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Thursday, May 15, 1997

4. Voice of Tibets 1st Anniversary (VOT)

On 14 May 1996 Voice of Tibet aired its first Tibetan language radio
programme on short wave to Tibet and Asia. For the first eight months a 15
minutes programme was aired five days a week, Monday through Friday,
containing Tibet related news and information in Tibetan dialects. Three
Norwegian NGOs initiated the project in close collaboration with Tibetan
exile community representatives.In January this year VOT extended the
service, now airing a 30 minutes programme seven days a week on frequency
11.570 mHz (metre band 25). The extention was a response to numerous
letters and reports from the target area stating that the programmes were
highly appreciated. Almost all the letters and feedback received also
signalled that 15 minutes per day was too short.

Project developments - The daily 30 minutes enables VOT to provide a
broadened news and information service, and especially the programme
production taking place in India has already been more than tripled. This
spring VOT will further expand its foundation and activities in India and
Nepal, through improving the facilities there and appointing more staff.
Moving more programme production as close to the sources and the target
area as possible, not only enables VOT to provide a better service but will
also see to that expertise and know-how is developed in centres of the
Tibetan exile communities.

Voice of Tibet main objectives - VOTs main objective is to inform, educate
and entertain its listeners through providing a channel for uncensored
Tibet related news and information to the Tibetans in Tibet. Particularly
attention is put on issues like Human Rights, Culture, News on the
situation inside Tibet, News from the Tibetan exile communities and their
institutions and events and inititatives from Support Groups. The education
part focus on issues like democracy, environment, health etc. All engaged
organisations and individuals throughout the world are therefore encouraged
to provide VOT with Tibet related news and information from events and
initiatives taking place in their region, it be recorded material or
through telephone (for interviews and recorded material/dispatches VOT will
call up), or information sent via fax or by electronic mail to our studio
in Oslo.

Support - Support and grants, especially from organisations and individuals
in Norway, has enabled VOT to materialise. Still VOTs financial situation
is and has been very tight. To secure the future activities, we are
dependent of support from organisations and individuals providing
information and feedback on new organisations to be approached and other
ideas for funding initiatives. VOT representatives plan to visit the US in
September this year, and would be most happy to inform about the project in
greater detail.

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