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Wednesday, August 27, 1997

5. On Homosexuality and Sex in General

Question: What is the stance of Tibetan Buddhism on homosexuality, and how
does that fit in with Tibetan Buddhism?

Dalai Lama: Sexuality?

Interpreter: What was the question again?

Question: With homosexuality-- with men and men and women and women having
sex together. Is that, is that, how is that treated by Tibetan Buddhism?

Dalai Lama: I think we have to make different categories. The first way is
celibacy. In that [category], any form of sex is prohibited. That could be
using one's own hand-- any way to...

Interpreter: ... ejaculate...

Dalai Lama: ... or to increase sexual desire. So that is...

Interpreter: ... prohibited, not allowed.

Dalai Lama: Then, if the practitioner is sexual, it is not prohibited. But
sexual includes homosexual also, and...

Interpreter: ... oral sex...

Dalai Lama: ... and the other hole. These, you see, even with one's own wife,
of both sex is considered sexual misconduct. Then another category, no
believer, no believer. I think, basically, the purpose of sex is
reproduction. So in order to fulfill that purpose, man to man, women to women
cannot fulfill-- so a little bit...

Interpreter: ... could be considered unnatural.

Dalai Lama: But at the same time, there are people, among men, among women,
see. Again, I think we discussed before, the sexual desire is generally
related to the body, the physical body. So then, under those circumstances if
you stop, or try to stop, it may create more violent consequences. Then at
least sexual misconduct...

Question: So even as a Tibetan Buddhist lay person, not a monk, it's better
to avoid these things?

Dalai Lama: Better. [speaks to interpreter]

Interpreter: He says that amongst the Tibetans perhaps it is unheard of that

Dalai Lama: But I don't know. [laughs] I've heard... stories... practices.
But one thing I feel that as a human, with this body...

Interpreter: The desire for sexual intercourse...

Dalai Lama: ... the more the nature sort of comes, I think that it should be
OK, it should be OK. But if we deliberately...

Interpreter: ... deliberately try to enhance these sexual desires...

Dalai Lama: ... then I don't know. I think sometimes, some part of Western
culture, or modern culture, deliberately promotes that sort of sex life, or
sex feeling. Then it goes too much, then it goes extreme. So often people say
"love and violence" or "love and hatred"...

Interpreter: ... often you hear about love and hatred accompanying one

Dalai Lama: So I think a more gentle or a more natural sort of love is less

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