Lama-Tempel in Peking [Annexation by Embrace: 250 Year Lama Temple in Beijing]
3. Ueber Tibet Laesst China Nicht mit Sich Reden [On Tibet China Won't Listen to Reason]
4. Schauspieler Eberhard Feik Gestorben -- "Thanner" Erlag Herzinfarkt [Actor Eberhard Feik Dead -- "Thanner" Dies of Cardiac Arrest]

Thursday, October 20 (2)

1. An Ordeal of a Nun Tortured to Death
2. The Dalai Lama`s Visit to Norway was a success
3. U.S. To China: Be More Open On Arms Plan Perry in Rare Talk To Chinese Officers (NYT)

Thursday, October 20 (3)

1. China tightening control over Tibetan believers

Friday, October 21

1. Tibetan Cultural Association of Quebec performs in Vermont
2. VOA Tibetan Broadcast Service Tibetan items appearing on the broadcasts (From the VOA Daily Digest)

Saturday, October 22

1. The Chinese Gulag (VOA)
2. China Deounces Nomination of Wei Jinsheng for Nobel Peace Prize (VOA)
3. STATE DEPARTMENT TRAVEL INFORMATION - China China - Consular Information Sheet October 18, 1994

Saturday, October 22 (2)

1. Dalai Lama: China Cracks Down on Religion
2. Tibet Inaugurates World's Highest Airport
3. Auf dem "Dach der Welt" ist die Stadt der Tibeter verschwunden [Tibetan City on the "Roof of the World" Has Disappeared]

Sunday, October 23

1. Mean Times in Tibet Are About to Get Meaner
2. News from New Zealand

Tuesday, October 25

1. This Monk Is Anything But Simple
2. The melancholy chapter of Tibet (CSM)
3. Construction of Potala Palace Square begins in Lhasa (BBC)
4. Tibet Reports Good Harvest of Archeological Discoveries
5. Tibetan Medicine -- A New Academic Pursuit

Wednesday, October 26

1. "Blood and sweat money" for 62 projects will be put to good use, the provinces are assured
2. Avoid "scattering funds", relying on relief, Gyaincain Norbu tells Aid-the-Poor meeting
3. Construction of Potala Palace Square begins in Lhasa
4. Living Buddha Garmaba visits Tibet's Zhikungty Temple as he returns home
5. Books, tapes "with distinctive ethnic features" published in Yunnan
6. Restoration of Qinghai's Tibetan Buddhist Ta'er monastery continues

Wednesday, October 26 (2)

1. Dhotoe Community Holds Special General Body Meeting
2. 3rd Annual Night For Tibet in Los Angeles
3. China Prepares Railway for Tibet

Thursday, October 27


Thursday, October 27 (2)

1. Sino-Indian Ties Look Up
2. China Upgrades Nuclear Arsenal As It Re-examines Guns vs. Butter
3. Drikung Kyabgon Chetsong Rinpoche in Germany

Thursday, October 27 (3)

1. Chretien Gets the Message
2. Photos of the Dalai Lama greet Prime Minister Chretien in Vancouver

Monday, October 28


Saturday, October 29

1. Tibetan Government Expresses Concern Over China's Proposed Plans To Build Railway in Tibet

Sunday, October 30

1. Chinese Scientists Search for "Half-Man, Half-Beast" Creatures; Areas Include Tibet

Monday, October 31

1. Tibet Party Committee discusses ways to improve "fairly weak" grass-roots organizations
2. Tibet to double 1993 GNP by year 20
3. Tibet banks help poor "who still do not have enough to eat and wear"
4. Tibet monasteries, mosque praised for patriotic performance
5. "Living Buddha" promises to be "patriotic"
6. Island in Lhasa River to become tourist spot

Monday, October 31 (2)

1. Courting China
2. Prime Minister's Words Are Quoted Back At Him In An Open Letter Signed By 19 Canadian Organizations
3. Liberal MP Warren Allmand hand-delivered a letter to Prime Minister Jean Chretien

Monday, October 31 (3)

1. `Minorities' Join To Air Complaints
2. Canada and the Three Gorges

Monday, October 31 (4)

1. Tibet; Island in Lhasa River to become tourist spot
2. A Tibet without the Dalai Lama? - Why not? asks His Holiness himself
3. Tibet's Importance For China Leads to Draconian Rule
4. Tibetan Bone Breakers Prepare Corpses, Vultures Finish Off Funeral
5. Tourism On The Roof Of The World: Curse and a Blessing

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