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WTN Archives: July, 1994

Friday, July 1


Monday, July 4

1. Nepal-Tibet Border Crossing Closure Suggests Tourism Doubts
2. Chinese Foreign Minister in Estonia Amid Protests Over Treatment of Tibet
3. Trade Eclipses Rigths Durring Li's Austria Visit
4. Li Peng Arrives in Bonn
5. Chinese Dissident Released from Prison

Tuesday, July 5

1. Kohl Promises Chinese Cooperation
2. Millarden-Auftraege aus China; Kohl Mahnt Menschenrecht an [Billion Marks Deals with China; Kohl Presses for Human Rights]
3. China Warns Against Religious Turmoil
4. Electrifying Nepal

Wednesday, July 6

1. British Foreign Secretary's response on Foreign Affairs Committee's report
2. Hong Kong reforms upset bussiness community
3. Paradise rebult - with riot police on standby
4. Qian Qichen in Lithuania; schedule disrupted by pro-Tibet demonstration
5. Tibet: hydroelectric power to quadruple generating capacity by 2000

Wednesday, July 6 (2)

1. Li Peng Takes Rhine Cruise After Clinching Deals; Tibet Issue Raised by German Foreign Minister
2. Economics, Not Rights, Dominates Li's German Tour; Disappointing Turnout of Tibetan and Chinese Protesters

Wednesday, July 6 (3)

1. Today is His Holiness the Dalai Lama's 59th birthday

Thursday, July 7

1. Li Peng Ducks Out of Visit to Brandenburg Gate as Hundreds of Protestors Gathered
2. Li Breaks Off Second Stop Because of Protests
3. Li Criticized for Human Rights Violations
4. Amnesty Report Cites Continued Rights Violations in China
5. Dalai Lama Concludes Three Day Visit to Nicaragua
6. New Chinese Restrictions to Limit Foreign Films; Policy Aimed at Increasing Control of Foreign Co-Productions Involving Chinese Filmmakers
7. Pressure of Self-Censorship Increasing in Hong Kong
8. Shattuck on Human Rights in Asia
9. Zones of Peace: Protecting Important Cultural and Sacred Sites

Friday, July 8

1. His Holiness the Dalai Lama Visits Nicaragua; Addresses Democracy Conference and Confers with President Chamorro

Saturday, July 9

1. Tibet Policies Designed to Attract Chinese Traders
2. Bonn, Beijing Play Down Protests at Li Peng Visit

Sunday, July 10

2. Editorial:
3. Dharamsala News:

Sunday, July 10 (2)


Sunday, July 10 (3)

1. New Zealand urged to support Tibet
2. Rally in support of Tibet in Lithuania
3. Clinton renews MFN, but says repression continues in Tibet
4. Campaign to gain Canadian MPs' support
5. Austria sees Chinese version of Tibetan culture
6. US to set up office in Lhasa
7. A call to Tibetan artists
8. Meet on Health & Human Rights
9. Tibetan on Asian-Pacific group

Sunday, July 10 (4)

1. Appropriate Technology for Tibetans. Tsering Dorjee*
2. Commentary: Making the future Certain - Tanka B. Subba*
3. Several demonstrations in Lhasa May
4. Chinese police gets more power to stop freedom struggle
5. Denial of educational facilties in Chamdo decried
6. Last Page by Bhuchung K. Tsering

Monday, July 11

1. Meeting on communications and combat-readiness" held
2. Radio praises village party branch that opposes ""splittism and retrogression"

Tuesday, July 12

1. Protests Against Li Peng in Germany; Interview with Tibetan Leader, Tsewang Norbu
2. Voice of America Expands Broadcasts to China Inspite of 'Intense Jamming'
3. Westerners Seek Eastern Enlightenment; America Increasingly Receptive to Buddhism
4. Defense Spending in China: Shift to Regional Military Capability
5. Chinese Human Rights Advocates Send Letter to G-7 Leaders
6. Hong Kong Legislator Says Freedom of Speech Is Under Threat
7. ICT Tibet Resource Directory, 2nd Edition: Call for Corrections or Additions

Thursday, July 14

1. Radio series to mark party anniversary warns against splittist disruption
2. Beijing TV report: Raidi says most cadres have taken a stand against separatism

Friday, July 15

1. His Holiness the Dalai Lama 59th Birthday celebration in Tokyo
2. United State's Compromise disappointing
3. Raidi: "Tibet Independence" movement is "very unpopular" and "destined to fail"
4. Investment in renovation of buildings, construction of roads, housing in Lhasa
5. Tibet tax system linked to national tax system

Saturday, July 16

1. Top Tibetan Cadre Not Seen
2. China Lauds Achievements in Tibet
3. China Says Tibetan Secessionists Will Fail
4. China Tightens Controls on Press and Dissent; Move May Be Aimed at Tibetan and Islamic Activists
5. Li Peng's Visit to Munich
6. Birthday Picnic for His Holiness in San Francisco
7. Russia and China Sign Military Accord; Further Sign of Improved Relations
8. Letter: Human Rights in China, the NGO

Sunday, July 17

1. New Evidence Shows Famine, Violence Spared Few
2. Tintin Returns to Tibet at Belgian Museum

Monday, July 18

1. IAEA chief Hans Blix and wife feted in Tibet; "briefed" on "energy situation"

Monday, July 18 (2)

1. A widow's misadventures of Tintin

Wednesday, July 20

1. India: Homeward Bound Tibetan Women
2. Hong Kong Resident Granted Political Asylum in Canada
3. New Release: Songs of Liberation

Wednesday, July 20 (2)

1. Dalai Lama: neutral Tibet could provide Asian "sanctuary of peace"
2. "Reincarnation" of Tibetan great lama Kalou Rimpoche "identified" in France
3. Australian senator's appeal over jailed dissidents, Tibetan nuns said "accepted"

Thursday, July 21

1. China Plans Tibetan Aid Conference
2. Tibetan Buddhism Thrives in Maryland
3. China's Vice Premier and Foreign Minister Qian Visit India and Nepal
4. India's Army Chief of Staff to Visit China
5. Correction: UK Parliament Motion Made in 1994

Friday, July 22

1. Qian says talks with Dalai Lama "possible" if he foregoes independence goal
2. Tibet daily warns "hostile international forces" hope to see China disintegrate
3. Tibetan forum hears leading bodies "afflicted with serious internal friction"

Saturday, July 23

1. Nunnery Surrounded by Troops; Rural Unrest "Intensified"
2. Twenty-one New Political Prisoners
3. Signs of Disloyalty Amongst Officials; Call for Crackdown

Sunday, July 24

1. ALCATEL to Provide Telecommunications Equipment to Tibet and W. China
2. Letter: Nothing New in Raidi's Speech Calling for Crackdown

Tuesday, July 26

1. Appeals to the Dalai Lama various Indian groups in Dharamsala
2. Seven days of festivities to mark renovation of Tibet's Potala Palace

Wednesday, July 27

1. Dalai Lama Offered Conditional Return
2. China Vows Tibetan Prosperity, Woos Dalai Lama
3. Tourists Deported for Dalai Lama Cassette

Thursday, July 28

1. Jiang Zemin: forum is "a new starting point for the work in Tibet"
2. Agency on "new start" in Tibet's economic reform, opening up

Friday, July 29

1. Tibet TV: court sentences 5 to imprisonment for "counterrevolutionary" acts
2. Raidi, Gyaincain Norbu declare Beijing meeting "a complete success"
3. Tibetan leaders give short interviews on return from Beijing
4. Xinhua hails army "heroes and martyrs" in Tibet; Gyaincain Norbu quoted
5. China tightens screws on dissent after trade deal

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