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"Canada can, within a positive friendly atmosphere, ask the Chinese government to resolve the Tibetan situation."
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WTN Archives: January, 1998

Friday, January 2

1. 'Kundun' Steers Away From Hollywood (CSM)
2. China gets tough on using Internet (PI)
3. China sends relief to snowed-in Tibet (Reuters)

Friday, January 2 (2)

1. Tibet authorities say separatists are losing (Reuters)
2. China prompts serious thoughts

Monday, January 3

1. Tibetan rights group says China stepped up repression in 1997 (AFP)
2. Tibet buffeted by record snowfall (AFP)
3. Earthquakes were fewer but deadlier in 1997 (AP)

Monday, January 5

1. My Land and My People: Dalai Lama
2. Pilgrim: Richard Gere

Monday, January 5 (2)

1. Call to save Tibetan archives
3. Tibetan economy surges in 1997

Tuesday, January 6

1. U.S. Delegates Say They'll Visit Tibet

Wednesday, January 7

1. China will allow US clerics to visit Tibet: report
2. Publishing business flourishes in Tibet

Thursday, January 8

1. Hong Kong distributor plans to show Hollywood movies on Tibet
2. Don't put business before human rights in China: dissident
3. Epidemics feared after heavy snowfalls in Tibet: Xinhua

Saturday, January 10

1. KUNDUN: Box Office Review
3. 'Kundun' has a unique blend of mysticism

Sunday, January 11

1. Pint-Sized Patriotism (TIME)

Monday, January 12

1. Richard Gere Talks Human Rights With Taiwanese Leader
2. Pro-Beijing activists clash at actor Gere's Taiwan
3. China Braces for Aftershocks, Strong Quakes (Reuters)
4. Gate-Crashers at Gere Exhibition

Monday, January 12 (2)

1. Snow Disaster in Tibet (TIN)
2. China vs. the Net

Tuesday, January 13

1. Dissident Chinese businessman lobbies for democratic reforms
2. French parliamentary committee sends invite to Dalai Lama (AFP)
3. Chinese dissident accuses West of kowtowing to China market
4. Yeti is just a plain, old brown bear, says Chinese expert
5. Wei Jingsheng arrives in France slamming Chirac for reneging Zola

Wednesday, January 14

1. Five Children Die in Tibet Escape Attempts
2. Earthquake jolts Tibet -Xinhua (Reuters)
3. Quake rocks remote Tibet
4. Announcement: New "Legal Materials on Tibet"

Thursday, January 15

1. Lifting the veil on tragedy in Tibet
2. Second quake in two days rocks Tibet mountains
3. European envoy requested for Tibet
4. US director Scorsese to chair Cannes film festival jury
5. Chinese dissident's visit sees difficult balancing act for France

Friday, January 16

1. Five children die trying to flee snow-bound Tibet
2. Holiday Britons help Tibetans to reach safety
3. ROC to Enhance Services to Tibetans and Mongolians

Saturday, January 17

1. ''Kundun'' might be Scorsese's masterpiece
2. Scorsese scores knockout with velvet glove
3. Glass work shatter proof

Sunday, January 18

1. Tibetan Huts May Descend From Long-Lost Kingdom
2. Two books on Tibetan monks

Monday, January 19

1. Britain says China welcomes U.N. rights chief
2. Hundreds of Chinese herdsmen missing in snow
3. Scottish couple rescue Tibetan refugees
4. Gere amongst "Best People of 1997" (TIME Magazine, December 29th 1998)

Wednesday, January 21

1. Radio Free Asia to step up China broadcasting with more funds (AFP)
2. Chinese President meets US media giant (AFP)
3. Tibet hospitals send aid to snow-hit county (AFP)
4. China accuses Radio Free Asia of trying to undermine region (AFP)

Thursday, January 22

1. China bashes Hollywood over Tibet movie

Friday, January 23

1. Tibet Chic Spreads To Europe
2. Sculpture/human rights activist Mel Chin to discuss work

Saturday, January 24

1. The End of Shangri-La

Sunday, January 25

1. Genocide In Tibet (Washington Post)

Monday, January 26

1. Tibet: The quiet strife
2. China News Daily Interviews Wei Jinsheng on Tibet - Excerpts

Tuesday, January 27

1. Driving snow, cold injure 10,000 in northwest China
2. Denmark to refrain from criticising China
3. Kundun uncharacteristic for Scorsese
4. The restless warrior At 55, Martin Scorsese is confident, if not always calm

Wednesday, January 28

1. Scorcese's Kundun: the cinema of images
2. U.S. Urged to Press Harder on Religious Freedom
3. Nepal WON'T Allow Activities against China on Its Territory: PM
4. Guerrilla past keeps Brazilian author from U.S. film premiere

Thursday, January 29

1. FILM REVIEW -- Scorsese Creates Feast For Senses in `Kundun'
2. Roger Ebert Reviews Kundun for Chicago Sun-Times
3. ROC to Enhance Services to Tibetans and Mongolians

Friday, January 30

1. Report: China an 'authoritarian state'
2. Kundun captivates - Martin Scorsese's Kundun is a history lesson
3. Kundun -- The amazing story of the fourteenth Dalai Lama The amazing story
4. Kundun -- The amazing story of the fourteenth Dalai Lama The passion of Martin Scorsese

Saturday, January 31

1. US blasts Asia's regimes, says China showing more tolerance
2. US points finger at rights abuses, goes easier on China
3. Report Cites 'More Freedom' for Chinese Human rights: U.S. study sees positive trend in Communist nation. State Department findings echo Clinton policy objectives.

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