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WTN Archives: February, 1994

Tuesday, February 1

1. Tibetan Women's Uprising Day: March 12, 1994
2. Asia's is West's New Toxic Waste Dump; Tibet Target for Radioactive Waste According to Greenpeace Report

Tuesday, February 1 (2)

1. U.S. Report Indicates No Progress in Tibet Language Remains Consistent with Past Reports, but Misses New Trends
2. Excerpts on Tibet from the State Department's Country Reports on Human Rights Practices for 1993 (February 1, 1994)

Wednesday, February 2

1. China, U.S. at Loggerheads over Meaning of Rights; State Department Report Finds Chinese Rights Effort Weak
2. Qiao Shi Visits Austria; Only a Few Tibet Supporters Said to Have Demonstrated Against Visit
3. Tibet Chairman Norbu Calls for No "Negative" Stability in Reform
4. Fifth Anniversary of Panchen Lama's Death Marked in Lhasa and Beijing
5. Film: Satya: A Prayer for the Enemy
6. Canadian Arrested in Possession of Marijuana Bought in Tibet
7. Foreign Investment Reaching Qinghai and Xinjiang

Thursday, February 3

1. Theme and Variations: Splendid China, Kissimmee, Florida
2. CTN News Now Available on Montreal BBS
3. Call for Submissions: GASSHO, International Buddhist Electronic Journal

Saturday, February 5

1. Eleven Tibetan Buddhist Nuns Sentenced 2 to 7 Years
2. China Releases Three Political Prisoners in Move to Appease Washington
3. Asian Giants Conclude Talks on Slashing Border-Troop Levels
4. MFN is Not the Way
5. Letter: Response to Baucus
6. Tibet's GNP Grew 8.1% in 1993
7. Event (Berlin): Exhibition "Tibet: Land der Schneelowen"
8. Letter: Correct Address for Resettlement Project Research

Sunday, February 6

1. New Chinese Regulation Bans Proselytization
2. The Final Demolition of Lhasa

Sunday, February 6 (2)

1. China's Gulag
2. Video: Ancient Futures - Learning from Ladakh
3. Letter: Leave Politics Behind at China Culture Park

Tuesday, February 8

1. Tibet Beginning to Drown in Sea of Chinese Migrants
2. Buddhists Invite 'Seekers of Truth' to Holy Island
3. Florida Park Irks Rights Campaigners
4. Returned Tibetans Celebrate New Year in Lhasa
5. Tibet Curbs Indiscriminate Collection of Fees
6. Vetoed Wildlife Motion at Conference Called Inciting "Tibet Independence"
7. Television (Canada): "A Talk with H.H. the Dalai Lama"

Wednesday, February 9

1. Dalai Lama to Visit Taiwan for First Time

Wednesday, February 9 (2)

1. Petition Calling for the Release of the Gari 14 and All Prisoners of Conscience in Tibet
2. European Parliament Debates Human Rights in China and Tibet
3. Ban Chinese Goods Involving Forced Labour, European Parliament Says
4. China Faulted for Little Progress on Rights
5. Buddha hat auch in Kino Hochkonjunktur [In Cinema Buddha is Big Business]

Thursday, February 10

1. Chinese Government Poised for "Crackdown of Frightening Proportions"

Friday, February 11

1. Ganden Jangtse Monks Tour Update
2. Berlin Festival Opens with Bertolucci's Buddha Film

Friday, February 11 (2)

1. Benefit Concert for Tibet at Carnegie Hall Attracts Impressive Array of Performers
2. New Road Reaches Tibet's Last Inaccessible County
3. Li Ruihuan Tells Religious Leaders to Adapt Religion to Socialist Society
4. Hu Jintao Attends Beijing Reception for Tibetan New Year
5. Deputy Party Secretary Urges Early Return of Dalai Lama
6. Chinese Regulations on Promoting Private Economy in Tibet

Monday, February 14

1. Plan To Curb Separatism
2. Ganden Jangtse Monks' Sand Mandala Creates Sensation At The Denver Art Museum

Monday, February 14 (2)

1. Dalai Lama Seeks Federation with China, a Japanese Daily Says
2. Key U.S. Representative Says House would Block China MFN Without Conditions
3. Rep Matsui Calls for End to MFN Conditions for China
4. Draft Charter Scholars Aim to Restrain Dictatorship
5. Tibet to receive more tourists

Tuesday, February 15

1. Tibetan Nuns Cross Himalayas to Testify to Chinese Torture
2. Himalayan Ordeal for Fleeing Nuns
3. Destination Freedom for Boy on a Bike
4. Tibetan Prisoners Have Sentences Reduced for Bringing "Economic Wealth" to the State
5. Troubled Land Produces Picture of the Year
6. Europe Condemns Beijing over Rights
7. Ammerican Chamber of Commerce Says China's Human Rights Record Still Unsatisfactory for Automatic MFN
8. Gyaincain Norbu Calls for Crackdown on "Hostile Elements" in Tibet
9. Tibet Propaganda Chief Warns Against "Westernization" Attempts by West

Wednesday, February 16

1. Dalai Lama Due to Visit Taiwan in May or October
2. Qinghai Hit by Earthquake; No Casualties Reported
3. China Holds Foreign Christians in New Religion Crackdown; Tibetan Buddhists Under Close Watch
4. Bonn Warnt Frankfurt vor "Problemen" bei Dalai Lama-Besuch [Bonn Warned Frankfurt of "Problems" with Dalai Lama Visit]

Thursday, February 17

1. Tibetan New Year Celebration in Munich
2. Rinchen Project's Campaign for Release of "Gari Fourteen"
3. Event (Ottawa): Amnesty International Lecture on Human Rights in Tibet

Thursday, February 17 (2)

1. Nach Bonner Warnung: Dalai Lama sagt Frankfurt-Besuch ab [After Bonn's Warning, Dalai Lama Cancels Visit to Frankfurt]
2. Tibet Set to Become "Much Sought After" Area for Domestic and Foreign Investment
3. Development of Tibet's Markets and Trade Fairs in 1993
4. New Taxation, Finance Systems to be Tailored to Tibet's "Ethnic Characteristics"
5. Officials Address Tibet Regional Planning Meeting
6. Tibet Economic Conference Reveals "New Outlook of Reform and Opening Up"

Friday, February 18

1. Dalai Lama Snubs Frankfurt for Bowing to China
2. Private Businesses Develop Rapidly in Tibet
3. Ouput Figures for Tibet-Nepal Carpet-Making Joint Venture
4. Figures on Private Sector Growth, Rural Enterprises, Foreign Investment

Friday, February 18 (2)

1. Three Hans Arrested in Tibet for Murder and Rape in Holiday Crime Crackdown
2. China Punishes Muslim Leaders Over Army Massacre

Saturday, February 19

1. Cambodian Buddhist Monk Nominated for 1994 Nobel Prize
2. Survey of Tibet Supporters Participating in the 1995 World Conference on Women in Beijing
3. Letter: Munich Losar Event Organized by DANA, Not by TIM
4. Letter: Foul Smell in Kissimee?

Sunday, February 20

1. Asia Watch Says Repression Worsening in China and Tibet
2. China Admits Muslim Bloodbath in Factional Fighting
3. Event (T.V.): Red Star Over Tibet on PBS

Monday, February 21

1. Nun's Sentence Increased to 17 Years for Singing Song
2. List of Nuns Given Increased Sentences at Drapchi Prison

Wednesday, February 23


Wednesday, February 23 (2)

1. Tibet Military Region Troops Mobilized for Winter Training
2. Chinese UN Delegate Rejects Attacks of Tibetans' Becoming Minority
3. Tibet Deputy Secretary Details Economic Achievements of 1993
4. Buendnis 90/Gruene wollen Bundestagsdebatte ueber Dalai Lama-Absage [Coalition 90/Greens Want Bundestag Debate on Dalai Lama Cancellation]
5. Mongolia Changes Religious Law after Pressure
6. China Scorns Asia Watch, Amnesty on Human Rights

Friday, February 25

1. Christopher Says China Not Meeting Terms for MFN
2. Dalai Lama to Tell Bonn about Human Rights in Tibet
3. Building a School in Katsel, Tibet: The Tibetan School Project
4. Gyaincain Norbu and Chen Hanchang Address Propaganda Conference
5. Tibet Party Secretary Appears at Beijing Tea Party
6. Human Rights Commission Tibet Report "Full of Distortion"
7. Apology for Multiple Mailings

Friday, February 25 (2)

1. Koo Stark's spiritual journey
2. Prospectors sink 2000 m geothermal well

Saturday, February 26

1. Nepalese Monastary Awaits Boy Lama's Arrival
2. Letter: Hungarian Tibet Support Association Formed
3. Reuter's Version Nuns' Song Story: China Increases Tibetan Nuns' Jail Terms for Song

Saturday, February 26 (2)

1. Letter: "Nepalese Monastary Awaits Boy Lama's Arrival" is Old News

Sunday, February 27

1. Fourteen Drapchi Prison Nuns Resentenced for Upto Nine Years
2. Testimony of Medical Nightmare from Tibet

Sunday, February 27 (2)

1. FREE THESE WOMEN Join our campaign for Human Rights

Monday, February 28

1. Congress Holds a Mid-Term Review Hearing on China
2. Testimony before the U.S. House of Representatives Committee on Ways and Means, Subcommittee on Trade

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