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Tuesday, January 22, 1996

1. State-Run Restaurants Forced to Remove Buddhist Shrines

BEIJING 01/22 (AP) -- Government-owned restaurants in Beijing are toeing the
officially atheistic Communist Party line and taking down their Buddhist

The official Beijing Daily reported Sunday that 597 state-run restaurants in
the capital removed their shrines in the past month. The newspaper did not say
whether an official order had been issued banning the practice.

It was not known whether the shrines were put up for worship or decoration.
Religious belief has soared over the past decade as the Communist Party relaxed
social controls.

China's constitution theoretically protects freedom of religion, but party
members are dissuaded from practicing. In 1994, the party ordered members in
fervently Buddhist Tibet to remove religious symbols from their homes.

"The atmosphere in restaurants must adapt to the needs of building the
socialist spiritual civilization advocated by the nation," the Beijing Daily

"We cannot entrust the raising of economic efficiency to Buddhist shrines,"
it added.

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