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WTN Archives: December, 1995

Friday, December 1

1. URGENT ACTION REQUEST - The Chinese Government has Appointed a Second Panchen Lama (DIIR)
2. Anger, wallposters and anti-Chinese demonstrations greet China's announcement of arrival Panchen Lama in Tibet (DIIR)
3. Chinese Designate Own Choice for Tibetan Lama (NYT)
4. Castro Visits China, and Both Play anti-U.S. Politics (NYT)
5. Tibetans reported protesting Beijing ruling on lama (Reuter)
6. Foreign Ministry spokesman Shen Guofang denies knowledge of the whereabouts of the soul boy designated by the Dalai Lama (AP)
7. International Human Rights Day to be Observed in Ottawa (CTC)
8. 200 Parliamentaries sponsor Gendun Choekyi Nyima (CSPT)

Saturday, December 2

1. Press Release from the Secretary Tempa Tsering of DIIR
2. China Contradicts Itself on the Whereabouts of True Panchen Lama
3. Tibetans protest Chinese Panchen Lama
4. Tibetans in India protest at China lama choice
5. Tibetan Prisoner of Conscience faces threat of Death Penalty
6. Dalai Lama's Security Reviewed
7. Press Release from Transnational Radical Party
8. China-Taiwan Tactics

Saturday, December 2 (2)

1. Spokesman says no "problems" for boy recognized by Dalai Lama (WWP)
2. State Council confirms Gyaincain Norbu as 11th Panchen Lama
3. Party newspaper says Dalai Lama will continue to "stir up incidents" over Panchen
4. PANCHEN LAMA; Profile of boy chosen as reincarnation of 10th Panchen Lama

Sunday, December 3

1. Picking a Lama - Dueling over Souls in Little Boys' Bodies
2. Amnesty International USA writes to Al Gore re. Panchen Lama
3. Metro Tibetans Fear for New Lama
4. Letter to the NYT Editors from International Committee of Lawyers for Tibet (ICLT)
5. Doppelte Wiedergeburt eines Buddhas (DS)
6. Tibeter demonstrierten gegen Chinas Entscheidung fuer Pantschen Lama [Tibetans Demonstrate Against China's Choice for Panchen Lama]

Monday, December 4

1. Panchen Lama issue goes to International Human Rights Commission
2. China's Buddha Complex
3. Tibetans in India protest against China lama choice
4. Canadian Initiatives re Panchen Lama
5. The Economy and Human Rights in Tibet

Tuesday, December 5

1. Chinese Government and the Dalai Lama engaged in a heated, high-profile tug-of-war
2. Tibet - the last surviving colony in Asia
3. Most China and Tibet rural doctors unqualified

Thursday, December 7

1. Rival Panchen Lama Enthronement to take Place on 8 December (DIIR)
2. China Forces Religious Figures in Tibet to attend a ceremony Friday enthroning the Chinese-nominated Panchen Lama
3. India beefs up security for Dalai Lama
4. First Tibetan firm applies to offer A shares
5. Northwest China opens region's longest highway
6. China enthrones boy as high Tibetan monk
7. Phuntsok Nyidron Wins Reebok Human Rights Award
8. Tibetan religious leaders told to denounce the Dalai Lama

Thursday, December 7 (2)

1. China to install new Panchen Lama tomorrow
2. Tibetan Prisoner of Conscience faces threat of Death Penalty (TYC)
3. Reports indicate the Chinese Panchen Lama might have been enthroned today
4. Bottom Line in Hong Kong; 'Discounting' political freedom On My Mind

Thursday, December 7 (3)

1. Anti-Abbot Campaign Begins, Aims to Eliminate Dalai Lama Influence (TIN)
2. Tibet children die in freedom climb
3. Peking rains curses on its rebellious 'demons'
4. Tibetan Buddhist nun receives Reebok Human Rights Award

Friday, December 8

1. Press Release from Department of Information & International Relations
2. Under Beijing's Eye, Tibetan Monks Name a Panchen Lama to rival the Dalai Lama's Choice (Time)
3. Tibetans seek answers on missing child lama - Boy held captive in Beijing, protestors say (Toronto Star)
4. THE NEW YORKER - "Talk of the Town"; "China Finds Religion"
5. China enthrones new Panchen Lama
6. Why Panchen Lama is important to China
7. Rs 4 cr security plan for Dalai Lama

Saturday, December 9

1. A paper tiger picks a Panchen Lama
2. China annoints disputed monk, protests in India
3. China enthrones panchen lama
4. Exiled Tibetans protest over Panchen Lama choice
5. China hails Panchen boy with "golden certificate"
6. China enthrones disputed Panchen Lama choice

Saturday, December 9 (2)

1. India asked to tighten Dalai Lama's security
2. Human Rights Day, December 10, 1995 (DIIR)
3. Protest at Florida Splendid China

Sunday, December 10

1. Seimas of the Republic of Lithuania - Christian Democratic Faction
2. Position for Tibet on Human Rights Day, 10th December 1995 - the Members of Hungarian Parlaiment
3. Statement of the Support Group of Tibet of the Riigikogu - Estonia
4. Million Chinese to be Uprooted by Dam Project

Monday, December 11

1. Protestors Await Dalai Lama's Return
2. China accuses U.S. of containment strategy
3. China sets Panda Target

Tuesday, December 12

1. Fear Over Dalai, Panchen Fate
2. Tibetans in California Held Vigil for the Panchen Lama
3. International Campaign for Tibet has a New Address

Wednesday, December 13

1. Tibetans Await End of Retreat
2. Candlelight Vigil by Tibetans in San Francisco
3. Wei Jingsheng Sentenced 14 Years in Prison Wei's Indictment includes Support for Tibet Independence
4. Letter - Blood-spattered Chinese Leaders

Thursday, December 14

1. Reincarnation Row Revives Tibet Tension
2. China jails dissident Wei for financing subversion
3. China dissident was once ultraleftist Red Guard
4. Wei's conviction fans jitters in Hong Kong
5. China cites illegal fundraising as Wei's crime
6. US Senate approves a resolution calling for Wei's release and also urges Beijing to support selection of the new Panchen Lama by Tibet's exiled Dalai Lama

Thursday, December 15

2. China denies report on spies (Indian Express)
3. China-Dissident
4. China condemns U.S. over jailing of dissident
5. China condemns U.S. for Wei case interference
6. European Parliament Condemns China's Interference in Tibetan ...
7. China dissident Wei's brother to dispute evidence
8. China hits back at U.S. over dissident
9. Buddhist monks set to hit world music charts

Sunday, December 17

1. Demonstrations in Australia call for Panchen Lama's release
2. Wei Jingsheng's letter to Deng Xiaoping

Monday, December 18

1. The Office of Tibet, London on the World Wide Web
2. European Parliament - Resolution on the selection of the Panchen Lama and religious freedom in Tibet
3. Expressing the sense of Congress regarding Wei Jingsheng; Gedhun Choekyi Nyima, the next Panchen Lama of Tibet; and the human rights practices of the Government of the People's Republic of China.
4. China moves forward as Deng Lingers (AAP)

Tuesday, December 18 (2)

1. The Office of Tibet, the official Human Rights Situation in Tibet for 1995: An Overview (DIIR)
2. Program offers great information (LDP)
3. Dadawa's Poetry Hides Politics (TN)
4. Iraq, N.Korea, Sudan cited as 'worst of the worst' (Reuter)

Wednesday, December 20

1. European Demonstration in Brussels, the Next March 10th at least 500
2. Demonstration to support Tibet held in Prague (CNA)
3. Tibet Daily' article emphasises need to fight splittism (Tibet TV)
4. New Tibetan-Chinese bimonthly publication launched (Xizang Ribao)
5. TIBET: Child Pawn (The Economist)

Thursday, December 21

1. Tibet's Dalai Lama says his death would suit China (Reuter)
2. India-Dalai Lama (AP)
3. `Xizang Ribao' editorial on search for Panchen Lama
4. Candle-light vigil before Chinese embassy in Washington, D.C.(ICT)
5. Will the Real Panchen Lama Please Stand Up? (CT)

Friday, December 22

1. Increasing International Condemnation of China over Panchen Lama Issue - Matter raised in UN General Assembly
2. Tibet-China (AP)

Saturday, December 23

1. Tibet Lama Ceremony was faked (EE)
2. Police fire into crowd (EE)
3. NGOs submit joint letter to President Clinton Pressure on US for a resolution against China in UN ICT)

Saturday, December 24

1. Tibetans ask for release of Lama(IHT)
2. Stop appeasing China (IHT)

Sunday, December 25

1. World Wildlife Fund Report Says Forest Losses in Tibet Continue (AP)
2. Tibet holds third secret protection work meeting (Tibet TV)

Tuesday, December 26

1. Big shows can be big generators of money. Beyond paying for performers and production costs, any such money could be channelled to the various Tibetan Relief foundations.

Wednesday, December 27

1. Qinghai- Tibet highway near completion (EE)
2. Tibet issues favorable policies to attract investments (Xinhua)
3. NGOs urge Clinton to back anti-China vote at UN human rights venue (AFP)

Thursday, December 28

1. New updates on the Office of Tibet, London's web page
2. Hong Kong gets an early taste of China

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