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"We Tibetans are looking for a legitimate and meaningful autonomy, an arrangement that would enable Tibetans to live within the framework of the People’s Republic of China."
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WTN Archives: March, 1996

Friday, March 1

1. China welcomes aid to save Tibetans from storm
2. Weather, distance hampers aid to Tibet herders
3. Aid to Tibet Emergency Appeal from Tibet Foundation, London
5. China codifies martial law to tackle riots
6. For Mainlanders, Regaining Taiwan Is A Matter Of Honour
7. Mongolian rights activists denounce China arrests

Saturday, March 2

1. Blizzards: 25,000 More Nomads Stranded in Sershul -

Sunday, March 3

1. Walk for Tibet: Schedule and Information
2. Tibet Day in Vancouver
3. Jorgensen Walks to Washington, DC for Tibet
4. Letters From the Road, Second Installment: Jorgensen
5. Resolution on Tibet by Episcopal Diocese of Southwestern Virginia
6. Broad Solidarity for Tibet in Austria

Monday, March 4

1. The Dalai Lama to visit U.K. in July, 1996
2. Testimony of Dorji Rinchen, a former Tibetan political prisoner
3. China to lobby U.S. Congress, reports H.K. daily
4. Bay Area Focus on Tibetan Cause
5. Tibetan Activist Praises International Pressure

Tuesday, March 5

1. Nunnery and Monastery Closed Down; Religious Policy Tightens -

Wednesday, March 6

1. The Dalai Lama Appeals for Aid to Tibetan Snow Storm Victims
2. Wild life Nature Reserve to be established in E. Turkestan (Xinjiang)
3. China to close Monasteries and Nunneries in Tibet
4. New snows widen China storm disaster into Kham (Sichuan)

Thursday, March 7

1. State Department Condemns China's Rights Record in Tibet
2. Tibetan Music Teacher Detained at Nyari Prison: Update
3. Demonstrators from Dhamshung Identified:
4. Snow storm in North East Tibet

Saturday, March 9

1. Boy has won approval of People -- China Claims
2. Flags for Tibet: Der Spiegel article (in English)
3. Some of the events planned for March 10th around the world

Sunday, March 10

1. His Holiness the Dalai Lama's statement for March 10th 1996 (english)
2. Trente Septieme Anniversaire du Soulevement National du Peuple Tibetain Sa Saintete le Dalai Lama
3. "Tibet Must Be Independent": Speech by Thubten Jigme Norbu

Sunday, March 10 (2)

1. China's Gyaltsen Norbu receives worshipers
2. China-anointed boy lama holds first Tibetan rites
3. Taiwan democracy to inspire China, Dalai Lama says
4. EU Commissioner to join Tibetan protest march
5. China's women have little to celebrate
6. U.S. says Chinese policies flawed

Monday, March 11

1. Europeans March for Tibet's freedom (UPI)
2. Brussels: Demonstration "FREEDOM FOR TIBET"
3. Token Hunger Strike in front of the United Nation Building
4. Press Release from Tibetan Youth Congress
5. Tibetan National Uprising Day observed in Russian Federation and Ukraine
6. March 10th in Dunedin, New Zealand
7. March 10th in Austria

Monday, March 11 (2)

1. Tibetan leader urges Europe to take on China
2. Dalai Lama Criticizes China on Its Aggressive Policy toward Taiwan, Hong Kong and Tibet
3. Europeans Mark Tibet Revolt with Brussels March
4. China Scoffs at U.S. Human Rights Record
5. NSW: Marchers to Protest Against Atrocities in Tibet
6. Tibet Unveils Gigantic Buddhist Painting

Tuesday, March 12

1. Commentary in New York Times: Indicting China's Communism
2. March 10 Rally in D.C. joined by Eastern Turkestanians and Taiwanese; Four demonstrators engage in civil disobedience
3. 37th Tibetan National Uprising Day Demonstration (TYC)
4. 10th March Anniversary in New Zealand
5. Berkeley City Raises the Tibetan Flag on March 10th
6. Berkeley Waves a Flag for Tibetan Freedom -- Only U.S. City to do so
7. Amnesty Cites Massive Rights Violations

Tuesday, March 12 (2)

1. Dalai Lama Calls for Dialogue on Uprising Anniversary
2. Tibetans Rally on National Uprising Day
3. Brussels Demonstration to Mark 37th Anniversary of Tibetan Uprising
4. Protesters in Australia Mark Tibetan Uprising
5. March 10 Demonstrations in Canberra - N-tests, occupation focus of protest at embassy
6. Know Someone Who's Making a Difference?
7. ROBERT THURMAN - The First American to Become a Tibetan Buddhist Monk

Wednesday, March 13

1. March 10th Report from Canada Tibet Committee - Ottawa Branch
2. Czech Foreign Ministry on Situation in Tibet
3. Czech Pen Club Joins Tibetan Protest against China
4. Vice-Premier Wu Bangguo Stresses Stability in Tibet
5. Xinhua News Agency Details Daily Life of New Panchen Lama
6. Tibetan Consultative Body Member Says Dalai Lama "Stooge of the Westerners"

Thursday, March 14

1. EU Powers Retreating on China Resolution at the United Nations in Exchange for Major Contracts
2. Conference on Self-determination
3. Brief report of March 10th demonstrations in Eastern Europe
4. China human rights abuses 'massive', says Amnesty
5. China-Human Rights-List

Thursday, March 14 (2)

1. Dalai Lama Will Visit Mid-West and West Coast, USA (OTNY)
2. Appeal for Snowstorm Victims
3. Chinese Expert Says Cross-strait War "May Break Out at Any Moment" - Containing China through Taiwan and Tibet
4. Protest in Front of Florida's Splendid China
5. Hungarian Foreign Ministry Orders Mayor Not to Hoist Tibetan Flag on Anniversary

Friday, March 15

1. Samdhong Rinpoche Speaks in Brussels on the 37th Tibetan National Uprising Commemoration
2. Sigle Tibetan Observes March 10th in Buffalo
3. March 10th Observed in the Pioneer Valley (Western Massachsetts)
4. EP debates human rights respect in China
5. Amnesty tells business to join China rights fight
6. Medical Group Says 80,000 Nomads Could Perish from Cold, Starvation
7. Selon Medecins sans frontieres, 80.000 nomades tibetain
8. Tibet: le President du Parlement Tibetain en exil, Samdhong Rinpoche a ete recu par le President du Parlement europeen, Klaus Hnsch et la Commission des Affaires Etrangeres. [Samdhong Rinpoche, Chairman of the Tibetan Parliament-in-exile is Received by President of the European Union and the Commission of Foreign Affairs]

Saturday, March 16

1. Mother of 10th Panchen Lama celebrates 80th birthday in Beijing (Xinhua)
2. China: No one is Safe- Statement by Pierre Sane, Secretary General Amnesty International (AI)
3. China: World can no longer ignore Human Rights of 1.2. Billion people (AI)
4. Emergency Appeal Up-Dates March 15 1996 (TF)

Monday, March 18


Tuesday, March 19

1. China says survey disproves Tibet ``Sinicisation'' (Reuter)
2. Nepali police detain Tibetan protesters (Reuter)
3. Nepal-Tibetans (AP)

Wednesday, March 20

1. SHOTON'96 - The Festival of Tibetan Operas
2. March for Tibet's Independence - Progress Report #1
3. Protest targets Splendid China (TT)
4. 75 protest at theme park protest China

Thursday, March 21

1. Tourist Denounced for "Bomb" Fax from Lhasa (TIN)
2. Play about Tibet

Friday, March 22

1. Bomb Explodes outside Lhasa Party Headquarters (TIN)
2. SHOTON - A Brief Introduction

Saturday, March 23

1. China-Tibet (AP)
2. Young American lama's mother ready to say goodbye (Reuter)
3. Ganden Jangtse Monks on TV

Monday, March 25

1. New family planning policy in Amdo (TYC)
2. Tibetan Woman Selected for Human Rights Summer Course (CTC)
3. Tibet Play - Part II

Tuesday, March 26

1. Dramatic Increase in Political Imprisonment in Tibet (TIN)
2. Chinese account of human rights abuses

Wednesday, March 27

1. China's crackdown on Tibet intensifies (AP)
2. Food fit for a Dalai Lama Lhasa Moon offers authentic, rustic tibetan cuisine in a pleasant setting (SFC)

Thursday, March 28

2. Fourteen Tibetans and five Amnesty International members remain detained. (AI)

Friday, March 29

1. Tibet: Appeal for Ngawang Choephel (AI)
2. China slams U.S. for ``illogical'' attack on rights (Reuter)
3. US not Qualified to Criticize China's Ethnic ... (XINHUA)
4. China-Tibet (AP)
5. Rights groups say China crackdown provokes Tibet (Reuter)

Saturday, March 30

1. BRF--China-Avalanche (AP)
2. Xinhua cites Buddhist scholar on support for 11th Panchen Lama
3. China says Tibetans accept its choice of lama (Reuter)

Sunday, March 31

1. Huge avalanche kills 56 on Tibetan road - reports (Reuter)
2. China-US (AP)
3. Rural Migrants in Gansu, Ningxia Build New Homes ( XINHUA)

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