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"On my part, I remain committed to the process of dialogue. It is my firm belief that dialogue and a willingness to look with honesty and clarity at the reality of Tibet can lead us to a viable solution."
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WTN Archives: January, 1995

Sunday, January 1

1. Letter: Environmental Assessment of Lake Yamdro Hydro Project Needed
2. Letter: Educating the Chinese

Tuesday, January 3

1. Letter: Expanding the Boycott
2. Letter: Why Nun Was Denied Traditional Funeral Service

Tuesday, January 3 (2)

1. Tibetans Prevented from Contacting UN
2. Tibet Sees 10 Percent Economic Growth in 1994

Tuesday, January 3 (3)

1. Chinese To Stop Growth of Buddhism in Tibet
2. Canada's New Ambassador to China
3. Chinese envoy offers credentials in India

Wednesday, January 4

1. Never Let Religion Spread Unchecked
2. Human Rights Fax Hot Line

Thursday, January 5

1. Tibet Joins Chinese Stock Craze
2. China to Boost Search for Mineral, Oil Wealth; Qinghai To Be a Target Area
3. China Taps Lancang (Mekong) River for Hydropower
4. China Gold Output Seen Up 12-15 pct in 1994
5. Sichuan Earthquake Injured 124

Saturday, January 7

1. China Calls Support for Monasteries "Feudal Superstition"
2. First Tibet Share Issue Launched in Lhasa
3. Qinghai Firms to Join China's A Share Markets

Tuesday, January 10

1. Tibetan Stories on Voice of America Broadcasts
2. Foreign Affairs: China Syndrome

Wednesday, January 11

1. Chinese Investors Rush to Tibet for Stock Issue
2. China's Central Control Losing Out to Regionalism
3. Book Announcement: New Book by the Dalai Lama

Thursday, January 12

1. Tibetan refugees to stage "Long March" from Delhi to Lhasa

Thursday, January 12 (2)

1. Soldiers Put Out Fire in Tibet
2. Asian Development Bank Approves $100 Million Loan to Create Jobs in Rural China; Tibet Not Included

Friday, January 13

1. U.S. Human Rights Envoy John Shattuck in China
2. Deng Xiaoping Doch Sehr Krank - Tochter: Er Kann Nicht Mehr Laufen [Deng Xiaoping Still Very Sick - Daughter; He Can No Longer Walk]

Sunday, January 15

1. Crackdown Points to China Power Struggle
2. U.S. Human Rights Envoy Departs China
3. Human Rights in China No Better, U.S. Says
4. Chinese Rights Said to Decline Since MFN Delinkage
5. Dalai Lama bei Friedensuniversitaet Berlin-Potsdam [Dalai Lama at (Proposed) Berlin-Potsdam Peace University]
6. Record Temperature Low in Ladakh

Tuesday, January 17

1. China Uses Kissinger Visit to Lash Washington
2. U.S. Envoy Fails to Secure Release of Dissidents
3. Jean Chretien Should Withdraw His Invitation To Li Peng
4. Sample Letter to Canadian Prime Minister
5. China's Southwest Focus for Change

Wednesday, January 18

1. Human Rights Update-VI
2. Money Beats Out Morality in Canada's Approach to China: China Human Rights Group Advocates a Canada-China Legal and Government Affairs Committee

Wednesday, January 18 (2)

1. Hydro Quebec Stands Alone In Its Attitude to China's Dam
2. Three Gorges Project to Issue Stocks Abroad
3. Bids for Three Gorges Project

Thursday, January 19

1. Move to halt aid to Peking for Tibet
2. Row Over Euro Aid for Chinese in Tibet Grows
3. Motion For A Resolution (European Parliament)

Thursday, January 19 (2)

1. Tampering With China's Sovereignty

Friday, January 20

1. Move to halt aid to Peking for Tibet

Saturday, January 21

1. China population hits 1.2 billion five years early
2. China defends human rights record
3. Press Release: Heinrich Harrer Photos of Tibet in the 1940s
4. Press Statement from Asie Pacifique

Monday, January 23

1. bc-china-magazine tibetan edition of "fortnightly chat" published
2. VOA daily digest - Tibetan Broadcast Service

Tuesday, January 24

1. Clinton Administration to spur legal reform in China
2. State Department's annual report on human rights worldwide will reflect China's deteriorating human rights record

Wednesday, January 25

1. "No Hope for Tibetan Independence" Says Jan Wong
2. China Slams Dalai Lama
3. Far from Home, Tibetans Sink New Roots In Vermont

Thursday, January 26

1. His Holiness the Pope's Comments on Buddhism
2. Wei Jingsheng for the Nobel Prize

Saturday, January 28

1. Unrest in Tibet, Chinese Officials Urge Vigilance
2. China Says No to Free Red Cross Prison Visits
3. Duty Relief to Boost Nepal Carpet Exports to EU

Sunday, January 29

1. Troops Raid Monastery; 99 Arrested in 1994
2. China-After Deng
3. China increases panda protection

Tuesday, January 31

1. "World's Wannabe Nations Sound Off"
2. Dalai Lama Optimistic about Tibet After

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