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"We Tibetans are looking for a legitimate and meaningful autonomy, an arrangement that would enable Tibetans to live within the framework of the People’s Republic of China."
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WTN Archives: May, 1995

Monday, May 1

1. Focus on China's misrule in Tibet
2. Tearful monk tells of his torture in Tibetan prison
3. Petition before New Zealand Parliament
4. China to study Nepal trade route proposal
5. Chinese Embassy opposes German plan to meet Dalai Lama
6. Visa & Border Crossing

Monday, May 1 (2)

1. Dalai Lama says time running out for Tibet
2. Free Tibet
3. Tibet passes rules on religious freedom
4. Tibetan Plans Run At Public Office In California

Wednesday, May 3

1. Tibet's Gyamco on "heroic detachment" which "exterminated" "criminal"
2. Tibetan court president on social stability

Thursday, May 4

1. Chinese Police Arrests Buddhist Nuns and Monks (AP)
2. VOA daily digest (March 25 to May 2, 1995)
3. Japanese Premier Arrives in China
4. Flights begin to world's highest airport in Tibet
5. Tibet stricken with corruption

Friday, May 5

1. German Foreign Minister receives Dalai Lama (Reuter)
2. China protests to Germany over Dalai Lama visit
3. Dalai Lama besucht auf Einladung der CDU den hessischen Landtag [Dalai Lama Visits at Invitation of the CDU of the Hessen Parliament]
4. Anhoerung zur Lage in Tibet im Bundestag [Hearing on Situation in Tibet in Bundestag (German Parliament)]
5. World's Women Questioning Site of Conference in China
6. China Lists Charges Against Detainees; American Given Details on 19 Considered Political Prisoners

Tuesday, May 9

1. Modern-day illegal gold rush threatens Tibet environment

Tuesday, May 9 (2)

1. Tibetan Music a Hit in New York (NYT)
2. China says Dalai Lama's German visit hurts ties
3. BOEING 757 now serves world's highest- altitude airport
4. Senate Told of Chinese Death-Row Prisoners Shot for Organs for Transplants
5. Clinton and Chinese Chief Forego Talks in Russia

Saturday, May 13

1. Women's Groups Call China Ungracious Host Via AP
3. Tibetans Quietly Impress Our Legislature (The Denver Post)
4. Xinhua cites Indian report on ties, border situation

Sunday, May 14

1. Nepal Deports 53 Tibetan Escapees
2. Dalai Lama espouses secular Tibetan self-rule
3. Global Women's Forum Fights Chinese on Barriers

Monday, May 15

1. Tibetans beat China for the in search boy-king
2. Child named as Buddhist Lama
3. Boy 6, named Tibetan Lama' s reincarnation
4. Tibetan Buddhists Call Boy, 6, Reincarnation of No.2 Monk

Tuesday, May 16

1. The Panchen Lama. -- Analysis
2. Canadian PM Chretien on Compuserve Conference (May 16,'95)

Wednesday, May 17

1. House bill calls for U.S. special envoy to Tibet
2. All China Women's Federation backs away from Visa Guarantee
3. Tibet CPPCC session appoints two new officials
4. Tibet decides to strengthen environmental protection
5. Tibet called world's most unpolluted environment
6. Tibetan Lama (Panchen Rinpoche) (AP)
7. Dalai Lama proclaims Tibet's 11th Panchen Lama (Reuter)

Thursday, May 18

1. Dalai Lama's confirmation of Reincarnation Invalid - Xinhua
2. China rejects Dalai Lama on monk reincarnation
3. The Chinese Embassy Refuses the Dalai Lama Request on Panchen Lama (AP)
4. Chinese Embassy rebuffs Dalai Lama on key monk

Friday, May 19

3. The US State Department on Panchen Lama
4. Dalai Lama Causing Split, says China

Saturday, May 20

1. Tibet leaders decry China Lama move
2. U.S. urges China on Tibetan rights
3. China insists on approval of reincarnated lama
4. China denounces recognition of reincarnated leader
5. Summaries of VOA Tibetan Broadcast Service
6. Letters to Editor; Re: Boeing in Tibet

Sunday, May 21

1. Paradise Lost

Monday, May 22

1. The Panchen Lama A Victory for Tibet as a Child is Reborn (The Observer)
2. Politics and the new lama Spiritual leader upstages Beijing

Tuesday, May 23

1. U.S. officials urge veto of foreign aid bill
2. Prostitutes, gamblers said nabbed in Tibet
3. China-Dalai Lama on Panchen Lama
4. P.R.China Media on the Panchen Lama Reincarnation --(2 articles)
5. Foreign Ministry spokesman: Dalai Lama's Panchen choice not to disrupt due procedure
6. For the Record -- European Parliament Resolution on Tibet

Wednesday, May 24

1. Foreign Policy Panels would Reverse Several Clinton Stands(WP)
2. China blitz to discredit Dalai Lama's Panchen move
3. Panchen Lama quest is at heart a religious issue
4. Dalai Lama's Choice of Boy as Key Figure Angers Atheist

Thursday, May 25

1. Nepal, China to start trans-Himalayan road service
2. WILLIAM SAFIRE: The `four fears' in China
3. Looking for Screenwriters for project on Tibet (Request)

Friday, May 26

1. The Second World Parliamentarians Convention on Tibet in Vilnius
2. TAR Congress adopts law to protects Tibetan's right to file complaints with authorities
3. Twenty per cent absentee rate at Tibet congress due to "personal reasons or illness"
4. "Growth period" in Tibet cultural activities, says Xinhua

Friday, May 26 (2)

1. Dalai Lama's confirmation of Reincarnation Invalid - Xinhua
2. NPC Vice-Chairman Paghalha refutes Dalai's claim on Panchen Lama
3. Radio reports Raidi's criciticism of "rumpus" caused by Dalai Lama
4. Tibetan figures "repudiate" Dalai Lama's act BBC SWB 24 May 1995
5. Tibetan Buddhists' Association condemns Dalai Lama's act BBC SWB
6. Correction: spokesman says Dalai Lama's Panchen choice not to disrupt due procedure BBC SWB 24 May 1995
7. Text of "Statement of the Tibetan Brand of the Buddhist Association of China, issued on 22nd May 1995".

Saturday, May 27

1. Statement by Irene Santiago, Executive Director, NGO Forum on Women
2. The UN chief steps in to settle dispute at UN women's conference
3. U.N. to send senior envoy to Beijing on women's forum
4. Dalai Lama beats China to recognising key lama
5. HH Penor Rinpoche's Schedule for North America and Europe

Sunday, May 28

1. The second World Parliamentarians Convention on Tibet
2. China criticized on women's conference
3. Nepal, Tibet to open public transport link

Monday, May 29

1. House gets time to ponder on foreign affairs bill
2. Beset by troubles, China cracks whip on dissent
3. WHAT THE PAPERS SAY: (Australian AP)

Tuesday, May 30

1. Prisoner Faces Execution for Political Protest
2. Kalon Rinchen K. Choegyal Visits Madison Tibetan Community
3. VOA Daily Digest

Wednesday, May 31

1. Tibet's Youngest Prisoner Dies (TIN)

Wednesday, May 31 (2)

1. Panchen Lama Search Party Abbot and Assistant "Held Incommunicado" (TIN)
2. Deputy abbot held over Panchen Lama (SCMP)
3. a. Tibet CPPCC's statement on "despicable means employed by the Dalai clique"
4. b. Tibet CPPCC Committee session closes, new vice-chairman elected
5. c. Tibet Congress resolution denouncing Dalai Lama statement on Panchen

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