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"On my part, I remain committed to the process of dialogue. It is my firm belief that dialogue and a willingness to look with honesty and clarity at the reality of Tibet can lead us to a viable solution."
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WTN Archives: May, 1996

Wednesday, May 1

1. China warns on visit by exiled Dalai Lama (HS)
2. Bomb Blast in Nagchu - Eighth Reported Incident. (DIIR)
3. An Update on Rinzin Wangyal - Wife in Critical physical condition. (DIIR)
4. The 10th Regional Public Security Conference- Lhasa (DIIR)
5. 500,000 Chinese Miners are to be Moved to Tibet. (DIIR)
6. 52nd Human Rights Commission Session - Geneva. (DIIR)

Thursday, May 2

1. Tibetan Freedom Concert Tickets on sale Nationwide Sunday, May 5th
2. China declares opposition to Dalai Lama's September visit to Australia
3. Wild Life, Tamed Mind - Seraje Monks in multi-media tour
4. Buddhist Monks perform ceremny for Health and Longevity
5. Mongolian exhibition in Washington, D.C. (ICT)
6. Tourism among China's fastest growing industries (Reuter)
7. Qinghai Shanchuan to issue 20 mln A shares (Reuter)
8. China-Tibet: Dalai Lama photos banned from...( IPS)

Friday, May 4

1. Dalai Lama to visit Australia despite objections (Reuter)
2. China-Tibet (AP)
3. China voices concern over Dalai Lama Aust visit (AAP)
4. Polish delegation in China discusses trade, rights, Tibet (PAP)
5. Tibet television criticizes Dalai Lama (TTV)

Sunday, May 5

1. Listen - China should listen to the Dalai Lama (French)

Saturday, May 5 (2)

1. Tibet: Close to the Heart - a short documentary (French)
2. Groups opposed by China barred from U.N. conference (Reuter)
3. "Tibetan Rights Campaign" Accreditation Rejected (XINHUA)
4. EU's Brittan to China to talk trade, politics (Reuter)
5. New Tibet Armed Police commander; leader praises anti-separatist role of force (Xizang Ribao)
6. Dadon Dawadolma is a well-known

Monday, May 6

1. Accreditation debate bring Tibet to the Un Office lies to Please China - Public Aplogoy demanded
2. China reports UN body rejects Tibetan Rights Campaign accreditation (Xinhua)
3. China attacks West for "double standard" on human rights

Tuesday, May 7

1. Dalai Lama's Physician to Testify Before Congress - Will Relate 17 Years' Experience in Chinese Prisons (ICT)
2. Taiwan says Tibet leader welcome (SCMP)
3. Venerable Palden Gyatso Visits Seattle (SCMP)

Wednesday, May 8

1. China plans to construct a nuclear power in Tibet
2. U.S. Tour by PRC Tibet Troupe
3. "Tibetan Freedom Concert" - The biggest concert for Tibet ever!
4. Tibet military meeting (XR)
5. Tibet scheduled to get satellite-based weather service (Xinhua)
6. Horseback herders in northwest ending nomadic lifestyle (Xinhua)

Thursday, May 9

1. Demonstration for Gedhun Choekyi Nyima
2. China: Experts propose using nuclear blasts to dig underground canal from Tibet (KNS)
3. China's Nuclear Bombs will pollute Tibet

Friday, May 10

1. Tibetan Groups Excluded from United Nations Housing Conference (ICT)
2. Secret Film of Deforestation in Tibet (TIN)
3. Protest greets general (CS)
4. Monk Gloats over yoga Championship
5. Taiwan welcomes visit by Tibet's Dalai Lama (Reuter)
6. China should have anti-torture law, U.N. body says (Reuter)

Saturday, May 11

1. His Holiness the Dalai Lama visits Denmark, Italy, Sweden and Norway
2. Excerpts from the opening statement by Chairman Chris Smith
3. Tibetan Medicine Revival in Qinghai (XINHUA)
4. Research on Grassland Degradation in Qinghai-Tibet ... (XINHUA)

Sunday, May 12

1. The Private the Dalai Lama (AW)
2. US Dam Expert Warns Ex-Im Bank Against Investing in Three Gorges (AW)

Monday, May 13

1. His Holiness the Dalai Lama's Statement at the Danish Parliament's Hearing on Tibet

Monday, May 13 (2)

1. Statement from Kashag - the Cabinet of the Tibetan Government in Exile
2. Europe Tibetan Youths Elect New Leaders
3. Kalachakra Initiations by the fourteenth Dalai Lama of Tibet
4. Conference standing committee to meet in June; Ngapoi at meeting (Xinhua)
5. China's Australia envoy says Dalai Lama's activities "not those of a religious leader" (RA)

Wednesday, May 15

1. His Holiness the Dalai Lama visits Italy
2. 12th Assembly of Tibetan People's Deputies
3. Pro-Beijing Hong Kong newspaper defends Chinese role in Tibet

Thursday, May 16

1. China's Repression has Reached New Peak: Dalai Lama
2. Hunger Strike for release of Panchen Lama
3. Two Monks Shot to Death and 40 Arrested
4. ICLT Launches Tibetan Immigration and Asylum Clearinghouse
5. Candle Light Vigil for Gedun Choekyi Nyima

Friday, May 17

1. Monk brings pleas to free Tibet
2. China rejects the Dalai Lama's negotiation offer
3. Panchen Lama Reincarnation Discovery Anniversary
4. Human Rights Update

Sunday, May 19

1. Lhasa Monasteries Closed after Monk Shot, 40 Detained (TIN)
2. UN Experts Criticise China As Governments Back Off (TIN)
3. Second Serious Incident in Lhasa Area: 30 Nuns and up to 50 Others "Severely Beaten" (TIN)
4. Correction (TIN)
5. Major Escaltion of violent repress in Tibet (TSG-UK)
6. Tibetans demonstrate in London
7. UN Human Rights Chief to visit China (ICT)

Monday, May 20

1. Tibet officials swoop on all Dalai Lama pictures (Reuters)
2. Anti-Dalai Lama Campaign Shifts to Schools (TIN)
3. China orders crackdowns on regional separatists (Reuters)
4. China calls for Tibet crackdown, protest reported (Reuters)
5. 80 Tibetans wounded in a clash with Chinese security forces (Reuters)
6. President Clinton to renew MFN to China (ICT)

Tuesday, May 21

1. House to House Searches for (the Dalai Lama) Photographs Begin
2. China condemned for its Actions in Tibet
3. Senior Australian Cabinet Minister to meet the Dalai Lama
4. For the Record: Decision of the UN Concerning China
5. For the Record: List of Tibetan & Turkic Dissidents detained by China

Wednesday, May 22

1. Ngapoi urges more research on Tibet
3. Amidst Crackdown in Tibet, Clinton Renews MFN for China (ICT)
4. China orders crackdowns on regional separatits
5. China jails Moslem for subversion
6. Palden Gyatso to visit Montreal (press release)

Wednesday, May 22 (2)

1. Dalai Lama calls on U.N. to open talks with China (Reuter)
2. Dalai Lama calls for talks with China (UPI)
4. The Dalai Lama urges China to negotiate (AP)
5. Tibet officials swoop on all Dalai Lama pictures (Reuter)
6. Tibet moves cement plant out of ancient ruins (Reuter)

Thursday, May 23

1. Tibet leader accuses "Dalai clique" of fomenting trouble, explosions
2. Senior Chinese official urges more research on Tibet
3. Chinese embassy in Denmark rejects Dalai Lama's call for negotiations
4. Dalai Lama on Tibet: "religious persecution has become more intense"
5. New Tibetan Radio Language station launched
6. Dalai Lama says he wants negotiations with China

Friday, May 24

1. Tourist Account of Monks' Protest, Police Search for Photographs (TIN)
2. Notice urges crackdown on separatist assassinations; makes leniency offer
3. Tibetan leaders attend ceremony to appoint police commander
4. Announcement: Radio Program in San Francisco to feature Gedun Rinchen
5. Tibet marks 45th anniversary of "liberation"

Saturday, May 25

3. Something Light ... Julia Roberts on the Dalai Lama

Sunday, May 26

1. China conducting house to house searches in Tibet
2. China Steps Up Campaign Vs Dalai Lama, Tibetan Separatist
3. The Dalai Lama says Tibet should be demilitarised
4. China sacks top Tibetan lama, offers amnesty
5. China crackdown gathers momentum in Tibet, Xinjiang
6. Voice of Tibet on the air from Norway
7. China Successful in Supervising Snow Storms with ...
8. China Plans to Enlarge Oil Exploration Areas
9. Lhasa to Achieve Rapid Economic Growth

Monday, May 27

2. Statement from Saami People on Tibet
3. Tibetology originated in China says Ngapoi Ngawang Jigme

Tuesday, May 28

1. Newsletter on the campaigns of the Radical Party for the freedom of Tibet.

Tuesday, May 28 (2)

1. Finnish minister to meet Dalai Lama despite Chinese protests
2. China Protests Tibet Resolution Planned By Bundestag
3. Taiwan official welcomes possible Dalai Lama visit as spiritual leader
4. Voice of Tibet radio station begins broadcasts from Norway
5. German government urges suspension of Tibet conference
6. Raidi threatens crackdown on local parties
7. No mercy in "grim" antiseparatist struggle in Tibet
8. Tibet court president: death will be "fatal blow" to criminals; ...
9. Tibetan people oppose Dalai Lama, says incarnate lama

Wednesday, May 29

1. Tibet Exhibition at the Cannon Rotunda

Thursday, May 30

1. Armed Police Upgraded as China Targets Sabotage
2. Tibet court sentences criminals, "counter-revolutionaries"
3. Xinjiang and Tibet intensifying efforts to curb separatists
4. Tibet TV urges Tibetans to follow Chinese leader's "profound" words
5. Tibet television calls for crackdown on crime, "splittists"
6. Tibet to open more tourism routes, links with Qinghai, Sichuan, Yunnan

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