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Sunday, January 7, 1996

2. Excerpt from the Epilogue of the Novel China Terror

From: (will campbell)


In Tibet, the PLA garrison had been reduced to one hundred thousand
troops from the original tyrannous, occupation force of a half million
troops. The balance of the garrison had been deployed on October 6 to Fujian
Province to supplement the 38th Army Group during the attack of Taiwan. Over
one hundred and fifty thousand of these troops who had brutally suppressed
the Tibetan people, were still encamped in a temporary compound next to the
headquarters of the Second Artillery Division. They all perished in the
vaporizing explosion of the nuclear warhead aboard the RPV aircraft named

When news of the decapitation of the political and military leadership
of Communist China was broadcast around the world on short-wave, the 'Free
Tibetan Resistance Army' surfaced and began to furiously fight. Within two
days, all of the remaining PLA garrisons in the country were over-run by the
people of Tibet. Seventy thousand PLA troops perished during the first
forty-eight hours, immediately following the news of the destruction of the
National Command Center.

For many years, the 'Free Tibetan Resistance Army' had been smuggling
weapons into their country, waiting and praying for such as moment as this.
Two generations of Tibetans had waited expectantly and prayerfully *until
their oppressors from Beijing were weak and vulnerable. The illusory Buddhist
mask of peace was torn from the faces of millions of repressed Tibetans,
revealing faces of incendiary rage* and all of that rage was now focused at
their vulnerable Communist oppressors. PLA soldiers in the main squares of
the villages and towns of Tibet were garroted or shot on sight with automatic
weapons, following General Chen Lao-hong's destruction of the National
Command Center in Beijing.

Troops who left the garrisons, were ambushed in the thousands by Tibetan
freedom fighters armed with rocket propelled grenades, mortar rounds and
hundreds of thousands of small arms. On the second day of the Battle for a
Free Tibet, American stinger missiles were used to destroy the PLAAF's
helicopter gunships, just as they had been so successfully dispatched against
the Soviet Hind helicopter gunships in Afghanistan.

Tibet declared itself an independent nation and used the captured
armaments of the PLA's Tibetan armories, to enforce the border which was
demarcated. Every adult Tibetan was said to have then pledged an oath that
they would die*before ever again permitting the occupation of their nation by
the Communist Chinese. The surviving and shell-shocked remnant of the PLA
were chased from Tibet, by a citizenry who for decades, had never stopped
hating their brutal oppressors.

The Dalai Lama would soon leave Dharamsala, his guarded compound in
India and return to his nation. The maroon-robed spiritual leader was
overjoyed he could return and that the brutal genocide of the Tibetan people
would now end. On the radio, he spoke to his countrymen.

"I am most thankful the jails have been opened throughout Tibet, as they
are being opened throughout mainland China and that the brutal tortures and
the killings of my people has ended. We rejoice that over a dozen nations,
have already suggested our right to be free and independent. In Lhasa, shops
can now have the language which they want on their doors, instead of the
language the Communist Chinese soldiers forced upon them. Now our culture
which has been so ruthlessly oppressed, can grow in this new freedom. We are
also very thankful to the Republic of China for already offering so much aid
to help us rebuild Tibet. We are thankful we can now rebuild our temples,
for we will never forget during the past thirty years, Communist China
callously destroyed over six thousand of our ancient temples and

Weapons and munitions poured into Tibet from around the world to further
enable their ability to protect their sovereignty. Battles in Tibet raged in
outlying areas for weeks, with thousands of Tibetans who were regarded as
collaborators and traitors being killed by the nationalist Tibetans. The
Dalai Lama's strident appeal for peace, compassion and forgiveness was
finally responsible for ending the violence.

Above the luminous, gilded pagodas of Lhasa's Sera Monastery, the bodies
of several thousand Tibetan freedom fighters, who had so heroically given
their lives to secure the blessings of freedom for their countrymen, were
being chopped and prepared for the holy rite of sky burial. Indeed, over the
next few weeks, thousands of lammergeiers, the enormous sand colored species
of vulture, consumed a harvest of consecrated corpses on these ancient and
holy burial sites upon the craggy mountains of Tibet. No longer would Tibet
be subsumed within China and the Dalai Lama be denied his spiritual,
political and historic responsibilities to the Tibetan people.

No longer would Chinese military officers indiscriminately arrest,
imprison and torture the kindly and compassionate men and women of Tibet.

No longer would Chinese obstetricians so casually execute successive
generations of new-born Tibetans with heinous lethal injections to the soft
spots of the innocent children's heads. No longer would monasteries and
Lamaist Buddhist Temples be exploded and bull-dozed.

No longer would the spirit of Mao Ze-dong and the evil heirs of Mao
Ze-dong be the enemy of the dharma.

No longer would Tibet's rich, two thousand year old culture be
purposefully destroyed by Communist China's aberrant fifty year old political
philosophy and by mass immigrations of millions of mainland Chinese and by
the forced migration of much of the finest of Tibet's youth to the farthest
corners of Communist China.

No longer would the monks, nuns and laity of Tibet's Buddhist pacifism
be forced by Communist Security Officers to publicly copulate and suffer
other acts of painful and intolerable shame. Indeed, now the population of
Tibet who were nangpa, within the faith, could openly practice their
devotion. Now, any Tibetan, without fear of the dreaded Communist Public
Security Bureau and the Ministry of State Security, could journey on a
pilgrimage to Lhasa to view the Potala, the extraordinary one thousand room
palace of the Dalai Lamas and to circumambulate the Barkhor, the inner circle
of the Jokhang Temple in the middle of the city.

Now... two stark and obscene symbols of Communist oppression, the
despicable and propagandist Communist Chinese Golden Yak and the infamous
Tibetan Revolutionary Museum situated at the foot of the Potala, would be
torn down.

Now... Tibetans throughout the nation could in peace openly chant their
mantras, twirl their bronze prayer wheels, fill the remaining monasteries in
deep devotion and live their lives in simple peace and generosity to enhance
their good karma for their next incarnation.

On November 12, Tibet was declared a sovereign nation and was promptly
recognized during the following week, by most of the nations of the world.
President Teng Sun-hui of the Republic of China felt it was highly-symbolic
that Tibet's national day of its declaration of independence, was the
anniversary of the birthday of Dr. Sun Yat-sen, the founder of the Republic
of China. President Teng sent a copy of Dr. Sun Yat-sen's Three Principles
of the People, along with a congratulatory letter to the Dalai Lama on the

"The people of the Republic of China join in congratulating the people
of Tibet on this celebration of your Independence. Your courage has enabled
your nation to survive a long ordeal. We look forward to the establishment
of diplomatic relations with Tibet and would consider it the privilege of the
Republic of China, to assist you and your country in the task ahead of
rebuilding Tibet.

I regard it as significant, your declaration of independence as a
nation, should occur on the anniversary of the birthday of Dr. Sun Yat-sen.
Dr. Sun detested the Marxian notions of class struggle and surely would have
found abhorrent the political aberration which ruled the mainland of China
for so long and which has brutally suppressed the right of your peoples to
self-determination. Dr. Sun believed strongly in the tenants of
Confucianism, of human brotherhood and benevolence. It is our nation's hope
that Dr. Sun's vision and his ideals could help guide your nation, as it has
guided our own, to economic progress and cultural, political and social

President Teng Sun-hui

On March 10 and 11 of the following year, in cities and villages
throughout Tibet and around the world, great celebrations and solemn
religious ceremonies of national thanksgiving were held. The occasion was
that these were formerly the days*for over thirty years*when the people of
Tibet and their international supporters remembered the barbarous invasion
of Tibet by the merciless communist troops of the People's Republic of

Except that on this holy occasion... Tibet was finally... and
thankfully... free!




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