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WTN Archives: September, 1994

Thursday, September 1

1. Background Details on the 6th July Chamdo Trial

Thursday, September 1 (2)

1. Tibet leadership appearances
2. Good harvest expected despite disasters
3. "Cultural business permits" system regulations imposed
4. Pagbalha Geleg Namgyai on struggle against separation
5. Forum on administrative trials to serve "stability and reform''
6. Tibet development strategy
7. Tibet's "complete" public health care network
8. National aid-Tibet health meeting opens in Lhasa
9. First welfare school opens in Lhasa
10. Rules for implementing women's law

Thursday, September 1 (3)

1. China Confirms 56 Tibetans Arrested in 1993 (TIN)
2. USA and China to Resume Dialogue on Human Rights Issues (VOA)

Friday, September 2

1. Deng's daughter in Tibet slams superstition
2. Selling Inner China on the Satellite Age ............................. 62

Sunday, September 4

1. Torture in Tibet
2. Danzim speaks at meeting on Tibet's public health work
3. Tibet newspaper on work forum
4. Norbu: Tibet to improve telecommunications

Sunday, September 4 (2)

1. Taiwan Agreement Rejected by Dalai Lama's Government -
2. China Identifies 56 Tibetans Arrested (AP)
3. Cozying Up to the Chinese Dictators (WP)

Tuesday, September 6

1. 'Renmin Ribao' says Tibet enters "best development period in its history"
2. Tibet "going all-out" for construction
3. Anti-splittist struggle part of "protracted" war against imperialism
4. Tibet scientists shift focus to practical economic needs
5. Government to enhance medicare in Tibet

Wednesday, September 7

1. The Dalai Lama's Visit to Mongolia, England and France

Wednesday, September 7 (2)

1. The Ghosts of 1949 - A Response
2. China crackdown on porno, anti-govt publications (Reuter)
3. Chinese Dissident Jailed for Three Years for speaking to a US-Reporter(VOA)

Thursday, September 8

1. China files protest as Dalai Lasma visits Mongolia

Thursday, September 8 (2)

1. France bans protests as Chinese leader arrives
2. Tibetans will try to meet Boutros-Ghali in India
3. Chinese Defence Minister Visits India (UPI)
4. China protests as Dalai Lama visits Mongolia
5. China's Deng to replace gods
6. China steps up Tibet preservation (UPI)

Friday, September 9

1. Chinese official urges progress for minorities
2. Jiang Zemin Visit to France Protected by Police Ban on Protests (AP)
3. France Hope for Closer Ties with China after Jiang's visit (VOA)

Monday, September 12

1. Protesters Shadow Jiang Zemin Visit to France (AP)
2. French Ban on China Protests Relaxed but 18 Arrested (TIN)
3. Jiang Zemin greeted by Protesters on his visit to France (AP)
4. Mitterrand, Jiang hail Franco-Chinese thaw (Reuter)
5. Protests greet Chinese leader in Paris (UPI)
6. French entertainers to join anti-China rally

Monday, September 12 (2)

1. China Rebuilds Its Image In Tibet's Monasteries (WP)
3. Dangerous Embrace (NYT - Op-Ed)

Tuesday, September 13

1. Dalai Lama still 'full of optimism'

Wednesday, September 14


Thursday, September 15

1. Breakdown in Sino-Tibetan Negotiations
2. Dalai Lama Weary of Trying to Find Tibet Solution
3. Ethnic Aniomosities Reborn as Chinese Traders Flood Tibet
4. Communists Launch Patriotic Education in Tibet
5. H.I.V. in Tibet: Action Plan to Avoid Disaster
6. U.S. State Department Official Hopeful of Progress on China Human Rights
7. Chinese President Winds Up Visit to France

Thursday, September 15 (2)

1. Dalai lama warns China of uprising
2. The Dalai Lama seeks new Tibet path

Saturday, September 17

1. Dalai Lama Says Referendum to Decide Future Policy on China
2. Tibet Family Lives in Two Worlds; Bicultural Children Are Successful, But Feel Out if Place
3. Field Notes from Buriyatia and Mongolia
4. New Book Describes Changes in China Since Tiananmen Square Massacre
5. UK Parliament Condemns Holiday Inn Investment in Tibet
6. BOOK: Children of Tibet

Sunday, September 18

1. Top Lama Banned from India, Declares Innocence
2. Nepal-Tibet Trade Fair in Katmandu

Monday, September 19

1. Strong Images of Tibet Bring a Culture Closer
2. Producer Seeks International Distribution Assistance for "Volcano", First Big Budget Feature Film on Tibet's Struggle for Freedom

Monday, September 19 (2)

1. His Holiness the Dalai Lama concludes UK Visit
2. Tibet TV: Tibet leaders urge upholding struggle against Dalai clique
3. Tibet leadership appearances
4. Tibet party committee plenum relays forum guidelines
5. Officials interviewed on plenary session on work in Tibet
6. Towards an industrial system with Tibetan characteristics
7. Tibetan architects help renovate Potala Palace

Wednesday, September 21

1. China Pours Cash into Tibet
2. Letter: Reflections on Tai Situ's India Entry Ban
3. Letter: Tibetan Buddhist Scheme Exposed
4. Reviews: Mystical Verses of a Mad Dalai Lama

Thursday, September 22

1. Party committee plenum ends: Tibet economy to be developed "extraordinarily"
2. Ten-year-old "living Buddha" sets out from Jokhang for Lhasa, Beijing

Thursday, September 22 (2)

1. Chinese Drive for Rural Law and Order in Sichuan
2. Tourists Allowed, but Brake for Yaks; China Choosy Who Climbs Mountain to See Tibet's Splendors
3. China to Spend $1.2 Billion in Tibet to Counter Separatist Movement
4. Dalai Lama's Name Brought Up in Gubernatorial Mudslinging Contest

Friday, September 23

1. Chen Kuiyuan warns party members "must not have religious beliefs"
2. Forum held to mark anniversary of law on autonomy of minority nationalities
3. Danzim outlines problems of teachers, schools in education work speech
4. "Prepare to handle emergencies": armed police told to focus on antiseparatism struggle
5. On the launch of the 62 aid-Tibet projects

Friday, September 23 (2)

1. China Says Tibet Propering
2. Working with the Dragon: Trade with China in Tibet: A Report on Holiday Inn Investment in Tibet

Friday, September 23 (3)

1. An appeal from Tibet

Sunday, September 25

1. Event: Benefit Slide Show Highlights Endangered Environment of Tibet
2. China Seen Turning to U.S.-Style Capitalism

Tuesday, September 27

1. Raidi, Norbu tell plenum Dalai Lama is ''main reason" for instability
2. Gyaincain Norbu on faster economic progress
3. Chen Kuiyuan briefed on panel discussion
4. Tibet delegation in Nepal
5. Gyaincain Norbu says "autonomy of a greater Tibetan region" differs from regional autonomy system
6. Regional meeting on procuratorial work told instability due to "Dalai clique"
7. 'Remnin Ribao' praises "splendid results" achieved in Tibet
8. "Magnificent" new targets set for Tibet
9. Reincarnate Lama promises to "always follow the Communist party"
10. Tibet local courts serve "one central task, two major events and three guarantees" with "eight comparisons, eight reviews, one consideration, seven integrations and six tasks"
11. State taxation bureau opens in Tibet

Wednesday, September 28

1. Tibet develops 99 markets, telecommunications
2. TProgress of road projects in Tibet

Wednesday, September 28 (2)

1. China Returns Remains of U.S. WWII Airmen Found in Tibet
2. International Campaign for Tibet Moving to New Address

Thursday, September 29

1. ProTibet Formed to Promote Tibetan Exports
2. Southwest China Pandemic is Cholera, Not Plague

Friday, September 30

1. China Admits to Policy of Promoting Chinese Migration to Tibet; State Department Findings Called into Question
2. Australian Labor Party Adopts Tibet Resolution

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