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Saturday, January 20, 1996

2. Religious extremism is like spreading ``cancer''

By Stephanie Nebehay

GENEVA, Jan 19 (Reuter) - Religious extremism, which is rampant in Algeria
and targets intellectuals in other countries in the Middle East and Africa, is
like a "cancer" which must be stamped out, a U.N. human rights investigator said
on Friday.

Abdelfattah Amor, United Nations special rapporteur on religious
intolerance, warned that religious extremist groups could pose a threat to
international peace and security.

He called for setting minimum rules of conduct towards such groups, and
said governments should ensure places of worship are neutral and protected from
"tensions and political struggles."

His 16-page report to the U.N. Human Rights Commission, which opens its
annual meeting in March, was issued in Geneva.

Amor, a former dean of the University of Tunis law faculty, also cited
alleged violations against Christians in 25 states including China, Saudi
Arabia, Sudan, Turkey and Vietnam.

He also expressed concern to Chinese authorities regarding Chadrel
Rimpoche, an abbot who headed the search committee for a successor to Panchen
Lama, who was arrested in Chengdu last May.

Another appeal sent to Beijing concerned Yulo Dawa Tsering, a senior
Tibetan monk freed on November 1994 who was met by Amor during his visit to
China that same month.

"He is apparently being held incommunicado in the Rabses district of
Lhasa. The special rapporteur notes the pledge made by Chinese authorities
during his visit that Yulo Dawa Tsering would not be negatively affected after
his meeting," Amor wrote.

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