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Friday, March 22, 1996

1. Bomb Explodes outside Lhasa Party Headquarters (TIN)

Date: Fri, 22 Mar 1996
Tibet Information Network, London

A bomb went off in Lhasa on Monday, the sixth reported explosion in the
city in the last nine months, according to unofficial sources. The bomb
went off at about 10pm on 18th March outside the Tibet Headquarters of the
Communist Party, which is in the sam e compound as the Regional Government

Government and Party officials have been to inspect the site of the
bombing, a source told TIN, but there is no information so far about the
extent of damage or injury caused by the explosion. Previous bombs have
been small, but unconfirmed reports claim they have led to several injuries
or even deaths.

"Life is continuing as normal," said one Tibetan contacted by phone in
Lhasa. He and others had stayed indoors when they heard the explosion on
Monday night. "No-one went to have a look", he said, according to the Hong
Kong based newspaper the South China Morning Post. Looking at incidents is
an offence in Tibet, and two Western tourists were briefly detained by
police last July after photographing a monument that had been damaged by a
small bomb.

The Party Headquarters is the first clearly political target in the current
series of bombs in Tibet. The choice suggests that the bombers have
progressed from attacking symbolic targets to hitting key centres of the
Chinese administration in Tibet.

The first two bombs of the current series were aimed at a little known
Chinese monument dedicated to road constructors, on the western edge of the
city last July. In August or early September, around the time of
celebrations to mark the 30th anniversary o f the founding of the Tibet
Autonomous Region, two more bombs were reportedly placed at a fuel depot
and at an electricity supply station in western Lhasa, and in January this
year a device was detonated in front of the house of the Tibetan lama who
led t he pro-Chinese faction in the dispute over the reincarnation of the
Panchen Lama. So far no-one has claimed responsibility for any of the
explosions, and there is no evidence to show that all the bombings were
carried out by the same group. Some Tibetans even claim that a Chinese
faction may have let off the bombs last July.

The Chinese authorities have not confirmed any reports of sabotage and on
29th February a newspaper report denounced a tourist who had claimed to
have heard a bomb explode in Lhasa last September. Since January 1995
Chinese newspapers have been warning ag ainst sabotage by the Dalai Lama's
supporters. "The Dalai clique has constantly attempted to carry out
sabotage activities [and therefore] the maintenance of stability has become
an important task for the Tibetan people", said the Tibet Daily last
Decembe r. On 6th March a Xinhua article for the first time accused the
Dalai Lama personally of "sending terrorists to Tibet for sabotages [sic]
at the instigation of his Western masters", but gave no further details.

There have been few recent reports from foreign tourists in the area, most
of whom seem to have been prevented from visiting Tibet during December and
February. Tour companies in Nepal were told that no trips would be accepted
during February, and a sourc e today said there were still very few
tourists in the city. At least three bombs were set off by Tibetans during
the 20th Anniversary of the Region in 1985, although none detonated

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